Efacec Singapore Partners with Two Leading Banks in Asia

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
Efacec Singapore Partners with Two Leading Banks in Asia

Efacec Singapore (Efacec), part of Körber Logistics Systems, is proud to announce two separate partnerships with leading Asian banking institutions in the region. Working with an existing partner and a new client, the projects demonstrate Efacec’s versatility in catering to different requirements of warehouse expansion and modification for the financial services industry.

“The success of both projects confirms Efacec’s ability to adapt its warehousing solutions for a client’s specific requirements,” shared Jorge Couto, Managing Director at Efacec. “Due to the tight security measures, warehousing specifications for the banking industry is more complex. It’s important to have reliable warehousing equipment that can integrate with advanced security systems.”


In a follow-on contract with one of Asia’s leading banks, Efacec was recently engaged to integrate seven additional units of its Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) into an existing network to support the client’s expansion plans. These AGVs will join the client’s current suite of automated warehousing technologies from Efacec, including an Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) warehouse for the storage of 10,000 containers, four stacker cranes, seven units of AGVs, and 20 warehouse terminal stations.

Fully automated, the facility has been operating efficiently since the initial project completion in 1997. Right from the beginning, Efacec has stationed two full-time engineers onsite, which has been a major factor in the smooth running of the warehouse for nearly 20 years. With the new fleet of AGVs, the client is expected to achieve greater warehouse performance.


In the second project, Efacec Singapore was tasked with revamping an existing ASRS warehouse for another established Asian bank. The support scope involved the upgrading of the client’s material handling system (MHS), upgrading of the current programmable logic controller (PLC) conveyor system and stacker cranes, and replacing obsolete electrical components. Additionally, Efacec seamlessly integrated the client’s warehouse control systems with its new MHS Operator Interface.

The client required Efacec to work around its operations, limiting installations to the weekend and off-peak periods. This resulted in a project duration that was longer than usual, but Efacec was flexible in accommodating the client’s request. A certain degree of competence is required to revamp an existing third-party solution, and Efacec’s engineers adeptly handled the retrofitting of the warehouse for this client.

Jorge Couto concluded: “Over the past 30 years, we have worked with different banks across Asia. Efacec has remained a trusted logistics partner for the banking industry, and it’s a testament of the Company’s advanced automated warehousing solutions and expertise.

“As Efacec continues to grow, under the direction of the Körber Group, we strive to develop more integrated and innovative logistics technologies for other industries.”

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