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Market Spike Exceeds CapacityAccesstech barely has time to catch its breath as significant market demand accelerates company growth and introduces the business to new areas of advanced engineering Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Tom CullumAccesstech has once again capitalised on the ever-changing market conditions in the advanced engineering space, to propel itself to new heights in 2015.Evolving as a “rapidly expanding group of companies” across engineering, construction, telecommunications and manufacturing investments, the company’s flexible approach to operations has been moulded by the ebbs and flows, and the varying lucrative periods that each sector goes through within the region.In 2013, this trend revolved around the development of state-of-the-art data centres; a domain in which Accesstech set itself apart in the market through its commitment to innovation and the extensive supplier network.While these key philosophies remained in 2014, the company then underwent a slowdown in business due to the less fruitful market conditions. However, Chief Executive Officer, Roy Low was happy during this period to consolidate the previous, comprehensive revenue achieved in prior years, unaware of the upturn on the horizon.“Last year, we decided the market conditions were not good so we were happy to maintain the revenue that we achieved the previous year,” he confirms. “Then, towards the end of the year, there was a big surge in computing activities and data centre construction, causing a spike.”GenomicsDespite labour challenges in Singapore – the country in which Accesstech has grown ever since its inception in 1998 – the company has grown more than 30 percent on the previous year already, and

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Aims Data Centre Sdn Bhd : The Centre of Malaysian Technology

As a market-leading subsidiary of TIME dotcom Berhad, AIMS Data Centre Sdn Bhd (AIMS) is optimising its investment power.

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Rolls-Royce Asia Pacific

Better Power for a Changing WorldRolls-Royce’s influence in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow year-on-year as its Singapore Seletar Campus lays the foundations for a productive futureWriter:  Matthew StaffProject Manager:  Tom CullumRolls-Royce is one of the most infamous global names in manufacturing, but never slows in its strive to innovate and improve; a philosophy currently being epitomised by its Asia Pacific division.Staying true to its vision of providing “better power for a changing world”, Asia certainly adheres to this ethos with emerging markets sitting parallel  to some of the most lucrative and forward-thinking countries in the world.As a consequence, Rolls-Royce Asia Pacific currently comprises a third of the Group’s global turnover through its services in aerospace engineering, assembling Trent engines, manufacturing fan blades for engines, and ship building.The power systems organisation’s strive for efficiency and operational excellence has been a familiar feature of the Rolls-Royce offering for more than 100 years, and its latest facility additions are set to ensure further tech advancements across the Asian continent.Seletar Assembly & Test UnitThe Group’s recently unveiled Seletar Assembly & Test Unit (SATU) is not only the most modern Rolls-Royce assembly and test facility for large commercial Trent aero engines, but is also the first of its kind in Asia.Situated within its wider Seletar Campus, the Unit has been designed to allow simultaneous assembly and testing of the engines under one roof and it will act as a sister site to its production and test facility in the UK, creating additional capacity and a closer proximity to customers

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Port of Tanjung Pelepas

The Preferred Port of Choice CEO, Glen Hilton expects the global container market to grow in 2015, primarily as a result of global shipping access. The company is focussing on increasing port capacity as a resultWriter:  Emily JarvisProject Manager:  Mark Skillicorn With a vision to be the preferred port of choice in Southeast Asia, the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) strives to provide unrivalled port services to the global market.Just 45 minutes from the confluence of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, PTP’s strategic location makes it easily accessible from the Straits of Malacca. Situated on the eastern side of the mount of the Pulai River in Southwest Johor, PTP is a naturally sheltered deep water port near the Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing with a turning basin of 600 metres and 12.6 kilometres of access channel for two-way traffic.Accorded with Free Zone status in 1997 and Free Zone Authority management in 1998, PTP is governed by the Free Zone Act 1990 which is enforced by Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance. This status promulgates the local container trade volumes of the port and forms part of the hinterland cargo catchment area. PTP has experienced steady growth since the port opened 15 years ago, when it first moved 400,000 TEU in 2000. Free Zone advantagesThere are many benefits and advantages of doing business in a Free Zone. The direct connection to the port terminal provides efficient and cost effective container movement between the Free Zone and the port, creating convenience for the container trade.Moreover, companies are exempt from customs, sales and service taxes; all

