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Samsung C&T (KL) Sdn Bhd : A Trusted Builder

Combining one of the world’s most renowned brand names with one of the region’s most accomplished construction portfolios, Samsung C&T (KL) Sdn Bhd continues to contribute to Malaysia’s civil evolution.

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PT. Bauer Pratama Indonesia

German Greatness Facilitates Indonesian Ingenuity   Writer:Matthew Staff Project Manager:Tom Cullum   Despite being part of one of the most prominent global industry groups, P.T. BAUER Pratama Indonesia is blazing a trail for itself across Indonesia; balancing its global resources with a considerate local emphasis to reach its target of becoming the number one company in the country. As a subsidiary of the German behemoth, BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH, its role across construction, manufacturing, oil & gas, and resource domains has never been in question, but since its inception in the nation in 1992, it has overcome a series of economic, logistical and industry challenges to become the most renowned and reliable operator in its field. “Leveraging the success of an organisation that has been established for 235 years, is present in 72 countries and employs more than 10,000 people; our 25-year presence in Indonesia has been a huge beneficiary of this global influence,” introduces the Company’s Asst. Managing Director, Hemanth Narayanan. “In the beginning we were set up alongside a local company, but over the years we have grown and for the past 15 of them, we have been a 100 percent German-owned entity. “Similarly, we have also developed from comprising just three or four drilling rigs in the beginning, to now house around 12; a number which fluctuates depending on the movement of equipment across our regional network.” It is this latter point which offers a glimpse into P.T. BAUER’s success in Indonesia, in being able to capitalise on the huge amounts of resources not

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Camfil Asia Pacific

Take a Breath Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Tom Cullum   amfil Asia Pacific’s role in making the region’s air safer and cleaner is becoming more prevalent with each passing year as awareness of the dangers that pollution can bring reach wider geographies and sector segments. Now reaching the consciousness of most of the world’s leading businesses, the challenge now is to infiltrate higher levels of understanding and education in order to sufficiently allay such fears; something which more than 50 years of experience in providing clean air solutions allows Camfil to fulfil. “It’s not just people but through things like diesel cars, air pollution is becoming one of the world’s major environmental problems, and in Asia, the problem is worse than in perhaps Europe or North and South America,” explains Dr Suresh Balan, the Company’s Executive Vice President for Asia-Pacific and the Middle East. “To make matters worse, Europe has always been more aware of these issues and solutions, but now Asia is coming to realise it too, and that’s where our solutions come into it. “If you look at Asia, everyone has known about the need for clean water but the same challenge exists in terms of clean air so our focus is on growing in this region because that’s where the biggest problem is.” With larger infrastructure comes a higher volume of pollution, as well as an increased number of buildings, offices, and businesses seeking protection from said pollutants. And as a consequence, the demand for a series of solutions built to offset this concern

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Rahimafrooz Group

Recharging the Power Storage Industry Writer: Emily Jarvis Project Manager: Tom Cullum   Growing in size, scale and diversity in terms of its core solutions and services over the past 60 years, Rahimafrooz Group has leveraged the latest industry trends and commercially-proven technology to continue growing its export reach and presence across a multitude of energy markets. Pioneers of not only automotive and industrial battery production in Bangladesh, the Group also introduced solar-powered home systems for the rural community for the first time in the 1980s. As the third largest battery maker on the Indian subcontinent today, the Group now proudly operates 12 companies, a not-for-profit social enterprise and several other ventures that build-on the Company’s key pillars of sustainability, trust and reliability. “Rahimafrooz is Bangladesh’s largest and longest-standing battery manufacturer. The Company also has one of the largest export plants in South Asia, with a presence in more than 60 export destinations. As the payoff line of our flagship brand, GLOBATT – ‘The Drive Within’ – illustrates, the battery is winning hearts and minds of the consumers around the globe through its unparalleled performance,” explains Faraaz Rahim, Head of Business Development. Producing and marketing batteries primarily for automotive, telecommunication, solar, backup power, electric vehicle, power station, railway, forklift, golf cart, marine and motorcycle applications, Rahimafrooz has to keep up to date with industry changes to retain its leading market position for the decades to come.  “The power storage industry is changing very quickly,” Rahim adds. “From traditional lead acid batteries to sealed maintenance free  technology, AGM to

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