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Supply Chain Corporate Stories

Green Freight Asia Launches GFA Label Applications for Carriers and Shippers

Green Freight Asia (GFA), an industry-led network focused on driving sustainable road freight across the region, today opened up its GFA Label applications to all carriers and shippers across Asia Pacific to address the trucking industry’s CO2 emissions. Currently, trucks in Asia account for nine percent of all vehicles on the road, but contribute 54 percent of road CO2 emissions. Successfully applying for the GFA Label is the first step for the freight carriers and shippers in officially gaining their green credentials. For the carriers, an improvement in fuel efficiency and the subsequent reduced costs bring benefits not only for their organisations, but also for their customers. The vision behind GFA and the GFA Label is to create a green ecosystem whereby shippers can log into the GFA membership database and make a conscious, ‘green’ sourcing decision by selecting a carrier based on its GFA Label rankings. The carriers are then ultimately rewarded for their green practices, providing them with a genuine incentive to attain the GFA Label. The rankings are determined by the organisations’ commitment to adopting green freight practices, with the GFA Label comprising of four distinct tiers of recognition. A company that attains one leaf has successfully demonstrated a minimum commitment to adopting green freight practices while a company that has attained four leaves has demonstrated itself as a true sustainability leader, with an outstanding commitment. Companies of all sizes, no matter where they are in the supply chain, are encouraged to apply and become a benchmark organisation within their industry. “We believe the implementation of the

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Japan Exports Soar Past January Estimates

Exports rose by an impressive 17 percent on year last month, the biggest jump since late 2013, beating expectations for an 11.9 percent rise forecast in a Reuters poll. In contrast, imports for the month fell nine percent from a year earlier, which was a bigger-than-expected drop compared with a Reuters poll forecast for a 4.8 percent drop, reflecting the multi-year low oil of prices. Moreover, export growth was significant across all geographies; shipments to Asia, the US and Europe rose by 22.7 percent, 16.5 percent and 7.4 percent respectively. The export sector has emerged as a key driver of Japan's recovery, helping the economy crawl out of a recession in the fourth quarter. The economy grew a total of 2.2 percent in the three months leading up to December 2014.“This is a positive result for Japanese economy. Exports will continue to support economic growth in 2015, although private investment has also started to pick up and will have an important contribution to the economy,” said Tomo Kinoshita, chief Japan economist at Nomura. Kinoshita, however, warned that February's export data may not match January's strength due to the Lunar New Year holiday being celebrated in China. For this time period, factories begin to shut down, resulting in a slowdown in demand for overseas goods. Japan's main exports to China include machinery, electronics and materials such as steel and chemicals. Nevertheless, with overseas demand picking up and the yen weak, exports will continue to be a relative bright spot this year. “Yen depreciation has really made Japanese products more competitive, particularly within Asia,

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Port of Tanjung Pelepas

The Preferred Port of Choice CEO, Glen Hilton expects the global container market to grow in 2015, primarily as a result of global shipping access. The company is focussing on increasing port capacity as a resultWriter:  Emily JarvisProject Manager:  Mark Skillicorn With a vision to be the preferred port of choice in Southeast Asia, the Port of Tanjung Pelepas (PTP) strives to provide unrivalled port services to the global market.Just 45 minutes from the confluence of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, PTP’s strategic location makes it easily accessible from the Straits of Malacca. Situated on the eastern side of the mount of the Pulai River in Southwest Johor, PTP is a naturally sheltered deep water port near the Malaysia-Singapore Second Crossing with a turning basin of 600 metres and 12.6 kilometres of access channel for two-way traffic.Accorded with Free Zone status in 1997 and Free Zone Authority management in 1998, PTP is governed by the Free Zone Act 1990 which is enforced by Malaysia’s Ministry of Finance. This status promulgates the local container trade volumes of the port and forms part of the hinterland cargo catchment area. PTP has experienced steady growth since the port opened 15 years ago, when it first moved 400,000 TEU in 2000. Free Zone advantagesThere are many benefits and advantages of doing business in a Free Zone. The direct connection to the port terminal provides efficient and cost effective container movement between the Free Zone and the port, creating convenience for the container trade.Moreover, companies are exempt from customs, sales and service taxes; all

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Singapore Transport and Storage Sector a Top Performer

