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Allscripts Healthcare IT (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Allscripts Healthcare IT (Singapore) Pte Ltd is successfully aiding the healthcare industry in Asia in its mission to achieve digital maturity, while endeavouring to help patients enjoy a healthier lifeWriter: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Callam WallerAllscripts Healthcare IT (Singapore) Pte Ltd has a long-standing and esteemed reputation among the hospitals in Singapore, having partnered with the widely-recognised Singapore Health for more than 15 years.Having dramatically aided Singapore Health with the evolution of its clinical systems, the Company is now set to help them in achieving HIMSS Level 7 during the next few years of its working relationship.“In addition to this specific work, we have also supported Singapore in its deep-rooted commitment to excellence in healthcare during the past 10 years,” begins David Chambers, Managing Director of Allscripts Healthcare IT (Singapore) Pte Ltd. “Our Sunrise technology has been deployed in 50 percent of the country’s public hospitals and 70 percent of private hospitals, while also developing a strong relationship with the Singapore Military (MINDEF).“We now recognise the significance of our presence within Singapore, and over the years our team has experienced a rapid growth trajectory from an initial team of two, to one that now includes more than 30 individuals.”As an industry leader with 30 years of excellence under its belt, the Company has thousands of the top hospitals, healthcare systems, physician practices and healthcare facilities across the globe with the use of its electronic medical record (EMR) with impressive results.Chambers adds: “We’re the original open and connected healthcare platform, providing evolved and client-focused solutions that will enable

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HSC Healthcare

HSC Healthcare Group is taking on Asia, expanding as a leading healthcare provider in the region Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Callam WallerIn just 12 months, HSC Healthcare Group has made significant progress on both an internal and external level; complementing structural improvements with strategic acquisitions that are set to the take the organisation to new countries, and new levels of innovation.The acquisitions of TAGS Spine and Joint Specialists Group in Malaysia were compounded by a joint venture partnership with Oracle Medical Group in South Korea as pivotal examples of both initiatives, and the business is proud of the impact that the successful integration of these relationships has had already.“The successful integration of TAGS Spine & Joint Specialists Group, one of Malaysia’s leading chiropractic groups currently with 12 outlets throughout the nation, has further elevated the presence of HSC in Malaysia,” Group Chief Executive Officer, Derrick Chan affirms. “Whereas, the partnership with Oracle Medical Group - which comprises a global network of 70 centres worldwide including South Korea, Japan, Russia, China and Hong Kong - to open the first Oracle Beauty Centre in the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, has shaped HSC into a well-rounded leading world-class healthcare provider in Asia.”Complementing this expansion of reach and footprint was a series of internal improvements over the course of 2017, especially at HSC’s Medical Center which is Asia’s pioneer in heart, stroke and cancer.Chan continues: “We have established numerous initiatives to emerge as a top-quality healthcare provider in the region and today HSC Medical Center is recognised internationally for

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UPC Renewables

UPC Renewables Limited is a pioneer in developing a robust and focused business through the utilisation of best-in-class equipment and quality project delivery Writer: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Matt Cole-WilkinThe world’s appetite for wind and solar energy has grown dramatically since UPC Renewables came to fruition, and in that time the Company has built upwards of 50 renewable projects at a cost of more than €3 billion around the world to suit the needs of its increasing customer base.Over the years UPC has remained true to its DNA, believing in good quality renewable projects, built accordingly to its tried and tested methodologies and using top-class management and equipment to produce clean energy. As a developer, constructor and operator of renewable energy projects, the Company has been building both wind and solar farms around the world since the mid-90s. Although it does business in a wide variety of countries and regions, the common thread is the Founder, Brian Caffyn, who has a controlling stake in each area of operation.Initially UPC operated in Italy, under the name, Italian Vento Power Corporation (IVPC) and built up 75 percent of the wind energy capacity in the country until 2005. During those early years, the original partners of the Company set up UPC Wind Partners in the US, working on projects in Maine, New York and Hawaii. Then came China, the Philippines and North Africa.“Our business became a very well-known wind and solar developer and in late 2012 UPC set up its most recent platform - UPC Renewables Limited, based in Hong Kong,”

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Johor Port

Johor Port’s diversification over the past 40 years has been key to its regionally-significant standing and this ethos certainly remains true today as evidenced by its five-year development masterplanWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Eddie ClintonOver the past 40 years, Johor Port has developed its remit, offering, site and mission in line with the latest requirements and trends in order to be one of the most efficient and integrated multi-purpose ports in the region.Since inception in 1977, it has served Malaysia proudly and effectively; initially as the largest palm oil terminal in the world and as a gateway into the Johor region, before expanding over the course of numerous development phases to reach the level it can boast today.Current services comprise break and break-bulk, edible and non-edible liquids, container operations and integrated logistics; a testament to its role as the only port in Johor to cover the full range of disciplines for practically all types of cargoes.Chief Executive Officer, Shahrull Allam Shah recalls: “Our breakthrough came upon the commencement of Phase I development focusing on the break bulk terminal and liquid edible jetty operations. This development has been the catalyst for the palm oil industries that use Johor Port as their gateway to various parts of the world. Since then, Johor Port has been serving the Pasir Gudang Industrial Area as their main gateway for import and export and is now the largest palm oil terminal in the world.”Subsequently attaining Free Zone status in 1984, Phase II focused on the dry bulk and non-edible liquid jetty, before Phase