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Challenging Technology Through Smart Energy Solutions The concept of EDMI’s smart metering solution is a universal one, which has sparked interest in countries around the world  Writer:  Emily JarvisProject Manager: Donovan Smith EDMI Limited, a subsidiary of Osaki United International, is an international leader in the design and provision of smart energy solutions. Dedicated to innovation and accuracy, EDMI has been trusted for more than 35 years to develop, manufacture and deliver the very best in technologically advanced smart energy meters and metering systems for the global energy industry. The result of exacting and extensive research and development, EDMI’s quality products are designed with the end-user in mind. Further, more than 1,830 staff worldwide drive the company forward to make sustainable energy and grid management a reality. EDMI smart meters help customers manage energy distribution, load consumption and meter data more efficiently via tried and tested software and two-way communication. “We believe that our smart meter technology goes beyond simply recording data. The product is a useful automated and low maintenance system that can easily become an integral part of a company’s network,” says Mr Lee Kwang Mong, CEO of EDMI.With the electricity smart meter already gaining traction in the mainstream market, EDMI is now preparing for the launch of its communications hub and smart gas meter, which will complement the solution. The hub will securely collate and communicate useful energy consumption data from both the electricity meter and gas meters. The hub sends data securely to a central database and delivers metering, monitoring, reporting and analysis services for

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World Class Manufacturing with a Local Emphasis     AAPICO Hitech has a strong vantage point from the top of Thailand’s manufacturing tree, and is subsequently preparing for the latest stage of its development through a commitment to lean and sustainable operationsWriter Matthew StaffProject Manager Tom CullumAAPICO Hitech is maintaining an aggressive expansion strategy which has served it well over the past two decades, to ensure the company’s ongoing development amid a more competitive global market.Founded in 1996 and listed on the Thai Stock Exchange in 2002, the manufacturing organisation has grown consistently over the years as a result of acquisitions and organic growth in lucrative industries, resulting in a Group which currently consists of 34 subsidiary and associate companies; 25 of which remain in the business’s native Thailand.Now, with its international influence and its principles engrained, AAPICO Hitech is keen to capitalise further on the globally significant partnerships in place in the automotive sector and the sustainable initiatives that President and CEO, Yeap Swee Chuan, prides the company on.Surviving in a Competitive WorldThe Malaysian-born businessman has overseen the entire rise of the conglomerate since the embryonic venture, Able Autopart Industries Co. Ltd. (AAPICO) made its mark in the late 1980s as a Ford Assembler and Distributor in Thailand. Since then, the company has diversified and expanded to become one of the most renowned players in the automotive industry, attaining contracts for names every bit as synonymous with automotive prominence as Ford.Joint ventures with the likes of Continental and Sumino for elite customers including GM, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi,

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Interlink Communication

Interlinking Best Price & Best Service Managing Director Nuttanai Annuntarumporn says that the market for fibre cables changes every day; and with technology around the world developing at such a rapid pace, it is imperative that Interlink continue to be at the top of their game   Writer Emily JarvisProject Manager Donovan Smith  Interlink Telecom Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Interlink Communication Public Company Limited. Since its establishment in 2007, Interlink Telecom has many track records on building and operating fibre optic networks, for instance, TOT, CAT, PEA and MEA as well as receiving the approval for the award of the Domestic and International Telecom Network Provider Type III License. Interlink Telecom has fully committed to building a fibre optical network for both Domestic and International Transmission service to better serve the customers’ needs with the vision of best connectivity, best service and best price.Today, Interlink Telecom owns and operates a nationwide core network and the fully fibre optical network in Thailand, holding onto state-of-the-art expertise in fibre optical cables in order to deploy both armoured fibre optic cables as well as transmission and switching technology with the latest IP network equipments. The business can be split into four component areas: cabling, sub-marine cables, fibre optic network and a fully-fledged R&D team to make both the company’s power consumption and product range better than ever before.Moreover, customers are able to enjoy Interlink’s leading-edge services such as redundancy, ring topology access, corporate data transmission solutions, Private Leased Circuit Services, Internet Protocol Transit Services, MPLSbased IP-VPN Service with

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Sunhuan Holdings 2014

From Humble Beginnings to Construction Prosperity         Singapore-based construction contractor, Sunhuan has grown exponentially from an initial $4,000 investment, to become one of the industry’s leading lights Writer Chris Davies Project Manager Arron Rampling    Founded in 1993, Sunhuan Holdings is a Singaporebased construction contractor that has completed almost 60 projects, built more than 6,000 homes and achieved a contract sum of over SGD $1 billion throughout its existence. Initially a sub-contractor, the company started off with just 15 members of staff, but today employs around 700 people.With a mission to “provide sustainable and cost-effective methods to all our projects and ensure customer satisfaction”, Sunhuan keeps the local community’s best interests at heart, but understands the importance of remaining competitive and profitable, which is backed up by its vision. “We pledge to provide quality construction services to our clients, and emerge as a reliable construction company,” notes Sunhuan. Visionary LeadershipSunhuan’s rise to construction prominence in Singapore would not have been possible without the visionary leadership of Sun Lai Fong. After leaving China to support his aging parents and five younger siblings, Sun soon found work at a construction company in Singapore aged 26. Earning just $13 a day or $400 a month, he gained invaluable industry experience and even attended night classes to improve his expertise. With his newly acquired knowledge and modest savings of around $4,000, Sun decided to start his own business, as Singapore’s construction industry was booming at the time. He was well aware of the risks, but started with small-scale projects to gain a solid reputation

