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FinTech Australia : Spotlight

Here to grow and support the creation, development, and adoption of fintech across the Australian economy and beyond, we dive into how FinTech Australia has become an unparalleled leader in the ever-expanding technology industry.

By Alfie Wilson Lauren Kania

VPBank : Pioneering Prosperous Banking

Augustine Wong, CIO of VPBank, tells us about the company's customer-driven approach in unfalteringly serving millions across the country.

By Kieron Harvey Lucy Pilgrim

NFT : The Latest Crypto Craze

Global NFT sales are exploding, and this is just the beginning of an even bigger surge for the crypto market in Asia.

By Jack Salter

Asia Raises the Bar for Digital Currencies

Industry expert Amit Ghosh reviews the dynamic restructuring of Asia Pacific’s financial ecosystem in the wake of digitalisation.

By Amit Ghosh

uab Bank : The Best of Banking

We spoke to Chris Loh, CEO of uab Bank, about the company’s place within Myanmar’s finance sector.

By Marcus Kääpä

Piper Alderman : World-Class Law Expertise

Tony Britten-Jones, Managing Partner at Piper Alderman, tells us about his company’s agile approach to law in Australia.

By Editorial Team

The Lao National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LNCCI)

SMEs are the backbone of Lao’s economy: the government and the LNCCI are aiming to reduce the obstacles that inhibit their potential.

By Editorial Team

Howden Broking Group, APAC : The Heart of Insurance

Howden Broking Group has a culture of embracing change and long-term focus has enabled it to pivot, innovate, and adapt.

By Marcus Kääpä

MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao : A True Partner of Laos

MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao is bringing all of its global expertise, resources and innovation to better serve its customers.

By Editorial Team

How will COVID-19 Impact Foreign Investment in Thailand?

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc in economies worldwide. We explore how Thailand, a country that relies on FDI inflows for a number of megaprojects, will cope.

By Editorial Team