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Pacific Helmets NZ Ltd is a leading producer of emergency services PPE. We take a look at the company, its passion for quality and safety, and how its helmet product range stands above and apart as the go-to choice for operators across the APAC region.


In an ever-evolving world, the impact of global warming, rising populations and growing urban areas leads to an increased risk of disasters caused by fires, floods, landslides and more.  

Frontline operators such as firefighters and rescue teams require the finest personal protective equipment (PPE) to help them perform critical tasks in order to save lives, prevent disasters and mitigate risks, all while keeping themselves safe from harm. 

Pacific Helmets NZ Ltd (Pacific Helmets) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of structural firefighting, wildland firefighting, and technical rescue helmets. The company has a long and proud tradition of meeting the specific needs of emergency services worldwide. Indeed, Pacific Helmets’ mission is to provide the world’s best safety gear, without compromise. 

The company’s range has long been recognised for its safety, innovation, durability, comfort, design, and quality, and Pacific Helmets’ products are certified to all major international standards including EN, NFPA, AS/NZS, and ISO.  


Founded in 1982, originally manufacturing motorcycle helmets for the Australasian market, New  Zealand-based Pacific Helmets has since expanded its range of products to include fire, rescue, sports, and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) helmets. 

With over 36 years of experience in the design and manufacture of premium safety helmets, Pacific Helmets specialises in manufacturing and exporting safety helmet products to the exact design and performance specifications of each customer. Pacific Helmets strives to meet, set (where possible), and exceed the highest international standards for technical safety performance. The Pacific Helmets product range includes helmets compliant with all major standards throughout the world. 

Flexible manufacturing processes and innovative design flair result in products which have created new dimensions in helmet safety. Pacific Helmets has an ongoing commitment to the development of new and innovative helmet products and an unwavering focus on safety, quality and comfort. 

Over the past 20 years, the company has recruited and trained a highly skilled team of management and employees. The team, together with consultants when required, has valuable and unsurpassed knowledge in helmet manufacturing.  

Today, the ideas and experience gained in developing the present models also facilitate the development of exciting new models and reduce the lead time required to develop new products. 

The development of the Pacific Fire Helmet range for the New Zealand Fire Service was an example where a close working relationship between the experienced personnel at the fire service and the design team at Pacific Helmets resulted in a product range that met the brigade’s standards, specifications and price. This has been the case over the years with numerous brigades throughout Australia, Asia, the US, Europe, and the UK. 

The senior management team is fully involved in product design, development, testing and marketing. Senior staff also have direct involvement in production and liaise directly with the company’s clients. A strong team environment ensures that all staff at Pacific Helmets have a total commitment to producing the highest quality products, backed by a full quality assurance programme which is certified to ISO 9001:2015. 


Another advantageous facet of Pacific Helmets’ product range is the customer’s ability to customise orders to suit the needs of their business, agency, service, and practice. 

Through flexible manufacturing processes and an innovative design team, Pacific Helmets allows customers to design bespoke helmets to suit their exact requirements and preferences. Customisation is available for orders of all sizes, from as little as one unit upwards.  

When it comes to customisation, this may be simply a matter of cosmetic choice. Pacific Helmets offers an almost limitless range of decals and high-quality paint finishes, and works closely with its customers to ensure the helmet finish is to their exact requirements. It is also possible for customers to request and make complete design changes to the helmet product range. This process is only limited by the requirements of the relevant standard and the customer’s imagination. 

Aspects of helmets can be altered or added in order to better suit the needs of unique frontline field tasks. An example of Pacific Helmets’ provision of range and versatility is its F10 MkV, a jet-style structural firefighting helmet that combines safety, comfort, quality and style into a unique and high-end product. With a DuPont™ Kevlar® and fibreglass reinforced composite shell, the F10 MkV is incredibly light and, like all Pacific Helmets products, is designed to last customers a lifetime.  

The F10 MkV accommodates a wide range of accessories. The design of the F10 MkV has carefully considered the needs of front line firefighters and incorporates unique features such as combining the latest technology in Pacific Helmets’ unique co-moulded hinge and liner retaining system. This co-moulded technology ensures the wearers’ head and neck are fully protected from excessive force again emphasising the company’s goal of delivering the world’s best safety helmets – the F10 MkV was awarded Silver at the New Zealand Best Design Awards in 2015. 


Of course, customisation would not be complete without a fine range of helmet colours to choose from; each of Pacific Helmets’ products can be ordered in a variety of colours to symbolise their versatility across various industries and services, from rescue blue and signal green to high-visibility fluorescent orange and the classic crimson red. Pacific Helmets’ products are painted with ultra-violet (UV)-resistant paint and come in a gloss finish. Some colours are available in a satin (matte) finish, and custom colours are available by request. 

Pacific Helmets also offers decal options and further customisation allows customers to make their helmets their own, suiting their brand and helping identify team members. Pacific Helmets can make customised rank markings, custom reflector shapes, brigade badges, symbols, and lettering for customers to choose from, either out of existing or bespoke new designs to tailor the products to a certain company, service or field. 

From helmets designed to be worn in cases of structural fires, to compact and versatile helmets for wildfire taming, lightweight helmets for USAR teams, paramedics, rescue workers, and ATV users, Pacific Helmet’s products are the best in the market for a multitude of real-world situations.

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