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Rahimafrooz Group

Recharging the Power Storage Industry Writer: Emily Jarvis Project Manager: Tom Cullum   Growing in size, scale and diversity in terms of its core solutions and services over the past 60 years, Rahimafrooz Group has leveraged the latest industry trends and commercially-proven technology to continue growing its export reach and presence across a multitude of energy markets. Pioneers of not only automotive and industrial battery production in Bangladesh, the Group also introduced solar-powered home systems for the rural community for the first time in the 1980s. As the third largest battery maker on the Indian subcontinent today, the Group now proudly operates 12 companies, a not-for-profit social enterprise and several other ventures that build-on the Company’s key pillars of sustainability, trust and reliability. “Rahimafrooz is Bangladesh’s largest and longest-standing battery manufacturer. The Company also has one of the largest export plants in South Asia, with a presence in more than 60 export destinations. As the payoff line of our flagship brand, GLOBATT – ‘The Drive Within’ – illustrates, the battery is winning hearts and minds of the consumers around the globe through its unparalleled performance,” explains Faraaz Rahim, Head of Business Development. Producing and marketing batteries primarily for automotive, telecommunication, solar, backup power, electric vehicle, power station, railway, forklift, golf cart, marine and motorcycle applications, Rahimafrooz has to keep up to date with industry changes to retain its leading market position for the decades to come.  “The power storage industry is changing very quickly,” Rahim adds. “From traditional lead acid batteries to sealed maintenance free  technology, AGM to

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Paramit Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Delivering Peace of Mind Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Arron Rampling As an internationally renowned Corporation based in the US, Paramit has long been one of the key operators in a complex and highly advanced medical device and OEM market, but is leveraging its flexibility and entrepreneurial flair as a smaller entity in Malaysia to achieve similar successes. Based in Penang, the wider Group’s abilities to provide fully-integrated engineering, manufacturing and post-manufacturing services to the medical industry primarily has been replicated in the Asia-Pacific region, with the latter’s supplier remit covering the rest of the world with its unparalleled levels of quality and consistency. With more than 25 years experience in manufacturing FDA-compliant products via rigorous controls, testing, research and development, market analysis and technological innovation, the business is now entering an exciting new phase of its evolution in Malaysia; with a new facility on the horizon and a whole host of global customers eagerly anticipating an even more extensive and refined Paramit offering in the future. Such exciting prospects have most recently been compounded by the acquisition of Lathrop engineering; a move which will see product realisation from ground-up design to scale-total with a unique focus on medical and life science instruments. The result will see a better quality, more reliable product range across the board and heightened customer satisfaction in the process; all of which will lend itself toward the Company’s overall goal of achieving a ‘transferless process in one domain’. Reduced times to market, reduced NRE costs and more predictable results from the outset by

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