Issue 33

Setegap Ventures Petroleum Sdn. Bhd : Enhanced Solutions

Setegap Ventures Petroleum continues to meet clients’ complex requirements in an ever-evolving oil & gas environment through a turnkey pumping, drilling and tubing portfolio of services.

By Josh Rayfield Editorial Team

JMS Singapore Pte Ltd : The Bridge to Good Healthcare

JMS Singapore has merged intrinsic Japanese values of lean manufacturing and technology-based progression to evolve a healthcare industry that calls for care and consideration.

By Callam Waller Editorial Team

Meinhardt Light Studio : Directional Design

Through the utilisation of exceptional creativity and technical expertise, Meinhardt Light Studio is developing at a rapid rate into a widely-respected entity on a global stage.

By Tom Cullum Editorial Team

Klaasen Lighting Design : Light Talk

Klaasen Lighting Design is demonstrating a clear commitment to changing the face of lighting design across the Asia-Pacific region, incorporating sustainable practices and innovative approaches in all areas of the business.

By Tom Cullum Editorial Team

ALT Limited : Championing Creativity

Since ALT Limited was created more than a quarter of a century ago, it has established itself as top-class service provider in Asia and further afield.

By Tom Cullum Editorial Team

CleanEnviro Summit Singapore

The fourth biennial CleanEnviro Summit Singapore (CESS), organised by the National Environment Agency, Singapore, will be held from 8-12 July, 2018.

By Editorial Team

Fi India & Hi

Fi India & Hi is the only B2B event in the Indian subcontinent serving both the food and health ingredients and the processing and packaging industries.

By Editorial Team

Automation and Digitalisation in Oil & Gas (AUTOMA)

BGS Group has started the registration of companies attending AUTOMA Congress in Berlin, Germany, on 1-2 October.

By Editorial Team