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Chip Eng Seng

Making Dream Houses their Pride    Chip Eng Seng has expanded its range of services and operational markets from the private sector to public housing, becoming one of Singapore’s leading construction companies in the process  Writer Matthew StaffProject Manager Ben Wigger Chip Eng Seng believes that each small step helps build the foundation for a stronger tomorrow, following Confucius’ principle of “the man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”, and has stood by that belief over the past 50 years.  Founded by Executive Chairman, Mr Lim Tiam Seng, the Group started as a humble subcontractor in the 1960s before evolving into the leading property and construction group it is today, with core businesses in areas of property developments, property investments, construction and hospitality across Singapore, Australia and Malaysia.Through competitive pricing and delivery of superior work quality, Chip Eng Seng scales new heights year-on-year, making its mark in the public housing market following its appointment as the main contractor for its first Housing and Development Board (“HDB”) project in 1982.With the expertise and ability to comply with the HDB’s stringent requirements, Chip Eng Seng has since completed many projects, including the award-winning iconic Pinnacle@ Duxton, and can be regarded as one of the leading public housing contractors in Singapore.In 1999, the Group reached yet another milestone by undergoing a successful listing on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”). Today, the Group has a market capitalisation in excess of $500 million, compared to $88 million as of listing date.Post-listing, the Group made

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Gates Engineering & Services

“Progress never stands still. And neither do we”   Gates has enjoyed an international business presence spanning over 100 years and today, remains the leading manufacturer of fluid engineering components Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Arron Rampling    Gates Corporation is a global, diversified industrial company that provides precision products, services, and systems for power transmission and fluid transfer applications that power progress and foster long-term customer and employee relationships.Gates advances the science of motion performance in ways that reduce total cost of ownership with an almost endless range of industrial and automotive solutions. As a result of an exemplary compliance to HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) policies, the company is a trusted partner in major end markets including: energy/ exploration/extraction, automotive, infrastructure, agriculture, process and speciality and transportation.  The Science of Motion Performance Gates hoses enable the movement of a wide range of fluids - from crude oil to chemicals to the finest wines. Gates belt systems transfer power to a wide variety of industrial equipment, from rock crushers to cement mixers and air conditioners to alternators. Gates hydraulic systems transmit power to all types of machines, from mining and construction equipment to agricultural equipment used to harvest and process the crops needed to feed the world. In short, if it moves you, there’s a good chance Gates has a part in it.  Global Footprint Gates Corporation sells products directly through a network of 150,000 valued partners worldwide. The company has enjoyed an international business presence for over 100 years and today is supported by over 14,000 employees,

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Wilson Taylor

International Specialists in Cathodic Protection   Managing Director Bernard Koh says that Wilson Taylor will continue to develop and acquire new technologies in order to better serve its worldwide customer base  Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Arron Rampling    Formed in 1997, Wilson Taylor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (WTA P) is a leading cathodic protection company based in Singapore, covering all aspects of corrosion control, cathodic protection systems and engineering services, as well as a supplier of corrosion protection services relating to coatings, pipeline integrity and reinforced concrete structures. WTA P Group has subsidiary companies based in Hong Kong known as Wilson Taylor Far East Limited (WTFE) and a representative office in Jakarta.Boasting both a management and engineering team with many years of experience in cathodic protection, WTA P operates an ISO 9001:2008 certified foundry in Singapore and additional sites located in Johor, Malaysia, in Qingdao, and near Shanghai in China. These facilities are conveniently located near to the shipyards in order to produce sacrificial anodes for the marine, industrial and offshore markets. The regions covered by the Wilson Taylor Group include China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam and stocks of sacrificial anodes are carried at a number of the above locations. In addition to sacrificial anodes, the company also sells and services impressed current cathodic protection and anti-fouling systems which are offered throughout the region. “Our industrial cathodic protection covers engineering design consultancy, feasibility studies, comprehensive site surveys, specification and drawing services, turnkey design, supply, supervision, installation and commissioning,

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Darco Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd.

