Issue 50

Essential Energy : Australia’s Energy Transformation

Delivering essential electricity network services to nearly 900,000 homes, David Salisbury, Executive Manager of Engineering at Essential Energy, discusses the evolution of the utilities sector in Australia today.

David Knott By David Knott

Zambrero : The mission to stop world hunger

Matthew Kenny, CEO at Zambrero, discusses his organisation’s drive to play its part in the fight against hunger globally.

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EPIC Group

Designing the Future Executive Chairman of the Epic Group, Ranjan Mahtani, discusses the components of a leading player in the global fashion and apparel industry  Writer: Phoebe Harper  |  Project Manager: Matthew Taylor Hong Kong – the clothing capital of Asia. Headquartered at the very centre of this dynamic hub, you will find the Epic Group.   “Epic Group has been dedicated to ever higher standards in value-added, world-class manufacturing of apparel, delivering quality, value, and innovation with unfailing reliability, which is recognised by our customers internationally,” states its Executive Chairman Ranjan Mahtani. For Mahtani, textiles and apparel have been woven into the fabric of his life since childhood, leading to his esteemed position within the industry today.  “I would not be exaggerating to say that textiles have been embedded into my genes. The story goes long back to when my father used to make premium shirts for the local market. During my childhood, I was his protégé, following him around and learning from him.  “He passed away when I was still a teenager. At the age of 16, I began my professional journey by doing internships in India, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. Eventually, at age 18, I moved to Hong Kong, which has always been a global apparel sourcing hub,” Mahtani recalls. At the age of 20, Mahtani was transferred to Bangladesh to open a branch office for the company which he grew from scratch to $100 million within a span of four years and gradually evolved into manufacturing while continuing to maintain and enhance

Vitrinite : Brighter Coal

“Vitrinite goes above and beyond for the community.” We speak to the executive team at Vitrinite about the company’s recent people-centric operations in Queensland’s coal mining space.

EOS Defence Systems : Defence in the Land Down Under

Standing at the forefront of the Australian defence industry, we speak to Grant Sanderson, CEO of EOS Defence Systems, and discuss the company’s provision of advanced systems across the globe.

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

Vision Eye Institute : Envisioning a Bright Future

James Thiedeman, CEO at Vision Eye Institute, discusses his organisation’s position as a leading provider of ophthalmology in Australia.

Editorial Team Callam Waller By Editorial Team Callam Waller

Cookes : Committed to Quality

Matthew Woolley, General Manager NZ at Cookes, discusses his organisation’s customer-centric approach to delivering quality products and services.

Ryan Gray By Ryan Gray

uab Bank : The Best of Banking

We spoke to Chris Loh, CEO of uab Bank, about the company’s place within Myanmar’s finance sector.

Chip Mong INSEE Cement Corporation : Cementing the Kingdom

Chip Mong INSEE Cement Corporation are the versatile Cambodian cement producer making a sustainable difference, as affirmed by CEO, Nicolas George.

Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

TKI Group : Serving Papua New Guinea

An inside look into TKI Group and its operations within the Western Province in Papua New Guinea.

Donovan Smith By Donovan Smith

Axicom : Helping Connect Australia

Michael Riches, CEO at Axicom, discusses his company’s truly customer first approach to Australia’s telecoms market.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Thejo Engineering Limited : Dual Purpose Engineering

We speak to V. A. George, Managing Director of Thejo Engineering Limited, about the company’s unique place and provisions in the Indian engineering and mining space.

Marcus Kääpä Joshua Mann By Marcus Kääpä Joshua Mann

Angliss Asia : Food and Fortune

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and its societal impact across the world, we speak to Johnny Kang, CEO of Angliss Asia, about the company’s adaptation and development in the Asian food and beverage industry.

Star Pharmacy Group : Value in Healthcare

Delivering value-driven healthcare across Southern and Eastern Australia, Star Pharmacy are a group with growth on the horizon.

Phoebe Harper Callam Waller By Phoebe Harper Callam Waller

Alfagomma Australia : Setting the Standard

As a leading name in the manufacture of hoses and fittings, Rick Sacco, Managing Director at Alfagomma Australia, discusses his firm’s competitive advantage.

