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Darco Systems (M) Sdn. Bhd.

South East Asia's Solution to Water & Waste Management Technological innovations and a holistic business approach in water and wastewater treatment set Darco Water apart from its competitors Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager James Mitchell Darco Water Technologies was established in 1999 to design, fabricate, assemble, install and commission engineered environmental systems (EE systems) for industrial use in Singapore and Malaysia; sourcing generic components globally to meet specific design requirements. The company became listed on the Singapore stock Exchange after just two and a half years, starting with no more than 50 employees. By 2007, sales turnover had reached an impressive s$88 million and today, the company has grown exponentially to have over 300 employees. In just over a decade Darco has expanded throughout Asia. The group now has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, mainland China, Taiwan, the Philippines and Indonesia, serving companies across a huge range of industrial practices including the following sectors: electronics, semiconductor, textile, food and beverage, printed circuit board, solar-energy, pharmaceuticals, and municipal water and wastewater treatment projects. After each project, Darco provide maintenance and servicing of water and wastewater management services (WM services). "We develop innovative engineering and knowledge-based solutions to provide for all water and wastewater requirements across various industries," affirms Zach Thye, Executive Director of Darco Water Technologies. Further, the group has recently expanded into air management systems, soil remediation and solid-waste recycling services. Meeting Demand in Southeast Asia With a management team that have more than 20 years of experience in water and wastewater treatment for a diverse range

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TG Development

Redefining Urban Luxury Housing in Singapore TG Development has completed an extensive amount of property projects as well as signing many lucrative joint ventures that have culminated distinct architectural masterpieces on the singapore landscape Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Ben Wigger TG Development develops premium residential properties in Singapore and is an integral player in shaping the country's exclusive housing landscape, contributing to its architectural and design achievements on the international stage. TG Development has completed an extensive amount of property projects as well as signing many lucrative joint ventures that have culminated distinct architectural masterpieces on the Singapore landscape. From terrace houses to semi-detached homes, good class bungalows to apartments and condominiums, the company has a wealth of expertise to support these quality development projects. TG Development is committed to delivering excellent spatial designs with trustworthy quality and services, by working closely with acclaimed architects and interior designers to bring about a unique architectural perspective that is both in harmony with the surroundings and is sensitive to the needs of discerning city dwellers. The end creation is an ideal home that marries exclusivity, luxury and modern comfort. Founded by Mr Ong Boon Chuan in 1987, with the ambition of developing luxurious residences reflecting exquisite taste and superior design, TG Development believe that the ownership of a house is symbolic of a commitment to the family and provides a sense of fulfilment. This drives the company to provide better quality living spaces, especially in the land-scarce Singapore, where they are important assets to own and serve

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Raimon Land PLC

Thailand's Leader in Luxury Raimon Land is Thailand's premier luxury real estate developer with strong Financial performance and turnaround. With its unique positioning in luxury real estate market, the company expects to experience a strong and consistent growth despite any short-term concerns over Thailand's Politics Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Ben Wigger Raimon land is Thailand's premier luxury real estate developer, with an impressive portfolio of landmark developments, such as the River and 185 Rajdamri. Since 2003, the property giant has completed 10 projects worth THB 37 billion (us$1.15 billion), all of which command unique selling points reflected through their prime locations, excellent quality and craftsmanship, and after sales service offerings. In 1990, Raimon Land Development Company limited renamed itself Raimon Land Company Limited, becoming a publically listed company by 1993. Now with a 192-strong workforce, Raimon land is reaping the rewards of over two decades of hard work. Last year saw the company achieve its highest net profit for the last 10 years - THB 746 million. This was in large part due to the transfer of units at The River. Meanwhile, the net profit for the first half of 2014 was THB 795.7 million (USD 24.4 million), or 107% of its total net profit for 2013. "Meanwhile, The Lofts Ekkamai has proven to be a success, having sold about 80 percent of its units within a short period of time. Furthermore, our retained losses have been completely eliminated and our Interest Bearing Debtto-Equity Ratio now stands at 1.40. This figure has dropped dramatically from