South East Asia's Solution to Water & Waste Management Technological innovations and a holistic business approach in water and wastewater treatment set Darco Water apart from its competitors Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager James Mitchell Darco Water Technologies was established in 1999 to design, fabricate, assemble, install and commission engineered environmental systems (EE systems) for industrial use in Singapore and Malaysia; sourcing generic components globally to meet specific design requirements. The company became listed on the Singapore stock Exchange after just two and a half years, starting with no more than 50 employees. By 2007, sales turnover had reached an impressive s$88 million and today, the company has grown exponentially to have over 300 employees. In just over a decade Darco has expanded throughout Asia. The group now has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, serving companies across a huge range of industrial practices including the following sectors: electronics, semiconductor, textile, food and beverage, printed circuit board, solar-energy, pharmaceuticals, and municipal water and wastewater treatment projects. After each project, Darco provide maintenance and servicing of water and wastewater management services (WM services). "We develop innovative engineering and knowledge-based solutions to provide for all water and wastewater requirements across various industries," affirms Zach Thye, Executive Director of Darco Water Technologies. Further, the group has recently expanded into air management systems, soil remediation and solid-waste recycling services. Meeting Demand in Southeast Asia With a management team that have more than 20 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment for a diverse range

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TG Development

Redefining Urban Luxury Housing in Singapore TG Development has completed an extensive amount of property projects as well as signing many lucrative joint ventures that have culminated distinct architectural masterpieces on the singapore landscape Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Ben Wigger TG Development develops premium residential properties in Singapore and is an integral player in shaping the country's exclusive housing landscape, contributing to its architectural and design achievements on the international stage. TG Development has completed an extensive amount of property projects as well as signing many lucrative joint ventures that have culminated distinct architectural masterpieces on the Singapore landscape. From terrace houses to semi-detached homes, good class bungalows to apartments and condominiums, the company has a wealth of expertise to support these quality development projects. TG Development is committed to delivering excellent spatial designs with trustworthy quality and services, by working closely with acclaimed architects and interior designers to bring about a unique architectural perspective that is both in harmony with the surroundings and is sensitive to the needs of discerning city dwellers. The end creation is an ideal home that marries exclusivity, luxury and modern comfort. Founded by Mr Ong Boon Chuan in 1987, with the ambition of developing luxurious residences reflecting exquisite taste and superior design, TG Development believe that the ownership of a house is symbolic of a commitment to the family and provides a sense of fulfilment. This drives the company to provide better quality living spaces, especially in the land-scarce Singapore, where they are important assets to own and serve

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Raimon Land PLC

Thailand's Leader in Luxury Raimon Land is Thailand's premier luxury real estate developer with strong Financial performance and turnaround. With its unique positioning in luxury real estate market, the company expects to experience a strong and consistent growth despite any short-term concerns over Thailand's Politics Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Ben Wigger Raimon land is Thailand's premier luxury real estate developer, with an impressive portfolio of landmark developments, such as the River and 185 Rajdamri. Since 2003, the property giant has completed 10 projects worth THB 37 billion (us$1.15 billion), all of which command unique selling points reflected through their prime locations, excellent quality and craftsmanship, and after sales service offerings. In 1990, Raimon Land Development Company limited renamed itself Raimon Land Company Limited, becoming a publically listed company by 1993. Now with a 192-strong workforce, Raimon land is reaping the rewards of over two decades of hard work. Last year saw the company achieve its highest net profit for the last 10 years - THB 746 million. This was in large part due to the transfer of units at The River. Meanwhile, the net profit for the first half of 2014 was THB 795.7 million (USD 24.4 million), or 107% of its total net profit for 2013. "Meanwhile, The Lofts Ekkamai has proven to be a success, having sold about 80 percent of its units within a short period of time. Furthermore, our retained losses have been completely eliminated and our Interest Bearing Debtto-Equity Ratio now stands at 1.40. This figure has dropped dramatically from

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APT Showfreight (S) Pte Ltd

Working behind the Scenes APT Showfreight's Managing Director, Danny Khor, says that an experienced and highly skilled team of professionals in handling MICE Logistics, sets the company apart from any others in the logistics industry Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager James Mitchell APT Showfreight & logistics Group is an Asian-based company, specialising in niche logistics services for the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) industry. The team behind the name comprises of a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals with more than 10-30 years of industry experience, having handled a variety of different tradeshows and events on both a regional and global scale. "We always look forward to serving and meeting the needs of our customers in the MICE industry," states Danny Khor, Managing Director of APT Showfreight in Singapore. "With presence in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and most recently Pakistan (September 2014), we are linked to a global specialised network of reputable and experienced exhibition and events logistics agents, who share a common vision of providing tailor-made and seamless MICE logistics services globally," he says. APT Showfreight was established in the year 2008 and the company places heavy emphasis on their people as Khor explains: "People are our biggest asset and our staff are all fully trained and experienced in tradeshow, conference and event logistics handling. There is an old saying in the industry 'No matter what happens, the show must go on in a tradeshow, conference or event.' Thus, our slogan: We Offer Solutions and We Deliver Promises has been put

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