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Donovan Smith
Donovan Smith - Sales Manager

Converge ICT Solutions is a leading force in offering value added integrated solutions, creating world-class network and internet connectivity.


Converge ICT Solutions started out its days as a cable TV provider, predominantly operating within residential and commercial establishments in Angeles, Pampanga. 

Over the years the business has expanded through the provision of data services to Japanese companies in 1996, at which point it was named ComClark Network and Technology Corporation. 

Through the development of its expertise within this industry, Converge ICT Solutions Inc, as we know it today was borne. With thanks to its many successful projects over the years, the Company has a National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) licence and was recently awarded with a congressional franchise to operate nationwide as a telecommunications and ICT company.  

“During our journey we have built a robust network made up of thousands of kilometres of fibre optic cable which is located across Metro Manila, and North and South Luzon,” explains Dennis Anthony Uy, Chief Executive Officer at Converge ICT Solutions. 

“Through the application of our innovative fibre optic technology, Converge has evolved to become a Company that can offer corporate solutions IP, internet services, IP MPLS, Metro Ethernet, managed DWDM, dark fibre lease, lambda transport service, international private line, domestic leased line value- added services, web hosting, email hosting, domain name registration, XaaS & Inter-Cloud Services, managed services, smart city, big data/analytics, surveillance cloud, Vtrack, and MyClinic.”

At present the Company offers its cable TV and broadband services under the Air Cable brand to its customers in Central Luzon, as well as parts of Batangas. Fibre services are available to homes and are provided under the FibreX Brand in Central Luzon and NCR, with Enterprise data services available nationwide. 


Since the Company’s inception it has continuously invested in the modernisation of its products, based around the key pillars that it was founded on. These pillars include infrastructure, technology, IT automation, process improvement and talent development. 

Uy adds: “In order to achieve such consistent modernisation of our products and services, we have had to deploy state-of-the-art technology as well as aligning structures, processes and people to achieve the best possible practices in ISO, ITIL, PMP, MEF and FTT.

“At Converge we are committed to putting forward a service that competes on the basis of achieving the best experience possible for our customer.”

In recent times the Company has increased its services with the roll out of its fibre optic backbone, fibre to the home services and DOCISIS services. All of the above utilise cutting-edge technologies such as micro-trenching, xPON, DWDM and metro Ethernet forum-based corporate data services. 

“The enhancements that we have worked on to stabilise our international backbone have included the activation of POPs in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore,” continues Uy. “The expansion of our internet peering capabilities to Tier 1 Global IPS has allowed for domestic peering with key players and government exchange with key global players.”


Although the Company recognises the importance of regularly updating its services to keep up with market demands, perhaps the biggest value added service to Converge over the years has been its customer service identity. 

“In an effort to provide faster service we have created an in-house installation and repair team in order to achieve faster and more efficient connectivity,” affirms Jesus C. Romero, Chief Operations Officer at Converge ICT Solutions. “This ensures that at every stage of the process everyone is experiencing better internet with superior service. 

“Superior service is a huge part of our entire philosophy and the ability to provide top-notch service in every aspect of engagement with our customers.”

When it comes to value added services on the product front, the Company is creating new, exciting and relevant services that address the ever changing customer requirements for lifestyle, entertainment, safety and security that are soon to be launched. 

“We aim to achieve a healthy balance for the Company through employing a mixture of internal developments as well as the continuous enhancements of our existing capabilities,” explains Romero. “We ensure that relevant training and certification programmes are in place for the successful implementation of key disciplines, while also uplifting capabilities to align with best practices and standards.”


Alongside its work to enhance the Company’s services to its customers, Converge is also heavily active in corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities. 

“One of our earliest CSR projects involved creating the first free public Wi-Fi service in the city of Angeles, called Angeles City ConnectED,” states Romero. “We worked together with the city Government in order to ensure that no expense fell with the city, as well as installing free Wi-Fi hotspots in 13 key destinations around the city.”

Alongside these slightly smaller-scale projects, the Company has also spearheaded a new age in connectivity with its Smart City projects in order to aid the Metro Manila Development Authority and key cities such as Quezon City and Baguio. 

“This project has been a huge advancement for us, working with several elements that are both infrastructure-based and application-based in order to be successful overall,” explains Romero. “Some of the elements included vehicle tracking systems, traffic management and video surveillance.”

Throughout all of its developments Converge has always taken into account the needs of its customers, considering that in this day and age they will often be wary and frustrated back lacking services and infrastructure.

Converge has tried to bring a breath of fresh air to the market through the delivery of a specialised customer experience, based on solid products, continuous process improvements and a motivated and effective workforce. 

“We are excited for the future of our Company, with the upcoming launch of our new IT enabled customer self-serve and service platforms,” concludes Uy. “We believe that our work will radically alter the way that customers engage with IP service providers. 

“In the next few years we hope to expand our reach nationwide and are currently working on an exciting plan which we hope will allow us to cover the entirety of the Philippines in the next three years.”

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