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APT Showfreight (S) Pte Ltd

Working behind the Scenes APT Showfreight's Managing Director, Danny Khor, says that an experienced and highly skilled team of professionals in handling MICE Logistics, sets the company apart from any others in the logistics industry Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager James Mitchell APT Showfreight & logistics Group is an Asian-based company, specialising in niche logistics services for the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) industry. The team behind the name comprises of a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals with more than 10-30 years of industry experience, having handled a variety of different tradeshows and events on both a regional and global scale. "We always look forward to serving and meeting the needs of our customers in the MICE industry," states Danny Khor, Managing Director of APT Showfreight in Singapore. "With presence in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and most recently Pakistan (September 2014), we are linked to a global specialised network of reputable and experienced exhibition and events logistics agents, who share a common vision of providing tailor-made and seamless MICE logistics services globally," he says. APT Showfreight was established in the year 2008 and the company places heavy emphasis on their people as Khor explains: "People are our biggest asset and our staff are all fully trained and experienced in tradeshow, conference and event logistics handling. There is an old saying in the industry 'No matter what happens, the show must go on in a tradeshow, conference or event.' Thus, our slogan: We Offer Solutions and We Deliver Promises has been put

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Huationg (Asia) Pte Ltd

Treating Staff and Customers as Equals Huationg Group is committed to probiding the best lifting, shifting and logistics services to meet the growing needs in construction, marine, port and petrochemical industries in Singapore and the region Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Arron Rampling Huationg Holdings Pte Ltd Asia is one of the leading heavy lift and haulage service companies in Singapore, with a long operating history that spans over more than three decades and a strong belief that their employees make the company stand out from the crowd. After Mr Lee Chin Tiong started the business in 1979, the company has spent the last 30 years expanding Huationg's offering into a group of companies, to become one of the largest domestic crane and heavy haulage companies in Singapore in terms of the aggregate tonnage of its crane and prime mover fleet. On June 23rd 2000, Huationg Holdings Pte Ltd was incorporated as a private investment holding company to consolidate the activities of the various Huationg subsidiaries, specifically Huationg inland transport service Pte ltd and Huationg (Asia) Pte Ltd. Further, Huationg Inland transport service Pte Ltd was incorporated on June 2nd 1984, specifically to conduct crawler crane and technical lift and shift services. To complete this quartet, Huationg (Asia) Pte Ltd was incorporated on march 22nd 2005, specifically to provide commercial mobile crane services for heavy haulage service businesses. The advent of this expansion and organised consolidation of group assets has enabled Huationg Holdings to become an award-winning company; obtaining the WSH innovation award and Exxonmobil safety

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Pan Asia Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd

Logistical Leviathans Pan Asia Logistics is aiming to become the preferred partner in Asia for Global Logistics Writer Matt Bone Project Manager James Mitchell Since late 2002, Pan Asia Logistics (PAL) has merged equally high levels of German efficiency with Asian commitment to deliver unparalleled standards of logistical services to their customers from offices across key cities in Asia. Supported by over 1,000 logistics professionals who place the company's core values of knowledge-driven, integrity, personal relationships and service excellence above everything else, Pan Asia Logistics has become one of the fastest growing logistics companies in the Asia Pacific region. Christian Bischoff, CEO of Pan Asia Logistics, was faced with tough challenges when the breakout of Avian Flu occurred so quickly after the company began operating: "We started operating in 2003 with just six people and were really excited at what the future held for us, but no sooner than we had started, Avian Flu ran riot in Asia and spiralled the economy into a deep crisis. We suddenly faced the challenge to grow from zero, while the whole market in Asia crashed around us." Thankfully, Pan Asia Logistics managed to retain and even bring in an impressive number of customers despite the epidemic, and saw a better than expected turnover of SG$20 million in the first year. By the end of 2003, the company employed 80 people and had opened new offices in South Korea and offices in Hong Kong; even beginning their operations in Indonesia. "Reflecting back on our amazing journey, it proved to be

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Pemac Pte Ltd

Singapore's One-Stop API Workshop Sumardi Bin Sidi, General Manager of MTQ Pemac says that there are no secrets to the company's success; it is simply down to working hard and attending to all types of customer needs Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Arron Rampling Q: Mr Sidi, please tell me about MTQ PEMAC in your own words PEMAC is a one-stop API workshop for all your oil and gas needs. Our name stands for Precision Engineering Machining and Consultancy and is part of the MTQ Group of companies. We manufacture oil and gas products to API specifications, specialising in full-scale, global pressure control equipment and we offer an extensive suite of after market services, including authorised workshop repairs and a well stocked inventory of over 100 types of pressure control equipment. Our team possesses over 30 years of industry knowledge, experience and network to handle all your requests and efficiently secure the right equipment at the most cost effective price. Plus, our key executives hold more than 150 years worth of accumulated experiences in the oil and gas industry. PEMAC's unique selling point is its quick turnaround and ability to do all types of jobs, no matter the size. We understand our clients need for ease of purchase and efficiency. Hence at PEMAC, we off er a broad spectrum of products and services from our 31,000 square feet factory, fulfilling multiple orders with various different parties, not to mention the hassle of co-ordination. We open our doors to orders of all sizes. While we are well

