Redpath Australia

Redpath Australia continues to secure work despite the onset of COVID-19 in 2020, its global standing and reputation as a go-to contractor for large, complex projects providing peace of mind for clients

10 Design

10 Design has been in operation for a decade, and is fast becoming known for its culturally sensitive, innovative architectural designs

Airports Vanuatu Limited

An economy reliant on tourism, the islands of Vanuatu have had to adjust to the economic downturn caused by two major obstacles

Butra HeidelbergCement

Ever since arriving in the country in 1996, Butra HeidelbergCement has played a critical role in developing infrastructure across Brunei, its high-quality cement products ensuring it is built on firm foundations


Having reached its 80th birthday in what has been a tumultuous year, New Zealand’s CPRW is looking ahead to the next chapter in its development, one defined by agility, resilience and a willingness to explore new ideas

DBI Design

Australia’s DBI Design prides itself on creating spaces that enable communities to thrive, its vast and varied portfolio of projects at home and abroad being built up over four decades of craft

Express Food Group (EFG)

EFG Group is helping bring people across Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos together through its internationally renowned food and beverage offerings


The ecommerce market is booming in Australia, and Grays is enjoying significant growth, receiving 12 million website visitors in the past few months

Ionics EMS

The Philippines’ electronics industry is globally renowned, but Ionics EMS is ahead of the curve when it comes to technological innovation and smart solutions


JERDE continues to inspire places that deliver memorable experiences all around the world, the firm’s Asia Pacific portfolio looking especially vibrant despite the challenges brought about by COVID-19

M R Dayal Group

The M R Dayal Group has been a pillar of Fijian industry and social contribution for more than 80 years, the most recent venture into steel milling providing yet more opportunities for growth

MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao

MARUHAN Japan Bank Lao is bringing all of its global expertise, resources and innovation to better serve its customers, who form the lifeblood of the nation’s economy

Mesiniaga Berhad

Mesiniaga Berhad has been a mainstay in Malaysia’s technological story – the company has been providing best-in-class IT products and services since it was established in 1981

Min Dhama Steel Structures (MDSS)

How Min Dhama Steel Structures is providing support to infrastructure projects in Myanmar and beyond with its fabricated steel structures

Mineral Technologies

Australia’s Mineral Technologies is a go-to for mineral processing solutions, its industry-leading products deployed around the world are the result of an innovation-driven company culture


Onsport is catapulting the development of the Aussie online sports arena with its ever-expanding product range and host of customer experience-driven programmes

Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA)

Special economic zones provide attractive business and investment opportunities in the Philippines, increasing the competitiveness of its economy


Having opened its doors in the Philippines four years ago, Quantrics has become known for its empowerment of employees, a company culture that has enabled it to thrive commercially

Total Solar Distributed Generation

Total Solar Distributed Generation has doubled capital investment and ramped up revenues 30 times over the past 18 months, its economical and ecological off-grid power alternative proving a hit

Trident Water Systems

Safeguarding the world’s most precious resource has never been more important, and Trident Water Systems is determined to impart sound, sustainable practice into industrial wastewater activities