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Latest Corporate Stories

Pan Asia Logistics : Uncompromising Quality

The role of Pan Asia Logistics as one of the world’s leading holistic industry providers has long been compounded through the levels of innovation and continuous improvement displayed in the Asia-Pacific region

By Editorial Team

Zetta Jet : Aviation Luxury Like Never Before

Since launching on 8 August, 2015, luxury private airliner, Zetta Jet has adopted an aggressive expansion plan to continue growing its market share and deliver the ultimate private jet experience for discerning, elite travellers.

By Callam Waller Editorial Team

Samsung C&T Corporation : Singapore in Safe Hands

Samsung C&T Corporation is building its impressive portfolio in the country year-on-year, as part of an ever-increasing Asia-Pacific stronghold within the industry.

By Tom Cullum Editorial Team

Paramit Malaysia Sdn Bhd : Delivering Peace of Mind

As an internationally renowned Corporation based in the US, Paramit has long been one of the key operators in a complex and highly advanced medical device and OEM market, but is leveraging its flexibility and entrepreneurial flair as a smaller entity in Malaysia to achieve similar successes.

Puma Energy Papua New Guinea : Answering Demand

Puma Energy Holdings is keen to reinvest its strong profits back into the business to fund the Group’s continued expansion across key locations worldwide.

By Eddie Clinton Editorial Team

Elitegroup Computer Systems : Embracing Smart Solutions

For more than two decades, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has been committed to the development of cutting-edge technology to combat increasing competition and create innovative products with environmentally-conscious designs.

By Editorial Team

AIROD Sdn Bhd : Growing its Reputation on the World Stage

Repair & Overhaul Depot Sdn Bhd (AIROD) has seen a marked increase in its reputation on the world stage; today serving more than 77 customers across more than 33 countries.

By Editorial Team

APM Automotive Holdings Berhad

For 45 years, APM Automotive Holdings Berhad has thrived as a components manufacturer, making a splash in the regional automotive pool.

By Kierron Rose Editorial Team

AIMS Data Centre Sdn Bhd : Data Service Provider of the Year

AIMS continues to thrive as Malaysia’s leading carrier neutral data centre operator and managed services provider.

By Editorial Team Donovan Smith

F.H. Bertling Pte Ltd : Reacting to Regional Demand

The Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of F.H. Bertling Pte Ltd, Guenther Bielfeld cites the importance of remaining flexible and attentive to the finer details of any given logistics project

By Callam Waller Editorial Team

KPJ Healthcare Berhad : Pushing for Compassionate Care

The operator of Malaysia’s largest private healthcare network, KPJ Healthcare Berhad is demonstrating its commitment to further ingrain into the country’s healthcare system through strategic long-term investment in the sector’s infrastructure.

By Eddie Clinton Editorial Team

Envac Singapore Pte Ltd : Smarter Waste Management

Envac Singapore Pte Ltd has been able to unlock new strategic growth opportunities and explore further innovative waste management solutions in the tech capital of Asia.

By Tom Cullum Editorial Team

Brink’s Asia Pacific : The Brink’s Difference

Brink’s Asia-Pacific has long instilled itself in the risk management and secure logistics domain as a leading and trusted partner able to build quality, strategic relationships and to perfect its offering on a global scale.

By Tom Cullum Editorial Team

Nishimatsu Construction Singapore : Right on Track

Nishimatsu Construction is one of the most renowned players in an industry that has proved so lucrative across Asia for the past century, and its 142 years of unparalleled experience in its native Japan is now proving invaluable to Singapore’s rail transit system.

By Tom Cullum Editorial Team

1-Net Singapore : Through the Data Centre Corridor

The latest pan-ASEAN initiative for 1-Net Singapore is set to replicate its Singapore success across the region, complementing ongoing data centre infrastructure developments.

By Donovan Smith Editorial Team