Energy & Utilities

APAC Outlook’s energy and utilities section covers the latest developments in the sector, from renewable energy to smart grids. Our corporate stories showcase the fascinating history of energy production and distribution in the APAC region, highlighting the impact of traditional methods and the transition to more sustainable practices.

Executives from featured companies leading the way in energy and utility innovation, give a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and opportunities in this critical industry.

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Energy & Utilities Corporate Stories

Osmoflo : Bespoke Water Solutions

A world-class water solutions provider of global proportions, Chief Operating Officer of Osmoflo, Carmine Ciccocioppo, examines innovation and supporting Australia’s hydrogen sector.

Essential Energy : Australia’s Energy Transformation

Delivering essential electricity network services to nearly 900,000 homes, David Salisbury, Executive Manager of Engineering at Essential Energy, discusses the evolution of the utilities sector in Australia today.

By Editorial Team David Knott

Blueleaf Energy : Harness the Sun, Transform the Future 

Sol Proops, CEO at Blueleaf Energy, discusses the potential for exponential growth in Asia’s renewable sector and discusses sustainability.

Plus Solar Systems : Driving Sustainability in Malaysia

Ko Chuan Zhen, co-founder and CEO of Plus Solar Systems, discusses how the company became a major force in clean energy solutions.

Integrated Facility Solutions (IFS) : Facilitating Thailand

Bangkok based facility solutions firm Integrated Facility Solutions talks about expansion and adapting to customer demand.

By Phoebe Harper Donovan Smith

Trident Water Systems : The Water Guardian

Trident Water Systems is determined to impart sound, sustainable practice into industrial wastewater activities across Asia.

By Editorial Team David Knott

Total Solar Distributed Generation : Leading the Solar Charge

Total Solar Distributed Generation has doubled capital investment and ramped up revenues 30 times over the past 18 months.

By Editorial Team David Knott

Halcom Vietnam : The Renewable Renaissance

HALCOM Vietnam drives sustainable development across the country, the company spearheading a number of pioneering renewable energy projects.

By Editorial Team Donovan Smith

Schneider Electric: Futureproofing Businesses post-COVID-19

Energy management and digitisation are two solutions which could help businesses across Asia recover from the impact of the pandemic, says Schneider Electric.

By Editorial Team

Sunseap Group : Singapore’s Leading Light

Empowering Southeast Asia with a portfolio of 1.7 GW of solar projects, Sunseap Group continues to spearhead change with its innovative, agile solutions.

By Editorial Team Ryan Gray