AEB Introduces Criteria for Comparing ERP-Based Logistics Solutions

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
AEB Introduces Criteria for Comparing ERP-Based Logistics Solutions

When it comes to supporting global trade and logistics operations, many companies are facing a dilemma: is it better to model processes in the ERP system or turn to best-of- breed solutions? To help companies decide which alternative is more appropriate for them, AEB, a leading provider of global trade and supply chain management software, has published a new white paper with free industry insights.

ERP systems are the backbone of nearly every business. Over the years, its scope has greatly expanded beyond the traditional functions of finance, accounting, corporate governance and human resources, to also include supply chain management functionalities such as customs management, transport management or warehouse management. The level of satisfaction, however, varies widely depending on where the system is being used.

When does it make sense to use ERP software and when is best-of-breed software the right choice? The path to finding the right IT strategy in global trade and logistics can be complicated and some companies find it increasingly difficult to decide which system is best for them.

AEB’s white paper is designed to help companies find the right software strategy for their supply chain. It offers a quick self-assessment test as practical orientation and looks at the strengths and weaknesses of both ERP systems and best-of-breed solutions, focusing on the following four criteria:

  • Functionality: How well does the software support company-specific processes?
  • System architecture: Can the software map the intricacies of company-specific requirements?
  • Expertise of provider: How much know-how does the software provider bring to the table?
  • Significance of global trade and logistics: How big a role does this play on the company agenda?

Frans Kok, General Manager at AEB Asia Pacific, said: “In times of changing customer demands and business models, having a best-of-breed solution provides flexibility and a competitive advantage which will shorten implementation time of new strategies.”

Titled ‘ERP vs. best-of-breed software in global trade and logistics’, the white paper can be downloaded free of charge here.

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