The transport and storage sector emerged as Singapore’s top performing industry over the past year, according to a study of the country’s top 1,000 companies by credit bureau DP Information Group and audit firm EY. The results were announced at the end of January. This annual study is the largest audit ever undertaken for Singaporean companies, and reveals how well each industry did by revenue. The transport and storage sector logged a 17.9 per cent increase in combined revenue to hit S$198.5 billion in 2014. Of Singapore’s top 1,000 companies, 122 are engaged in the sector - an increase of 11 from a year ago. The construction sector came in second in terms of growth, with an 11.5 percent rise in combined revenue to S$18.6 billion, according to the study. The study also covered the top 1,000 small- and medium-sized enterprises in Singapore, and found that overall, there was a decrease of 8.7 percent in combined sales to S$28.3 billion. Among the 1,000, there was a 14 percent increase in the number of loss-making firms, from 114 to 130. Commenting on the study, the Singapore Business Federation said business performance has been affected by economic restructuring, with high labour costs and curbs on foreign manpower posing challenges for firms. The study found that the top 1,000 firms in Singapore added an additional S$1.23 trillion in sales over the last five years - a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.3 percent. Source: channelnewsasia

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APT Showfreight (S) Pte Ltd

Working behind the Scenes APT Showfreight's Managing Director, Danny Khor, says that an experienced and highly skilled team of professionals in handling MICE Logistics, sets the company apart from any others in the logistics industry Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager James Mitchell APT Showfreight & logistics Group is an Asian-based company, specialising in niche logistics services for the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) industry. The team behind the name comprises of a group of highly skilled and experienced professionals with more than 10-30 years of industry experience, having handled a variety of different tradeshows and events on both a regional and global scale. "We always look forward to serving and meeting the needs of our customers in the MICE industry," states Danny Khor, Managing Director of APT Showfreight in Singapore. "With presence in China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and most recently Pakistan (September 2014), we are linked to a global specialised network of reputable and experienced exhibition and events logistics agents, who share a common vision of providing tailor-made and seamless MICE logistics services globally," he says. APT Showfreight was established in the year 2008 and the company places heavy emphasis on their people as Khor explains: "People are our biggest asset and our staff are all fully trained and experienced in tradeshow, conference and event logistics handling. There is an old saying in the industry 'No matter what happens, the show must go on in a tradeshow, conference or event.' Thus, our slogan: We Offer Solutions and We Deliver Promises has been put

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Huationg (Asia) Pte Ltd

Treating Staff and Customers as Equals Huationg Group is committed to probiding the best lifting, shifting and logistics services to meet the growing needs in construction, marine, port and petrochemical industries in Singapore and the region Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Arron Rampling Huationg Holdings Pte Ltd Asia is one of the leading heavy lift and haulage service companies in Singapore, with a long operating history that spans over more than three decades and a strong belief that their employees make the company stand out from the crowd. After Mr Lee Chin Tiong started the business in 1979, the company has spent the last 30 years expanding Huationg's offering into a group of companies, to become one of the largest domestic crane and heavy haulage companies in Singapore in terms of the aggregate tonnage of its crane and prime mover fleet. On June 23rd 2000, Huationg Holdings Pte Ltd was incorporated as a private investment holding company to consolidate the activities of the various Huationg subsidiaries, specifically Huationg inland transport service Pte ltd and Huationg (Asia) Pte Ltd. Further, Huationg Inland transport service Pte Ltd was incorporated on June 2nd 1984, specifically to conduct crawler crane and technical lift and shift services. To complete this quartet, Huationg (Asia) Pte Ltd was incorporated on march 22nd 2005, specifically to provide commercial mobile crane services for heavy haulage service businesses. The advent of this expansion and organised consolidation of group assets has enabled Huationg Holdings to become an award-winning company; obtaining the WSH innovation award and Exxonmobil safety

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Pan Asia Logistics Singapore Pte Ltd

Logistical Leviathans Pan Asia Logistics is aiming to become the preferred partner in Asia for Global Logistics Writer Matt Bone Project Manager James Mitchell Since late 2002, Pan Asia Logistics (PAL) has merged equally high levels of German efficiency with Asian commitment to deliver unparalleled standards of logistical services to their customers from offices across key cities in Asia. Supported by over 1,000 logistics professionals who place the company's core values of knowledge-driven, integrity, personal relationships and service excellence above everything else, Pan Asia Logistics has become one of the fastest growing logistics companies in the Asia Pacific region. Christian Bischoff, CEO of Pan Asia Logistics, was faced with tough challenges when the breakout of Avian Flu occurred so quickly after the company began operating: "We started operating in 2003 with just six people and were really excited at what the future held for us, but no sooner than we had started, Avian Flu ran riot in Asia and spiralled the economy into a deep crisis. We suddenly faced the challenge to grow from zero, while the whole market in Asia crashed around us." Thankfully, Pan Asia Logistics managed to retain and even bring in an impressive number of customers despite the epidemic, and saw a better than expected turnover of SG$20 million in the first year. By the end of 2003, the company employed 80 people and had opened new offices in South Korea and offices in Hong Kong; even beginning their operations in Indonesia. "Reflecting back on our amazing journey, it proved to be

