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Proudly showcasing over five decades of leadership in maritime services, Pacific Tug Group is an Australian family-owned and operated business that can handle any complex sea transport requirements. Chris Peters, CEO, speaks to us about its vast experience and plans for the future.


The maritime industry has always been crucial to Australia’s economic and trade landscape.  

Given the country’s geographical position as an island nation, it is dependent on the sea for both international trade and domestic freight movements, alongside supporting local communities with jobs and innovation. 

No one better represents the importance, diligence, and longevity of Australia’s maritime industry than Pacific Tug Group

Australian-owned and operated for just under 60 years, Pacific Tug Group has proudly become the leading provider of specialised maritime services in the country and the Asia Pacific region, ensuring that every client’s project is in safe, reliable hands. 

Having earned a proven reputation through its experience, capabilities, and resources, the group provides solutions for any maritime task. 

Chris Peters, CEO of Pacific Tug Group, has grown up in the industry, following in his family’s footsteps to lead the group and earned the title of master mariner in the process, further showcasing his passion for the sea. 

“While there is always work that needs to be done to progress this ever-evolving industry, it is an incredibly exciting space to be in,” he opens. 

The group’s origins date back to 1965, when it initially began as a tugboat operator and participated mostly in dredging support activities. 

From there, it grew with a focus on providing well-maintained vessels and associated equipment operated by a qualified and competent crew and supported by professional managers and ex-seagoing personnel. 

“With this expansion, we’ve now acquired over 30 vessels, the largest regulated offshore vessel (RAV) fleet in Australia, and two marine bases,” expands Peters. 

Across five decades in the maritime services industry, Pacific Tug Group has more than proven itself, safely and successfully completing complex marine support operations including dredging, salvage, marine construction, coastal and international towage, and maritime logistics. The group’s vast expertise and technical knowledge within the field will continue to make waves with its dedication, innovation, and desire to achieve great outcomes.


“We are proud to be a second-generation family business and continue the family-oriented culture which has served as the foundation of the group,” enthuses Peters. 

Due to the intimacy of its origins, Pacific Tug Group has continued to seamlessly evolve and diversify along with the changing needs of its clients and the maritime industry. 

This ability to adapt and find flexibility in even the most urgent and challenging situations is in large part due to the workplace culture, which is of the utmost importance.  

Many of Pacific Tug Group’s staff members have been a part of the team for over 30 years, and in several cases, the second generation continues to work for the group due to the values of open communication, respect, and a mutual passion for advancing people and the industry. 

“We have a very flat organisational structure that fosters trust, responsibility, accountability, and freedom in the people who make up the group,” details Peters. 

“I like to think my leadership style is one that promotes accessibility, nimbleness, and the confidence to make quick decisions in a fast-paced environment.” 

With a team of approximately 150 individuals spread across a variety of responsibilities, the advantages of such a culture have been tangible. 

Pacific Tug Group enjoys a workplace that is free of disputes and discrimination, and consistently achieves the highest levels of customer satisfaction.  

This overall attitude provides flexibility and responsiveness in its services that no competitor can match. In addition, all staff and crew have the required competencies and specialised training to achieve the best possible operational and safety standards.

“This industry is always dynamic. You can’t sit on your hands; you have to be proactive, plan for the future, and be engaged”

Chris Peters, CEO, Pacific Tug Group


Pacific Tug Group is a conglomerate of six companies dedicated to specialist services, collectively delivering integrated solutions and providing clients with the comfort of knowing their project is in safe hands. 

These six different divisions include Pacific Tug, Wide Bay Shipping Services, Pacific Fleet Engineering, Pacific Marine Base Brisbane, Pacific Marine Base Bundaberg (PMBB), and Pacific Defence Services. 

With strategically employed specialists in each respective division, there is no challenge too difficult. Additionally, the group boasts a centralised management team that allows for unrivalled service under the strictest of quality systems. 

“Pacific Tug stems from the original business operations of 1965 where we offer dredging support work, towage activities, transhipment, land-based logistics, and more, operating in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands regularly,” explains Peters. 

Pacific Marine Base Brisbane offers engineering, repair, and maintenance services, as well as project support. It is ideally situated in the Brisbane River, providing easy access to key services and infrastructure. 

Stage 1 of PMBB, a relatively new base for Pacific Tug Group, is in an advanced phase of development. Perfectly located south of the Cyclone Zone and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, the base is the Port of Bundaberg’s first new wharf in over 60 years, offering a roll-on/roll-off (Ro-Ro) facility and the highest capacity wharf along the eastern seaboard of Queensland. PMBB will provide vessels with access to South East Queensland’s hub of agriculture, manufacturing, and industry. 

Additionally, the base is 1,000 nautical miles (NMs) from a number of South Pacific Island nations, providing excellent freight routes, emergency response capacity, and a competitive advantage for trade with the region. 

“With this base, which was once a sugar and molasses port, we anticipate a focus on transporting and towing oversized mass and renewables such as wind and solar farms,” expands Peters.   

PMBB further demonstrates a major investment in the renewables gateway, showcasing the group’s expertise, experience, flexibility, and dedication to maintaining only the highest of standards. 

Together, these strategically located bases enormously benefit and support the Bluewater Highway’s connection between South East Queensland, Australasia, New Zealand, and the Pacific regions.

“What differentiates us from the competition is our diversification. We take on many of the more complex, difficult projects within the maritime services industry, and we do so with the utmost confidence and skill”

Chris Peters, CEO, Pacific Tug Group


Pacific Tug Group promises safety, reliability, and professionalism in all of its services in order to tackle any complex sea transport requirements. 

By employing experienced personnel, supported by an equally experienced shore-based management team, the group boasts an unmatched industry awareness of operations undertaken and the ability to provide high-quality services to its clients. 

This ability to tackle challenges head-on is due, in part, to the workforce that makes up the group. 

“Under our leadership, people are engaged, and if something needs to be accomplished, the entire team works together to get it done. It is truly a great environment to be a part of,” prides Peters. 

What is also of significant importance to Pacific Tug Group is the pursuit of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices for both the environment and the local communities in which it is present. 

“We help as corporate citizens wherever we can. We mainly focus in the regional areas where we work and conduct our procurement locally to support as many independent businesses and locals as possible,” insights Peters. 

Additionally, the group sets itself environmental key performance indicators (KPIs) to work towards, invests in third-party training for its staff members, and ensures that it recycles as many by-products from its operations as possible, such as oils and sandblasting grit. In addition, the group is embracing renewable energy having recently fitted out its maintenance facility with solar power. 

With an extensive and committed history of guaranteeing an uninterrupted supply and continuity of service, Pacific Tug Group’s track record is impeccable and has long been considered an industry benchmark.

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