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thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Asia Pacific

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Asia Pacific boasts more than 150 years of experience and is looking to capitalise on  this unrivalled influence to apply global solutions to APAC’s industrial domain Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Tom CullumBolstered by one of the biggest names in global industry and possessing a status as one of the world’s leading turnkey providers for the planning, construction and service of industrial plants, systems and machinery; thyssenkrupp’s Industrial Solutions brand continues to set new benchmarks in Asia-Pacific and, indeed, the world.Working with customers in the chemical, fertiliser, cement, mining, automotive, naval and many more domains across numerous sectors, the Company’s tailored and customisable plants have long catered for specialised solutions; and now with a presence of more than 70 locations around the world, thyssenkrupp has earmarked APAC as a pivotal geography moving forward.“Previously, we served our customers in Asia-Pacific out of Europe but knowing the importance of being where our customers are, we focused on and have been successful in establishing a strong local footprint in the region,”  Chief Executive Officer, Jan Lueder explains. “Particularly covering China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Australia, our strong market presence in Asia-Pacific reflects on the consistent growth of our business in the region at a rate of 10 percent per annum.”The notion of ‘being where the customers are’ is both literal in terms of presence points, and figurative in regards to seeing a clients’ requirement through from source, via an unparalleled range of services that cover the complete lifecycle of industrial plants; from

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Origin Energy

Australian integrated energy specialist, Origin Energy has broadened its footprint dramatically over the past two decades, with Papua New Guinea one of the key beneficiaries of its customer and environment-first ethos Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Matt Cole-WilkinOrigin Energy is mirroring both its Australian success and its Australian ambitions in Papua New Guinea as it looks to become a turnkey facilitator of sustainable energy across the Asia-Pacific region.Having made its name as a leading Australian integrated energy company in the country over the past 18 years, its supply of electricity and production of natural gas has laid the foundations from which its forward-thinking goals are now beginning to flourish across the region.For PNG specifically, LNG is among the Company’s overriding focuses, alongside a host of renewable energy prospects which Origin hopes to optimise in bringing the nation ‘out of the darkness’.“Origin also aspires to be the number one renewables company in Australia, by empowering our customers to reduce their carbon footprint through wind, solar and storage technology,” the Company affirms and adds on its website.The journey to this current position of power began back in 2000 when Boral shareholders - a US-based organisation - approved the demerger of its energy business from the building and construction materials side. The resultant birth of Origin Energy has since gone on to make an impact on a global scale, with Australia at its heart.“In 2012, we secured our largest ever wind power purchase agreement underpinning the development of Trustpower’s Snowtown II Wind Farm in South Australia,” the Company continues. “,

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Samsung C&T (KL) Sdn Bhd : A Trusted Builder

Combining one of the world’s most renowned brand names with one of the region’s most accomplished construction portfolios, Samsung C&T (KL) Sdn Bhd continues to contribute to Malaysia’s civil evolution.

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Water PNG Limited

Water PNG strives to be a catalyst for change to actively participate in the socio-economic growth of a nationWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Matt Cole-Wilkin As the primary provider of water supply and sanitation services in Papua New Guinea, Water PNG continues to serve as much more than a utilities operator; rather acknowledged as a social enabler enriching one of the most logistically challenging countries in the world.Water PNG was initially established to rationalise the provision of water supply and sanitation in the urban areas of PNG, addressing a sector that was dangerously fragmented prior to the body’s inception back in 1987 (then called The Waterboard).“It had a name change to PNG Waterboard and recently changed this to Water PNG officially 10 December, 2010 at the Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby,” the Company introduces on its website. “The corporate governance framework and policy is formulated by the Board of Directors and Management Team in accordance with the functions stipulated in the National Water Supply and Sewerage Act and Government directives.” The Company goes on to explain the need for such an operator given the country’s climatic challenges amid a seemingly abundant supply of water. Fluctuating rain patterns and global warming has caused increasing amounts of water scarcity around the country and while water quality has never been in doubt, directing the resource to a growing population and expanding infrastructure has been a tough task entrusted to Water PNG.“The development and distribution of clean and safe water to communities in both villages and towns are also a major issue,” the Company