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Wong Fong Engineering

The Innovation Engineers of Singapore Wong Fong Engineering is the undisputed leader for smart engineering solutions in Singapore Writer Matt Bone Project Manager James Mitchell With over 40 years of engineering excellence and experience, Wong Fong Engineering is dedicated to providing high-tech and innovative solutions for seamless loading and transport logistics. Wong Fong also offer an effective waste management process, quality and friendly mobility aids, as well as strengthened and empowered defence systems. With a range of cutting-edge technology, Wong Fong Engineering is the undisputed leader for smart engineering solutions in Singapore, China and Malaysia. Eric Lew, Executive Director of Wong Fong Engineering, describes the company as being "leaders of industry" in Singapore, as opposed to industry leaders, as he explains: "We are leaders of industry in Singapore and Malaysia, not industry leaders. We feel that the way we approach business and our business ethos allows us to show the industry how to do business, instead of just being at the top of the market ladder. We consider ourselves to be almost teachers to other companies in the industry." The Singapore Boom Construction of infrastructure in Singapore is nearing an all time high, in terms of projects undertaken per annum. Wong Fong have seen the number of projects and tenders being offered to them double over the last 12 months due to a massive rise in the population of South East Asia. "With such a massive boom in construction, we have been working on our greatest number of projects over the last 12 months. It has

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Japan Exports Saw Rise in April

Japan's exports rose 5.1 percent in April from a year earlier, above analyst forecasts in a Reuters poll for a 4.8 percent rise. Imports rose an annual 3.4 percent versus forecasts for a 0.8 percent rise, while the trade balance stood at a deficit of 808.9 billion yen ($7.98 billion), much larger than expectations for a 646 billion yen deficit. Japan's trade balance has been in a deficit for 22 months in a row now. "The data was not really a surprise at all. They were hoping for a lower yen to stimulate exports and a lower yen just isn't coming," said Boris Schlossberg, managing director at BK Asset Management. "The problem is that the unbelievable decline in U.S. rates that has kept dollar-yen much lower than what everybody thought. It's frustrating all the plans of Kuroda and Shinzo Abe to stimulate the economy," he said. The Bank of Japan ends a two-day meeting on Wednesday and is expected to maintain its current monetary policy, under which it plans to increase Japan's base money by 60-70 trillion yen ($589-$688 billion) a year via aggressive asset purchases. "The Bank of Japan hasn't done enough. They need to do at least a 100 trillion yen to drive dollar-yen to 105 and stimulate the economy," Schlossberg added.

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CapitaLand Mark 20 Years Construction in China with 145 Properties

China is one of CapitaLand's two core markets and the Group's largest market outside Singapore, accounting for 39 per cent of the company's total assets. As the company marked its 20th anniversary this month, CapitaLand Limited announced that it currently owns or manages 145 properties in 45 Chinese cities, worth over S$42 billion. Since CapitaLand began investing in China in 1994, the business has grown into a leading real estate developer, boasting a diverse real estate portfolio of homes, offices, shopping malls, serviced residences and mixed-use developments. With one of the largest real estate fund management businesses in China, the company has 12 private equity funds and two Singapore-listed real estate investment trusts (REITs) that hold a strong presence in China. By the end of September 2013, CapitaLand's China business accounted for 39 per cent, or S$14.2 billion of the Group's total assets. Mr Lim Ming Yan, President and Group CEO of CapitaLand said: "2014 marks a significant milestone for CapitaLand. As one of the first foreign developers in China 20 years ago, we are honoured to have contributed and benefited from the country's economic development and phenomenal urbanisation programme." The company has built more than 40,000 mass to high-end residential units across China, has a pipeline of over 60,000 homes and remains committed to address the housing needs to Chinese residents. 50 per cent of CapitaLand's global staff originates from China, with over 7000 staff in the country, 95 per cent of which are local.

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