Issue 54

GAMA Healthcare Australia : The Ward of Australia

Infection prevention has never been so critical. We speak to Suzanne Hammouche, CEO of GAMA Healthcare Australia, about the latest developments in the country’s healthcare space.

Sun Metals : Future Facing Metals

Sun Metals is the ambitious, environmentally responsible zinc refinery competing on the world stage. We explore sustainability and expansion with CFO, Michael Choi.

Phoebe HarperRyan Gray By Phoebe Harper Ryan Gray

Auckland Eye : Eye Care Excellence

Speaking to Senior Ophthalmologist, Justin Mora, we take an in-depth look at Auckland Eye, whose sights are set on offering world-class eye care and superior treatment.

Jack SalterCallam Waller By Jack Salter Callam Waller

Subway Hong Kong & Macau : Fresh Way Forward

Made-to-order sandwiches and a myriad of business developments are on the menu for Subway Hong Kong & Macau, as the management team tells us.

Jack SalterKyle Livingstone By Jack Salter Kyle Livingstone

Aerison Pty Ltd : Sustaining the Mines 

In the mining-centric land of Western Australia, Sam Griffiths, Group Business Development Manager at Aerison, tells us about the company supplying turnkey engineering and construction solutions across the industry.

Sri Lanka Apparel Exporters Association (SLAEA) : Spotlight

A world-leading manufacturer of apparel for iconic retail brands, we peel back the layers on Sri Lanka’s textiles manufacturing industry as a trusted and ethical end-to-end partner.

Phoebe HarperJordan Levey By Phoebe Harper Jordan Levey

OneCare Medical : Custodians of Health 

In an appointment with Dr Jimmy Chew, CEO of OneCare Medical, he tells us more about the company’s full range of healthcare services provided to patients in Singapore. 

Jack SalterCallam Waller By Jack Salter Callam Waller

National Airports Corporation : Smarter Airport Solutions

Papua New Guinea is ready for take-off, as the National Airports Corporation (NAC) continues to improve airport infrastructure across the country. We speak to Managing Director and CEO, Rex Kiponge.

Jack SalterEddie Clinton By Jack Salter Eddie Clinton

Molycop : Forging the New Age of Mining 

“No mine ever stops over Molycop.” We speak to Michael Parker, President of the company’s Australasian division, about the pride and challenge of keeping Australia’s mining industry turning.

Miri Port Authority : Malaysia’s Trading Hub

Miri Port Authority is poised to catalyse the development and promotion of international trade in Sarawak, Malaysia as outlined by General Manager, Serawa Budol.

Jack SalterEddie Clinton By Jack Salter Eddie Clinton

Melton City Council : Guiding Growth in Melbourne’s Outer West 

The City of Melton is a significant hub for development and commercial and industrial investment. We speak to members of the region’s local government about its Investment Attraction Strategy aimed at raising liveability, jobs and potential across Melton City.

Marcus KääpäRyan Gray By Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray

Meinhardt EPCM : Shaping Future Cityscapes

Meinhardt EPCM Group operates at the centre of the Southeast-Asian construction industry. We go behind the scenes with Mr. Vinesh Natali, Global Head and Director of the company to learn more.

Marcus KääpäRyan Gray By Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray

Medical Technology Association of Australia : Spotlight

As a national association, MTAA is the collective voice representing Australia’s dynamic MedTech industry, providing Australians with life-saving technologies. CEO Ian Burgess discusses MTAA’s mission, and paving the way forward for MedTech in Australia.

Phoebe HarperKrisha Canlas By Phoebe Harper Krisha Canlas

Landmark Group SEA : Staying Ahead of Fashion

We speak to Anil Konidena, CEO of Landmark Group SEA, regarding Southeast Asia’s retail industry and the company’s latest developments in the space. 

Marcus Kääpä By Marcus Kääpä

InFood Asia : The Vital Ingredient

InFood Asia is pursuing ambitions of growth in the Asian FMCG space. Benefitting from the solid experience of Founder, Daniel Saw, we explore the company’s sharp insight into the industry.

Grenof : Chlorine Goes Green

Grenof’s Green Chlorine model allows for a more sustainable, safer and efficient chlorine supply in Australia. Managing Director, Scott Barnes, tells us more.

Jack SalterJordan Levey By Jack Salter Jordan Levey

Glenorchy City Council : A Vibrant Community Hub

Bec Thomas, the Mayor of Glenorchy City Council, is spearheading the development of a city close to her heart.

Jack SalterRyan Gray By Jack Salter Ryan Gray

Ghella Abergeldie JV : Tunnelling The Way Forward For Auckland 

The Ghella Abergeldie Joint Venture represents a trailblazing union to deliver New Zealand’s largest wastewater infrastructure project. We go behind the scenes with Project Director, Francesco Saibene.

Phoebe HarperJoshua Mann By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

What does the Metaverse Mean for Crypto?

Kristjan Kangro, CEO and Founder of Change, explores the emergence of the metaverse, what it means for crypto and the opportunity it presents to create a fairer, more inclusive digital economy.

Kristjan Kangro By Kristjan Kangro

Taking Commodities Carbon Neutral

Trovio Group is a trusted partner tackling decarbonisation in the digital asset ecosystem. We examine the need to retire carbon credits and a low-carbon agenda with Head of Special Projects, Angus Scott.

Phoebe Harper By Phoebe Harper

Escalating Smart Cities

Escalating Smart CitiesWeMaintain is the Proptech start-up who has just entered the Singapore market. Co-Founder and COO Jade Francine, explores disrupting the industry and enabling the Smart Cities of tomorrow Writer: Phoebe Harper “Singapore has one of the most sophisticated built environments in the world, with almost 9,500 high-rise buildings served by ultra-modern infrastructure.”Southeast Asia is widely tipped as the global hub for the future of the Proptech industry. Increased investments in infrastructure throughout the region combined with growing population levels rising in alignment with economic performance merge to create a region that is ripe to support the cities of the future within an explosive sector.WeMaintain is the innovative Proptech company fuelling the development of Smart Cities across the world, inspiring a holistic way of working between modern technologies and the engineers behind their operation.Breathing new technology into old buildings is at the core of WeMaintain. The greatest example of this is how the company weaves the internet of things (IoT) into infrastructure, thereby placing data analysis and intuitive maintenance at the very heart of their design. Notable examples in the WeMaintain portfolio include the Docklands Light Railway, WeWork and Workspace offices.WeMaintain has most recently added an office in Singapore to its global footprint, in addition to a presence in both Paris and London. Now, Asia has become WeMaintain’s latest playground, with Singapore as the very nexus of this dynamic growth.With IoT hardware driving data collection, supported by cloud-based proprietary technology, WeMaintain specialises in elevator and escalator solutions for both commercial and residential real estate. The company’s offering

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

The Latest Crypto Craze

Global NFT sales are exploding, and this is just the beginning of an even bigger surge for the crypto market in Asia.

Editorial Team By Editorial Team

What qualities are needed to succeed as a businessperson in your field?

We gave featured business leaders of issue 54 the final word in answering “What qualities are needed to succeed as a businessperson in your field?”

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