Issue 31

Secret Recipe Cakes & Cafe Sdn Bhd : The Secret to Success

Secret Recipe Cakes & Café has success firmly on the menu in the Asian market; taking on new projects and expanding into markets further afield.  

By Editorial Team Joshua Mann

Access World Logistics

Access World Logistics has built a reputation for trust and exceptional service, enabling it to grow and expand its  services all over the world Writer: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Callam WallerAccess World Logistics has a long and illustrious history, beginning more than 80 years ago in Italy back in 1933. Initiating as a family-owned entity, the business quickly outgrew its roots and was eventually taken over by Glencore in 2010, when it went on to become Pacorini Metals.The Company is renowned for providing world-class global logistics and warehousing solutions for customers, all of which is achieved through building long-term relationships with clients and service providers alike.“Since that point in time the Company has been expanding its footprint across Asia, now with a presence in China, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia and India,” explains Gan Wan Pin, Managing Director at Access World Logistics Asia Pacific. “In 2016 we reinvented ourselves in order to become Access World Logistics, one of the main reasons being that we had outgrown purely operating within the metal business.“Pacorini Metals soon became a misleading name for the direction that we were hoping to travel in, now working with commodities such as agriculture and oil & gas.”In the many years since Access World Logistics came to fruition, it has experienced great success - particularly within Asian markets - with thanks to its quality service, adaptability and in-depth sector knowledge. This success is now strengthening in the new markets that the Company is branching into; a sign of good things to come in the future.  Move

By Editorial Team

G&P Professionals

G&P Professionals provides exceptional engineering consultancy services, working on its ever-expanding portfolio to aid a wide spectrum of sectors within the industry  Writer: Phoebe CalverProject Manager: Tom CullumG&P Professionals has been providing value-added engineering consultancy services to its clients ever since its establishment in 1999, saving its customers both time and money on their long-term maintenance costs.Alongside the Company’s dedication to improving the technical awareness and competency of practicing engineers, it predominantly provides engineering consultancy services that include civil, structural, infrastructure, geotechnical, mechanical, electrical, maritime, project management, water resources and dams.See Sew continues: “Our aim is to provide innovative, problem-solving, safe, cost-effective and practical engineering solutions that are of the highest standard.“We started our days as a geotechnical specialist consultancy with only five staff members, and have since grown to proudly become a one-stop-shop for all professional consultancy that fully encompasses all aspects of engineering needs.”Quality standardsResearch and development (R&D) has become increasingly important within the Company, with each engineer working for G&P Professionals required to undertake one short R&D project per year.“We have implemented a number of standards that will unify the quality of both design and construction standards, including a number of checklists required to ensure the quality and safety of projects, high standards of workmanship and an up-to-date design methodology,” explains See Sew. “In an effort to encourage innovation and inventions within our company, we have also introduced the Innovation Award for R&D works for the best in-house innovation.”As a result of this work, many of the Company’s successful computer programmes and design

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Euro Façade Tech

Euro Façade Tech can boast some of APAC’s most high profile recent constructs as part of its portfolio, but refuses to rest on its laurels as a host of new software and expansions are put into place Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Tom CullumDriven by a commitment to deliver total construction solutions, Euro Façade Tech has enjoyed double digit growth for each of the past four years, and with 2018 already alluding to this trend continuing, clients’ expectations similarly continue to be exceeded.Established in May, 2012 the meteoric rise up the industry ranks that has occurred over the following half-decade has derived from the Company’s turnkey capabilities which comprise the design, supply and installation of high quality, innovative, customised, architectural façades.“From the backing of the former Vice Chairman of Permasteelisa Group, Mr Lucio Mafessanti, Euro Façade Tech essentially brings an international and local expertise that prides itself on adding significant value to clients’ expectations,” introduces and affirms Executive Director for Euro Façade Tech, Ted Graban. “From humble beginnings, our factory has grown from a single facility producing 15,000 square metres per annum, to currently having three facilities producing more than 100,000 square metres each year. And we are currently making plans for this year to significantly increase this capacity.”The accomplishment of providing ‘total construction solutions’ in Euro Façade Tech’s case encapsulates design and engineering acumen, project management, manufacturing and production capabilities, quality assessment and quality control facilitation, and interior fit-outs.Consequently, the Company is able to address each significant stage of a construction project through its façade service

