If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
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We like to round up each issue by giving featured business leaders the final word. In issue 58 we asked “If you could change one thing about your industry, what would it be?”

Dr. Nelson Nheu, CEO, Innoquest Pathology Sdn Bhd

“Placing meaningful healthcare data at the fingertips of healthcare providers and patients. Patient care is generally fragmented, and we all know that time is of the essence when it comes to proper diagnosis and treatment. Having an integrated data centre with patient results from various health services that contributes to diagnostics and treatment, should be visible and available to healthcare providers anytime, anywhere.”

Emma Pudney, Chief Technology Officer, Koala

“Traditionally, design in the furniture industry has been led by the aesthetic preferences of one or a few people. This isn’t real life and doesn’t benefit the consumer. We believe design should be led through data, feedback and high levels of tests – learning from in-house customer use over time. We think design should be democratised and furniture producers need to care more about their environmental impact. There is more to cost than just dollars.”

Philip Pearce, CEO, ESR Australia

“Talent attraction. The industrial sector is booming, demand has never been higher, and fantastic career opportunities exist throughout the industry. However, industrial has traditionally been seen as less attractive than some of the other asset classes to work in. But the changing nature of the sector means that our employees are learning about all sorts of industries and participating in macro projects supporting economic growth – it’s a fantastic, dynamic, and ever-changing business.”

Morgan Stevens, General Manager, EMtek

“We’re currently in a transitional phase where greener solutions are seen as favourable, but are often not competitive with traditional solutions, and are therefore only used when they are cost favourable.  We take safety extremely seriously in our industry, however, there does not seem to be the same focus on the environment just yet.  If there could be extra incentives for greener solutions to be implemented, this could speed up our transition to a carbon neutral industry.” 

Jakob Lambsdorff, CEO, ALBA Singapore

“I would welcome more collaboration within the industry and with all relevant stakeholders in general. Development of sustainable solutions requires collaboration from the government, industry and consumers. This “golden triangle” has to work together to implement long-term sustainable business practices. We will only be able to create a more sustainable world if all stakeholders work together and align their incentives accordingly.”

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