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TPAC : Packaging with a Difference

Kevin Qumar Sharma, CEO at TPAC, discusses what sets his organisation apart amidst transformation in the industry.

Nicholas Kernan By Nicholas Kernan

Tango Energy : Energising a Cleaner Australia

As the retail arm of Pacific Hydro Australia, CEO of Victoria-based Tango Energy, Domenic Capomolla, examines providing low cost, simple energy solutions designed for a cleaner conscience.

Rosti : From Concept to Reality

A renowned player in 3D printing, we examine Rosti and explore the role it plays in delivering prototype products across Asia.

Nicholas Kernan By Nicholas Kernan

Osmoflo : Bespoke Water Solutions

A world-class water solutions provider of global proportions, Chief Operating Officer of Osmoflo, Carmine Ciccocioppo, examines innovation and supporting Australia’s hydrogen sector.

Oliver Healthcare Packaging

Manufacturing for the healthcare sector across Asia, we speak to Oliver Healthcare Packaging about its innovative and tech-centred approach to answering the industry’s demand.

GE-Shen Corp

Adaptation, Solution, Growth “Seeking growth - this is our DNA.” We speak to GE-Shen Corporation about the Southeast Asian manufacturing sector and the company’s provision of contract manufacturing to customers worldwide   Writer: Marcus Kääpä  |  Project Manager: Matthew Taylor Our vision is to be a globally recognised engineering and manufacturing solutions provider.”  The words of Louis Lau, Executive Director at GE-Shen Corporation, affirms the organisation’s promising attitude within a market full of opportunity.  GE-Shen is a contract manufacturing group with core capabilities in the fields of injection moulding, metal fabrication and assembly services. The company helps its customers in the making of their products, with such customers spanning various sectors, from consumer electronics, home and lifestyle brands, medical and life sciences, and beauty products to industrial sector clients.  At the centre of industry GE-Shen has a substantial advantage of being based in Malaysia; a multilingual country with strong trade terms and a location that places it between East Asia, India to the west, and the Australasian markets to the south. “It is an exciting time in the sector,” Lau elaborates. “Malaysia has favourable trade terms to most major economies in the world. On top of this, the Malaysian government has always been supportive of the manufacturing sector, which contributes approximately 25 percent of the Malaysian GDP, and a huge majority of Malaysian exports are in in manufactured goods, with a huge portion of it coming from contract manufacturing.” In light of this, it is plain to see why GE-Shen is looking to the future with

EPIC Group

Designing the Future Executive Chairman of the Epic Group, Ranjan Mahtani, discusses the components of a leading player in the global fashion and apparel industry  Writer: Phoebe Harper  |  Project Manager: Matthew Taylor Hong Kong – the clothing capital of Asia. Headquartered at the very centre of this dynamic hub, you will find the Epic Group.   “Epic Group has been dedicated to ever higher standards in value-added, world-class manufacturing of apparel, delivering quality, value, and innovation with unfailing reliability, which is recognised by our customers internationally,” states its Executive Chairman Ranjan Mahtani. For Mahtani, textiles and apparel have been woven into the fabric of his life since childhood, leading to his esteemed position within the industry today.  “I would not be exaggerating to say that textiles have been embedded into my genes. The story goes long back to when my father used to make premium shirts for the local market. During my childhood, I was his protégé, following him around and learning from him.  “He passed away when I was still a teenager. At the age of 16, I began my professional journey by doing internships in India, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. Eventually, at age 18, I moved to Hong Kong, which has always been a global apparel sourcing hub,” Mahtani recalls. At the age of 20, Mahtani was transferred to Bangladesh to open a branch office for the company which he grew from scratch to $100 million within a span of four years and gradually evolved into manufacturing while continuing to maintain and enhance

Megatone Electronics Corp

Powering Customer Growth Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Arron Rampling Megatone Electrics Corp’s one-stop shop for design and manufacturing services has been built upon an ethos of customer satisfaction and internal evolution; a philosophy which lends itself to long-term sustainability epitomised by its ongoing quality control processes, on-time delivery record, excellent communications, cost savings measures, and international expansion. Established in 1972, the initial business model revolved around manufacturing and marketing portable radios, an offering that enjoyed so much demand that a natural broadening of the portfolio - from its domestic Taiwan base - became inevitable from both a capacity and product perspective. “Having added the capacity to develop and manufacture front panels and cabinets for radio cassette players, Megatone made its debut as an integrated components manufacturer and assembler, and by 1978, we were offering music centres and mini stereo systems. As demand for our services grew, Megatone transformed to become a full-service manufacturing Company,” according to Managing Director, George Hu. “Now, Megatone’s electronic manufacturing services offer comprehensive and integrated design and manufacturing services to optimise our clients’ operations and time to market, from initial product design to volume production. “We are skilled in servicing OEMs and ODMs across a wide variety of industries including automotive, industrial control equipment, telecommunication, power management, video/audio/entertainment, computer peripherals, medical devices and consumer electronics.” The Company’s total value-added package exudes quality, product care, supply chain optimisation and forward thinking, realised through its production planning, testing, logistics, client service and support elements. Subsequent attainment of ISO9001 and ISO 13485 certification has justified its

Nicholas Kernan By Nicholas Kernan