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Envac Singapore

Envac Singapore is looking to make its already successful waste management system the standard in a country always striving for environmental improvementWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Tom CullumOver the past two years Envac Singapore has grown tremendously across nearly all KPIs as it edges nearer towards its goal of a tech-based waste solution revolution in the city state.Increasing its business volume, its market demographic and its market share, the Company continues to align itself to the Singapore Building and Construction Authority’s green buildings initiative; a drive which aims to see 80 percent of the country’s buildings certified as green by 2030.Recently penetrating the healthcare and public housing markets, Envac Singapore’s ever-expanding remit, portfolio and footprint is set to unlock new strategic growth opportunities and innovative waste management solutions in the “tech capital of Asia”.“Over the past two years we have been focusing on the quality delivery of systems with high safety standards,” explains Tan Chin Tiong, the Company’s Vice President for Asia Pacific. “A favourable construction outlook and Government regulations will further increase our business potential to this end, while we are also investing in our most critical success factor, our human capital.“Strategically we are also now starting to look into operations in some other Asian countries who are keenly following our progress in Singapore and who are now looking to adopt such technologies.”These automated waste management technologies and systems are not only catching the eyes of suitors further afield but are becoming stronger and smarter each year. As such, the Company’s system is developing smarter features

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TNB Repair and Maintenance Sdn Bhd

TNB REMACO’s commitment to quality performance delivery looks set to affirm the Company as a prominent EPC player in the region as it looks to compound its O&M and R&M reputationWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Matt Cole-WilkinFor almost 30 years TNB Repair And Maintenance Sdn. Bhd. (TNB REMACO) has differentiated itself as a one-stop provider of not just power plant repair and maintenance (R&M) services, but entire lifecycle-focused solutions; and with the backing of its parent organisation, Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB), it is now looking towards international growth as well as remit growth.The aforementioned TNB Group is the largest electricity utility in Malaysia and the key contributor to nation building.That being said, TNB REMACO, since 1995, has thrived as an independent, autonomous subsidiary in order to accumulate one of the most impressive track records in the regional energy sector.“Over the years, TNB REMACO has accumulated a proven track record in the industry across power plant repair and maintenance, as well as through the provision of holistic solutions in every aspect of power plants’ operation and maintenance (O&M),” affirms and introduces the Company’s Managing Director (MD), Anuar Yusoff. “Additional to TNB REMACO’s extensive track record and accomplishments within Malaysia, the Company has also made inroads into the international arena and has already gained a foothold in overseas markets including Southeast Asia, Kuwait, Pakistan, and Saudi Arabia.”TNB REMACO’s appeal on the international scene, and indeed its domestic prevalence over the years, derives from the comprehensive, turnkey nature of its service remit. Encompassing all strands of solution required within the

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Caution to Investors Looking to Uranium

Investor, modern energy expert and author of ‘My Electrician Drives a Porsche?’, Gianni Kovacevic cautions investors looking to uranium.Mr Kovacevic, speaking ahead of his appearance at Mines and Money Asia in Hong Kong this April, said it is becoming more and more difficult to see serious long-term demand for the commodity.“There are 447 nuclear reactors and investors are always told about the 60 reactors under construction and the some-200 that are ‘proposed’ and ‘planned’,” he said. “What they usually fail to mention, are the 300 reactors, of the 447, that are more than 30 years old. Or, the 85 reactors in the USA that were extended, again, to 2034 as the cost to shut them down is so punitive. “India derives 2.1 percent of its electricity from nuclear and China about three percent. The facts have changed, and they are taking an all options approach, and that is looking less and less like nuclear as the big growth pillar even if they do some construction” he said. “That being said, we do need to produce uranium and if the producers of note keep that balance, there should be a margin for that product, because nobody in that business makes money at $25/lb Uranium.”Looking toward other commodities for investment, Mr Kovacevic stated that the future of all ground transportation is going to increasingly be electrified; cars, trucks, delivery vehicles, car sharing, taxis, buses and even more railroads are moving from diesel to electric.Mr Kovacevic said that lithium cobalt and graphite have become buzzword commodities but we need to see how

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