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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

The Incorporated Builders Group has been steadily building a reputation for quality since its inception in 1983. They’ve earned a real name for themselves in the delivery of real estate and construction-related services to a huge variety of corporate clients.


The company has achieved this by delivering an impeccable service in full- spectrum design, construction and engineering. With clients that range from residential and industrial projects to, commercial, retail, hospitality and infrastructure, they are the go-to guys for both private and municipal clients.

One only needs to look at the numbers to see the regard that the Incorporated Builders Group is held in. For the past five years they’ve recorded over 270 million Singapore dollars in orders, with over $100 million in turnover and contracts worth more than $74 million in 2013 alone.

They’ve done this by having a clear set of goals and principals that the whole firm adheres to strictly. “We aim to be a global leader in the building and real estate business,” says group director Dean Lim. “We strive towards generating maximum value and returns for all our clients and stakeholders, while creating a positive impact on our surrounding environment and communities.”

A key part of this is the importance the Incorporated Builders Group places on transparency. They work hard at establishing a clear and transparent financial dialogue with their clients that includes the services of reputable independent valuation services, so that the client knows they are being quoted a true and fair view of the market value of the company’s work. This means they are able advise their clients on pricing strategy, negotiate good commercial terms and conditions for their investments and maintain a strong position for identifying potential procurement and development opportunities.


Beyond their commitment to transparency, the Incorporated Builders Group has built its success on a foundation of strong principals. As Lim explains, “We believe our unique selling point comes down to our five ‘pillars of success’, the qualities that put our company ahead of the competition.”

The pillars include “A comprehensive, integrated service”, whereby all the firm’s departments are united by a common service culture.

“To our clients this means there is one point of accountability on all issues pertaining to their project,” Lim tells us. “There’s only one single streamlined channel of communication and coordination over all relevant architectural and construction disciplines. This ensures that there is seamless project implementation and results in immeasurable savings in time and costs.”

Their second pillar of success is the ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certification that the Incorporated Builders Group is justly proud about. They received the ISO 9001 certification for their implementation of a quality management system for building construction, civil engineering and interior works, while their OHSAS 18001 certification is a reflection of their well executed occupational health and safety management system.

“We maintain a stringent control over processes, quality and safety,” Lim explains. “This helps us to foster an incident-free environment to ensure projects are implemented in a smooth and timely fashion.”

Their third pillar is the company’s admirable environmental policy. Incorporated Builders Group has been a flag bearer for promoting green practices across the building, construction and real estate sectors, and it’s reflected in the firm’s proudly held ISO 14001 certified status, awarded for their Environmental Management System. “Our Project Management team draws on a wealth of knowledge and expertise to meet all clients’ building construction needs,” Lim says. “That includes the competent execution of projects in full compliance with Green Mark and Energy Efficient rating systems.”

Next up, Incorporated Building Group’s dedication to cost efficiency is their fourth pillar of success. Everyone in the business is committed to generating maximum value and returns for their clients. They are relentlessly working to refine process efficiency and mitigate the construction risks that come part and parcel with big projects.

“We like to help clients explore ways of optimizing resources and refining building processes without compromising on quality and safety. The resulting savings are in turn passed on to our clients,” Lim says. Last but certainly not least is the company’s system for reporting progress, a concise system that shows the status of all work in progress on the site of any of their projects.


Of course, plenty of companies have a set of guiding principles that are supposed to inform the way they do business, but many fail to reach the values they aspire to. That Incorporated Builders Group has achieved this is primarily down to its status as a family run business. The company was originally founded by Dean Lim’s father, Daniel Lim, who is still the company chairman. The family run nature of the business informs everything the company does.

“Being a family run business has definitely helped us adhere to our core principals,” Lim admits. “The family nature of the business filters down through the whole of our staff, breeding a kind of loyalty you tend not to find in other companies. We have a good core team that we think of as part of the family, with many staff staying with us as long as fifteen or twenty years!”


Things are going well for Incorporated Business Group, with 2013 being a particularly exciting year for the firm thanks to the major projects they have been working on.

“Perhaps the biggest project we have in the works right now is the International Interpol Building in Singapore,” Lim says. “We’ve been working hard on this one, and everyone is looking forward to seeing the end result when it reaches its scheduled completion this year.”

So what’s next for this family firm made good?

“We’ve got a lot of interesting projects in the pipeline,” Lim admits. “We’re continuing to look for new work across all our market sectors, but the next big step for the business has to be expanding our geographic footprint. We’re currently looking into the possibility of expanding our business into the Malaysian market, where we see lots of potential to grow our business.”

We look forward to seeing what they achieve there!

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