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We speak to V. A. George, Managing Director of Thejo Engineering Limited, about the company’s unique place and provisions in the Indian engineering and mining space.


A major economic activity within the country, the Indian mining industry contributes between two and 2.5 percent of total GDP each year (10 to 11 percent of the entire nation’s industrial sphere GDP), with small-scale mining forming a substantial six percent of all Indian mineral production, and the whole sector providing approximately 700,000 jobs. 

The mining space in India is known for being one of the largest producers of iron ore, alumina, chromite, bauxite, and sheet mica (used industry-wide from electronic equipment to windows). And with a gigantic manufacturing industry that runs alongside it, engineering within the mining industry becomes a growth sector for the country.

Thejo Engineering Limited is one such company that stands in this space.


A mid-sized industry player headquartered in Chennai (India), Thejo provides a wealth of products and services, spanning aggregates, to solutions for the power sector, construction, chemicals and fertiliser, and of course the mining sector. These services include specialised technical installation and maintenance services with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and support throughout.

Thejo was founded over four decades ago by two sector professionals. K J Joseph, the founder and one of the promoters is currently the non-executive Chairman of the company. 

He holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering and has served companies like Pioneer Equipment & Co., Baroda, Kulkarni Foundries Limited, Pune and FAME Private Limited in various capacities, as well as having past experience in the Indian Defence services. Prior to this he was the Managing Director of Thejo and became the Chairman in 2001.

Thomas John, Co-Promoter of Thejo Engineering Limited is currently another non-executive Vice Chairman of the company. He was associated with Pioneer Equipment Company, Phoenix Metals and Alloys Private Limited and FAME Private Limited in various capacities, before starting Thejo Engineering Services. Each of the founders have over four decades of experience in the mining and manufacturing sectors. 

“We are the most innovative mid-sized engineering company in India”

V A George, Managing Director, Thejo Engineering


Thejo’s mining division provides optimum engineered solutions catering to coal, iron ore, gold, bauxite, copper, zinc, phosphate, limestone mines and more, and throughout its operations the company carries core values that have helped make Thejo what it is today.

These values include the commitment towards excellence and quality in the support of both employees and customers, the consistent delivery of quality products and services, a dedication to delivering the best industry standards, and an expansive attitude towards company growth – each of which is instilled across Thejo.

These values are ingrained in all of Thejo’s activities, including each project and investment the company undertakes or carries out. 

“We are the most innovative mid-sized engineering company in India”  – V. A. George, Managing Director, Thejo Engineering limited

In light of increasing both the capabilities and quality of the company’s services, Thejo has begun to invest in an operation and maintenance division. This division will not only expand Thejo’s range of services, but also provide the all-important added value for its various customers and clients around the globe. Thejo is additionally expanding its manufacturing base that will open up a greater level of manufacturing and increasing its digital capabilities such as introducing systems through which Thejo technicians as well as the customers can fully monitor the status of machine usage by clients.

The company has always been very focused on research and development (R&D). With core emphasis on polymeric science, the organisation has successfully developed and supplied products that meet the most stringent operational requirements in space research, mining, corrosion protection, filtration, conveyor belt repairs (and more), and is a partner to original equipment manufacturers.

Thejo’s R&D has been the cornerstone for developing products that meet the needs of its customers. The company’s sustained efforts have helped it to develop its own diverse product ranges for varied conditions requiring exacting performance, such as the rubberising of T72 battle tank tyres, high-tension belt splicing compounds that can withstand some of the harshest working conditions in leading mines, acute abrasive and impact-resistant mining products and exacting filtration products and corrosion protection systems; all with an unwavering focus on quality and commitment.

Thejo’s recent expansion into overseas markets such as Australia, Saudi Arabia, Chile and Brazil also exemplifies the company’s willingness and attitude to take this quality and commitment, to expand and diversify its market reach. It is well known that Australia’s mining industry is large, and expansion into the country will provide Thejo a strong foothold into a market of high demand. 

“As a core principle and belief of the company, we care about people”

V A George, Managing Director, Thejo Engineering


Thejo strongly believes that a positive corporate governance system enables the company to retain the trust of its stakeholders. 

Thejo’s code of conduct and governance lays strong emphasis on transparency, accountability, community engagement and quick business decisions; elements of business that make it what it is. Thejo has undertaken several initiatives towards maintaining a good corporate governance system. The Audit Committee and the Compensation and Remuneration Committee of the Board consist wholly of independent directors. Thejo has also adopted various codes and policies which include code for Board of Directors and Senior Managers, code of conduct to regulate, monitor and report trading by Insiders, code of practices and procedures for fair disclosure of unpublished price sensitive information, Whistle Blower Policy, Policy on Prevention of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace, Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Risk Management Policy.

“As a core principle and belief of the company, we care about people”  – V. A. George, Managing Director, Thejo Engineering limited

With people at the forefront of everything it does, Thejo aims to be the firm of first choice globally, for customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders, that offers tailor-made products and services within the mining engineering sector.

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