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Herma Group

Fuelling the Philippines Petrotrade remain the only company in the Philippines to offer 24/7 bunkering Services Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Arron Rampling With shipping and sea-freight business in the Pacific Ocean increasing year on year, the need for a greater array of high quality services has risen. One company in the Philippines has stepped up and offered a new approach to marine and bunkering services in Asia: on-demand, 24/7 bunkering services. The Herma Group was formed more than twenty years ago by Herminio S. Esguerra who started a petroleum hauling business with one rented barge - The Herma I. the Herma Corporation, then with only ten employees, started operations in 1985. The company provided hauling services, ferrying refined petroleum products from a refinery in Bataan to wherever it was needed. With demand for the Herma group services growing year on year, a new facility was added to the roster. Petrotrade Philippines inc began offering round the clock on-demand bunkering services to any point in the archipelago and have remained the only company in the Philippines to currently offer such a service. Identifying the need Benedict Ibuyan, Managing Director of Petrotrade Philippines Inc (PPI), explains that the company was formed when the need for a dedicated provider of bunkering facilities was identified in the Asia petro-services market: "the bunkering services industry in the Philippines in the 1980's were owned and operated by oil companies in the region, who offered bunkering as a side business as opposed to a main revenue stream. the biggest problem was that

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MHWirth Singapore Pte Ltd

Your preferred Partner for Drilling Solutions MHWirth goes beyond the conventional drilling solution to provide its customers with the safer, more efficient and reliable alternative. MHWirth delivers world-class solutions, lifecycle services and advanced drilling systems for onshore and offshore drilling units, worldwide Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Arron Rampling In September 2014, Aker solutions Drilling technologies was introduced as an independent company operating under the MHWirth corporate brand, following the demerger from Aker solutions. Aker solutions have officially split into two companies, the new Aker solutions, comprising the Engineering, subsea, umbilical's and MMO business areas and, Akastor, an oil-service investment company encompassing the former Drilling technologies, Process systems, Aker Oilfield Services and Surface products. "All portfolio businesses owned by Akastor are operating as stand-alone companies and have launched their new names and brands, including MHWirth, the largest subsidiary of Akastor and a worldwide provider of drilling equipment and systems for the oil and gas industry," explains Johannes Eikland, managing Director for MHWirth Singapore. Oil & Gas Experts Founded more than a century ago, MHWirth has a long-standing legacy in the oil and gas industry and has a history of being at the forefront of developing innovative technologies for the offshore drilling market. "The Derrick Drilling Machine (DDM) is a great example of MHWirth's drive towards cutting edge technology, launched as the worlds' first top drive back in the early 80s, offering our customers and the oil and gas industry with a product providing remarkable cost savings during operations. The launch of our DDM is also an

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Food Companies Move to Upgrade Productivity in Singapore

About 1,300 food companies have embarked on productivity upgrading projects, including workflow redesign and workforce upgrading through training, according to Health Minister Gan Kim Yong. Speaking at the Food Productivity Conference 2014 on Monday (Oct 27) morning, Mr Gan also said that more than 4,000 CEOs, productivity managers and workers have undergone training since 2011. The Food Services Productivity Plan was launched in 2011 in a bid to increase the productivity of the food services sector with a budget of S$75 million. During his speech, he outlined how food companies have improved their operations through innovation, collaboration, technology and people. For example, the Restaurant Association of Singapore, Singapore Food Manufacturers' Association and Singapore Manufacturing Federation have collaborated to help more than 50 restaurants find suitable food manufacturers to outsource the preparation of their non-core food items. Mr Gan said this multi-party collaboration has resulted in time and cost savings for both restaurants and food manufacturers. He also urged companies to take the initiative to implement their own productivity improvements, and said the government remains committed to supporting the food industry in its restructuring efforts. Mr Gan highlighted Eng Soon Dry Bean Curd and local cafeteria Food Glossary. Eng Soon Dry Bean Curd uses robotic arms to increase its efficiency, while Food Glossary uses technology to let customers order and pay. Food Glossary's Productivity Initiative Having customers order and pay for meals online has helped the 400-seat cafe Food Glossary save on manpower costs. With only 10 employees, it relies on self-service through mobile apps and digital

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