Explore the agricultural industry, from precision agriculture to sustainable farming practices. In addition to innovating start-ups, we showcase companies that are part of the fascinating history of agriculture in the APAC region, highlighting proven traditional farming methods and the positive impact of transitioning to modern, tech-driven approaches.

We interview executives from companies leading the way in agricultural innovation, giving industry professionals and the curious a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and opportunities in this critical industry.

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Agriculture Corporate Stories

How Sensor Technology can Support Agriculture for the Better

The rise of sustainable technology presents innovators with a unique opportunity to initiate substantial changes within the agricultural sector. Ritam Gandhi, Director and founder of Studio Graphene gives us the full story.

By Ritam Gandhi

Merino Wool : Woven with Sustainability

Australia's thriving wool industry is championing the benefits of the Merino sheep breed and its renewable wearability.

By Rachel Carr

Degreed : The Skills Revolution is Coming to Agriculture

Annee Bayeux, Chief Learning Strategist at Degreed, discusses the skills agriculture leaders need to make workforce automation a reality.

By Annee Bayeux

Sustainable Coffee Farming, We’ve Bean Expecting You

In the face of environmental adversity, we unearth how Indonesia’s farmers are coping with the perilous impacts of climate change.

By Ed Budds

E Green Global : The Disruptors of Agri-Tech

As the only company to manufacture microtubers on a commercial scale, E Green Global is the start-up disrupting the global seed potato market. From lab to farm, we unearth its innovative technology with CEO and Founder, Keejoon Shin.

By Phoebe Harper

Wide Open Agriculture : Serving the Conscious Consumer

Wide Open Agriculture is the leading regenerative food and farming company in Australia. Differentiated by its authentic and market-leading embracing of regenerative agriculture, we explore more with CEO, Jay Albany. 

By Liam Pye Ed Budds

Pamu Farms : Guardians of the Land

New Zealand’s farmer, Pāmu Farms is an advocate for sustainable farming practices resulting in premium products. We explore the growing role of responsible forestry with General Manager of Forestry and Horticulture, Andrew Sliper.

By Phoebe Harper

VicForests : The Future of Forestry

We speak to Monique Dawson, CEO of VicForests, about the company’s forestry management and support within the Australian timber harvesting sector.  

By Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray

Olam International : Investing in a Continent

Singapore-based Olam International plays a key role in ensuring food security across six continents, its Regional CFO for West and Central Africa, Sujay Sarkar, telling us more.

By Sujay Sarkar

Gilbert Houngbo on India’s Agrarian Development

IFAD President, Gilbert Houngbo, outlines the development of agriculture in India and how to ensure its success.

By Editorial Team