Ryan Gray By Ryan Gray

Ravenswood Gold : Putting Ravenswood First

Brett Fletcher, CEO at Ravenswood Gold, discusses the transformation of the mining industry and his company’s vision to be renowned as the largest gold mine in Queensland, Australia.

Thomas Arnold By Thomas Arnold

Process Plants International : From Concept to Completion

Glenn Haste, co-founder and Company Principal at Process Plants International, discusses his customer first approach to operations.

Joshua Mann By Joshua Mann

Papua New Guinea Mineral Resources Authority

We examine the highly prospective industry of mineral mining with the Papua New Guinea Mineral Resources Authority (MRA).

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

Piper Alderman

Tony Britten-Jones, Managing Partner at Piper Alderman, tells us about his company’s agile approach to law in Australia.

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Oliver Healthcare Packaging

Manufacturing for the healthcare sector across Asia, we speak to Oliver Healthcare Packaging about its innovative and tech-centred approach to answering the industry’s demand.


Paving New GroundWe speak to George Constantinou, CEO of Monier, about the company’s products, people-centric attitude, and wider organisation in the construction industry of Papua New Guinea   Writer: Marcus Kääpä  |  Project Manager: Joshua MannLocated north of Australia, Papua New Guinea (PNG) is a culturally diverse and resource-rich country. A substantial percent of the country’s GDP comes from its extractive industries, approximately accounting for 28 percent in 2019, and so it is natural that PNG’s construction sector ties closely to this.However, according to George Constantinou, CEO of Monier, the industry is currently in the midst of a challenging period. “PNG’s economy is managing through the COVID-19 pandemic,” he begins. “Much like every other business operating in Papua New Guinea, Monier has experienced many oscillations within the economy. “The economy is somewhat sluggish at present, with a lack of construction activity and increased competition from overseas rivals making it particularly difficult. While there is a lull due to COVID-19, at Monier, we are making good use of the time with reviews of processes and improvements in production flow and admin to ensure the business is more efficient when things are back to full speed when the economy picks up.“We also have a specific plastic division known as Monier Water Solutions, which offers a range of water and septic tanks as well as polyurethane pipes. Our Quarry, Sand and Concrete divisions have a range of fixed and mobile plants which can service our clients locally as well as in remote locations.”Monier is a construction product supply business based in Port Moresby,

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Led by quality and innovation, we speak to Ben Reed, Managing Director of HamiltonJet, about the company’s varied and high-quality propulsion systems for the international boat market. 

Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray By Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray

GE-Shen Corp

Adaptation, Solution, Growth “Seeking growth - this is our DNA.” We speak to GE-Shen Corporation about the Southeast Asian manufacturing sector and the company’s provision of contract manufacturing to customers worldwide   Writer: Marcus Kääpä  |  Project Manager: Matthew Taylor Our vision is to be a globally recognised engineering and manufacturing solutions provider.”  The words of Louis Lau, Executive Director at GE-Shen Corporation, affirms the organisation’s promising attitude within a market full of opportunity.  GE-Shen is a contract manufacturing group with core capabilities in the fields of injection moulding, metal fabrication and assembly services. The company helps its customers in the making of their products, with such customers spanning various sectors, from consumer electronics, home and lifestyle brands, medical and life sciences, and beauty products to industrial sector clients.  At the centre of industry GE-Shen has a substantial advantage of being based in Malaysia; a multilingual country with strong trade terms and a location that places it between East Asia, India to the west, and the Australasian markets to the south. “It is an exciting time in the sector,” Lau elaborates. “Malaysia has favourable trade terms to most major economies in the world. On top of this, the Malaysian government has always been supportive of the manufacturing sector, which contributes approximately 25 percent of the Malaysian GDP, and a huge majority of Malaysian exports are in in manufactured goods, with a huge portion of it coming from contract manufacturing.” In light of this, it is plain to see why GE-Shen is looking to the future with

How AI Can Improve Cross-Border e-Commerce Shipping

With the scope of digital transformation limitless, Lionel Berthe, Head of Asia Pacific at Asendia, discusses the potential of AI in the e-commerce supply chain.

Guest Author By Guest Author