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Building Façade Group (BFG)

The Building Façade Group demonstrates excellence well beyond its years, achieving construction projects built around structural perfectionWriter: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Tom Cullum The emergence of specialist façade engineering began as a useful advisory service for building design teams, specifically focusing on large and complex buildings in the early 1990s before becoming an entity in itself.It was a trend that caught on predominantly with thanks to the aspirations of developers that wanted to create fantastic, large-scale projects that would require specialist attention to be executed to the required standard of excellence. One such company to capitalise this required standard of excellence has been Building Façade Group.“When it comes to the image and face of a building, companies such as ourselves have embraced new products and technologies that enable the façade to look good while also performing well,” begins Sani Chang, Managing Director at the Building Façade Group (BFG) (HCCH Consultancy Pte Ltd). “It is in this climate that we began our work within this sector as façade consultants and construction practitioners.”In 2010 a select few individuals within the design and construction sector came together and decided to take the plunge in setting up their own privately-owned façade consultancy practice.“It was an incredibly difficult start as we were competing against large multinational engineering companies; doing so with limited capital,” explains Chang. “Between us we had sufficient drive and experience that worked in our favour, alongside years of excellent work in the industry that helped to garner support.“Seven years on and many happy clients later, we can proudly say that

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Malaco Group

The Malaco Group is focused on obtaining key partnerships to further the development of the mining industry, while maximising shareholders returns in a sustainable manner Writer: Phoebe Calver More than ever it is becoming increasingly important for investors to find a sustainable business in which to make an investment, and with the help of advancing technology there is huge potential for businesses and investors to successfully collaborate.The Malaco Group’s main objective at present is to procure and develop the profitability of the Company through partnerships such as those mentioned above.At present the demand for raw commodities has been increasing, resulting in companies such as Malaco experiencing vast developments in the natural resource industry it operates within.“The demand that is especially noticeable at present is what first attracted our attention to invest in mining and lead to the establishment of MMSB in 2004,” begins the Company on its website. “Through this development for the Group, we began to undertake mining projects in the Asia-Pacific region and focusing especially on Malaysia and Australia.”Following on from the successful projects the Malaco Group has undertaken over the years, it has recently welcomed new astute investors and business partners into the brand to invest in its work moving forward.Malaco believes that in order to best achieve our corporate goals we need to operate according to the principles of sustainable development, that is, to maintain access to capital, markets and resources, and to run profitably.With thanks to its many years of experience within the industry, the Company has been able to formulate the following

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Indodrill is recognised and respected for its high quality and safe drilling services across Asia and further afield, collaborating with a wide range of clients across multiple industriesWriter: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Donovan Smith Advancements within the drilling industry have been extensive during the past two decades, with thanks to a huge drive to make rigs more capable, efficient, easier and safer to operate.Indodrill was first established in 1995 - just as the mining industry was beginning to evolve - the Company initially set up operations as a core driller to service the Indonesian minerals industry.Within a short few years, Indodrill had grown its range of services to provide geothermal drilling services, as well as reverse circulation drilling services. 10 years into its journey, the Company made its first foray overseas in order to service a contract for Oxiana in Laos. “Since that point in time we have continued to expand at a rapid rate, moving our operations into Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar and more recently Australia and Papua New Guinea,” begins Jason Lee, Chief Executive Officer at Indodrill. “Our first strategy in achieving this growth has been to ensure that we are able to maintain our standards of service in every new country we set-up in, and importantly make sure we’re able to deliver excellent performance to our clients.”“Alongside the technical advancements that we have been witnessing of late, there has also been a mass influx in developments on drilling techniques, supply chain management and safety and performance reporting.”Through the delivery and maintenance of safe and professional standards