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Seiko Architectural Wall Systems

Seiko Architectural Wall Systems continues to strengthen its reputation for excellence on the continent in the Construction sectorWriter: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Tom CullumSeiko Architectural Wall Systems was first established in 1978, formed initially as Seiko Glass Pte Ltd with the primary function of supplying and installing glass in conjunction with the construction industry.It wasn’t until May, 1984 that the Company name was changed to Seiko Glass & Aluminium Co Pte Ltd, expanding its portfolio to include aluminium as another supply and installation product.“Just under 20 years later we changed our name for the third and final time to Seiko Architectural Wall Systems Pte Ltd on 21 February, 2002,” explains the Company on its website. “We felt that this new branding would fully reflect our new status as an external façade system specialist.“At present our shareholders are made up of a 51 percent share by the Cheong family in Singapore, 28 percent by Leung Yuen Yee in Singapore and 21 percent by Far Union Development Limited.”The Company also has a selection of subsidiaries to its name, including the fully-owned Seikotech Architectural Components Sdn Bhd, located in Malaysia. The subsidiary company was established in 1996 as the main manufacturing location for operations.The Company adds: “Another of our fully-owned subsidiaries is Seiko Architectural Wall Systems Consulting (Shanghai) Co Ltd., which was established in 2011 in the form of an additional design and engineering resource centre.“We also have a 60 percent owned subsidiary company named SG Façade Systems Pte Ltd (Singapore)., which was also established in 2011 in order to

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Fenestra Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Fenestra Malaysia’s façade expertise has transcended into one of the region’s most renowned consultancy services, with  technological innovation and sustainable durability driving the Company’s rapid growth Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Tom Cullum In a booming Asian façade sector, the need for elite, experienced, knowledgeable consultants is becoming a construction sector staple, and few have met these calls as prominently as Malaysian-based firm, Fenestra. Commencing in 2010 as a natural continuation of a successful practice established by Connell Wagner in the country less than a decade previously; the resultant business has grown over the intervening years to become the biggest of its kind in the region. Such rapid growth is testament not only to Fenestra Malaysia Sdn Bhd’s expertise on the subject of façades but the levels of innovation displayed across numerous high profile projects within the domain. Focusing especially on sustainability and environmental preservation, the consequential durability of the solutions and advice offered has made Fenestra a natural go-to entity for construction companies, facilities managers, and owners alike. “Fenestra Malaysia is a private limited liability company owned by its three directors and our workforce consists of people with a variety of backgrounds from mechanical engineering, structural engineering, material science, architecture, specialist façade detail designers, construction supervisors and design drafters,” introduces Managing Director, Masoud Moinfar. “We offer the full scope of façade engineering services from concept design to developed design, tender documentation all the way to construction observation services encompassing visual mock-up inspections, prototype testing to factory and onsite site supervision. “Along and independent from this,

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Siren Design Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Siren Design is driving happiness, wellbeing and productivity among clients across the APAC region via interior architecture propositions.

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Front Inc

Front Inc has spent the past 15 years looking to apply innovative technologies, solutions and methodologies in the gap between design and construction; a proposition that has already taken the Company to great heights in Asia Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Tom CullumBridging the gap between design and construction, Front Inc has successfully replicated its innovative façade model from North America into Asian markets via a host of high profile project involvements.Incepted in 2002 in Manhattan, New York as the brainchild of four founding principals, Michael Na Min Ra, Marc Simmons, Bruce Nichol and Martin Riese, the initial vision was to create a practice in support of good ideas and design underpinned by science and technology in order to evolve façade works in North America for owners, developers, architects, designers, and contractors. The found-ing partners have since been accompanied by two additional principals, Richard Green, the senior most structural engineer and Elaine Yau covering the administrative operational side of the firm.  With a specific focus on agility, a customised approach was adopted, and the realisation soon hit that such a proposition could be successful not just in the US and North America, but in the boom-ing Asian arena.“We’ve expanded our works both from a service perspective and a geographical point pf view, our reach into Asia happening early, and eventually leading to our Hong Kong office in 2012,” recalls Company Principal, Michael Na Min Ra. “A few of the other partners here had extensive experience in Hong Kong and Asia in general so we knew that we had

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Saka Energi Indonesia

Since last speaking to Saka Energi, the Company has engaged in numerous projects that is driving forward its market leading position within the industryWriter: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Josh HylandWhen we last spoke with Saka Energi, it was riding off the success of a challenging and busy year at the Company where it acquired a production block from HESS and became the thriving operator of the block.The transition of ownership of the production block runs well to this day, and during the same year the Company was also in the process of negotiating on several production sharing contracts with Indonesian multinational oil & gas companies.“Our hard work on these projects was made worthwhile when we were able to farm in the aforementioned PSCs, and in 2016 we began farming in Bangkanai PSC,” explains Tumbur Parlindungan. “Following on from that period of success, 2017 was a particularly gratifying year for us as a Company.“We were able to achieve a high level of activity within our productions, consistently complying to international safety standards, while also continuously maintaining a safe and productive workplace.“In addition to that we have successfully managed to create cost-efficiency through the reduction of our operational expenses at every level, keeping us both competitive and effective within the industry.”With thanks to its spirit and drive for exploration, Saka continues to develop its portfolio through exploration activity, development and production in a strategic and sustainable manner. Last year’s strategy was focused on the development of activities, with close attention to Pangkah PSC.Continuous developmentIn the present day the Company

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