What does good leadership look like to you?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

To round off each issue, we ask our contributing business leaders for their views on the same question, “What does good leadership look like to you?”

Ryan Walkinshaw, CEO, Walkinshaw Group

“Good leadership encompasses many different elements. A good leader is someone who leads when required, listens to and trusts those around them with different ideas, is willing to do everything they ask of their team, and provides a clear direction for all in challenging times.”  

David Meyn, Managing Director, PBE Group

“Lead by example, and as a manager, ensure that you are a key part of your business’ growth trajectory.”

Mitch Tanzer, Global Commercial Director, Wabtec Digital Mine

“Everything starts and finishes with meaningful relationships. It’s more than just knowing about your team; it’s about knowing what drives your team.” 

Chris Mills, CEO, Evie Networks

“Great leadership is split into five elements. Firstly, having the foresight to look at what is happening today and predict what it means for tomorrow. Secondly, accountability is a huge thing for me, and I want people to feel ownership. Third and fourth are tenacious creativity and attention to detail. Lastly, the concept of leadership – for me, it’s giving people the confidence in what they are doing and being able to lead them to their goals.” 

Patrick Guedel, CEO, EQUANS ANZ

“Good leadership is when teams are seen at the forefront with full empowerment and support from the leaders. Good leadership at EQUANS ANZ is ‘servant leadership’. This means that leaders are here to help and support. In other words, they bring real value to their organisation, and ultimately to the clients. Good leadership is evident when customers are satisfied and happy to work with our organisation.”

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