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SEW-EURODRIVE’s reputation among the world’s manufacturing elite is cemented, but this isn’t preventing the Company from seeking more localised, refined growth in aligning itself with Industry 4.0 principlesWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Matt-Cole WilkinFor the best part of 90 years SEW-EURODRIVE has evolved and diversified in line with - and ahead of - the most significant manufacturing trends in order to supply its market-leading gear motors, motors, and electronic components to the world.Initiating firstly in Germany, and then Europe, before turning its attentions globally, the business is now so much more than a supplier, and is instead striving to affirm its position as a turnkey solutions provider for clients looking to overtake the industry curve.“The Company is about 87 years old and is still today a 100 percent German, privately owned entity,” introduces SEW-EURODRIVE THAILAND’s Managing Director (MD), Smith Tetchartvanich. “Producing motors and various types of electric saws in the beginning, the second era began after World War II where expansions into France and Europe were later followed by the USA, Brazil and eventually China and ASEAN.“What has remained special about SEW-EURODRIVE throughout the whole journey though is the modular system concept. Catering for a number of industries that require gears or gear motors (automotive, construction, food & drink etc), each have their own different requirements and while other operators struggled to customise or differentiate, SEW’s modular concept allows for customisability, flexibility and cost effectiveness in manufacturing bespoke and more simple products for clients.”It is from this genesis that the Company’s market saturation really took off; its

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NuEnergy Gas Limited

NuEnergy Gas is Indonesia’s independent clean energy provider, fully committed to exploration projects used to bring forward a new era for gas productionWriter: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Josh HylandSince its acquisition by Malaysian investment holding company, Globaltec Formation Berhad in 2014, NuEnergy Gas Limited (NGY) has found a new lease of life in the oil & gas industry. The independent clean energy coal-bed methane (CBM) company was founded in Australia in 1985, and now has the resources to develop a set of exciting CBM prospects in South Sumatra.At present NGY is primarily involved in the exploration, appraisal and development of coal seam gas or coal-bed methane centrally focusing its efforts in Indonesia.“Our current workload includes five onshore production sharing contracts (PSC) across South Sumatra and East Kalimantan,” explains Ian Wang, Chief Executive Officer at NuEnergy Gas. “We are fully focused on the quick movement of these high value unconventional gas assets, moving them from the exploration phase to the development and monetising stages of the project.”Clean energy potential The Company firmly believes in the PSC’s that it is working on at present and the potential that they have to produce clean energy gas; providing that an appropriate strategy and an experienced technical and financial management team are in place.“The previous three and a half years of practice within the Company has provided us with an exceptional team and subsequently the progress we are making in PSC’s is being fast-tracked,” continues Wang. “A great example is one of our PSC’s located in South Sumatra, which we have moved

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Guardforce Group Limited

Guardforce Group Limited has already secured its reputation as a cash-in-transit pioneer, but is now looking to capitalise on the most contemporary of technologies to tackle the next frontier of business securityWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Callam WallerHong Kong-based Guardforce Group has spent the past 40 years expanding and diversifying its operational capabilities to become experts in the field of security. For a Company that has always placed customer satisfaction at the head of its ethos however, the job is never done, and Guardforce is now striving to affirm the same recognition as a one-stop solutions provider.Previously and primarily renowned for its cash-in-transit astuteness, this current turnkey approach reflects upon a motto which has driven Guardforce forward since day one: “securing the present, innovating the future”.“We are the leader in providing a full range of security-related services, including security manpower, cash-in-transit and cash management, security storage and courier, international high-value cargoes dispatch, and electronic security,” introduces Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Terence Yap. “Our one-stop security solutions are trusted by banks, large corporations and major retailers across Asia; and with this motto - throughout our 40-year history - Guardforce has always strived to better meet customers’ evolving needs.”Guardforce believes that the need to protect is an ever-constant, but the ‘how’ fluctuates, and this is where the Company has showcased its niche over the years; progressing to its recent development of innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions that include Mobile Safe, Guardforce Cash Deposit Machine, retail analytics solutions, a smart-guard anti-wandering solution for elderly care using facial recognition technology,

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