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In recent years, practising sustainability has become an important requirement within the environmental engineering industry. Jeanette Lee, CEO of Envipure, shares how her company achieves this goal by implementing sustainable systems and solutions.


The environmental engineering industry, particularly in pollution control, odour abatement, water and wastewater treatment, is a dynamic and evolving space. 

A global emphasis on sustainability, coupled with technological advancements, changing regulations, and increased public awareness, has driven up demand for innovative solutions. 

“The sector presents significant opportunities for professionals and businesses to make a positive impact on the environment while staying at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies and contributing to global sustainability goals,” opens Jeanette Lee, CEO of Envipure

Established in 1979, Envipure is a distinguished leader in environmental engineering solutions and services, possessing over four decades of experience.  

The company is the go-to provider of operations and maintenance services for semiconductors, public water and power utilities, and oil and gas facilities in Asia, the Middle East, and the South Pacific.  

It also specialises in air and odour pollution control, as well as water and wastewater treatment.  

The company has a dedicated team of some 200 staff at its headquarters in Singapore, along with 70 employees in neighbouring Malaysia. 

“Testament to our operational competence, Envipure boasts a wide arsenal of prestigious licenses and certifications. Additionally, Georg Fischer, one of our trusted partners, has helped us to achieve industry-leading status,” Lee continues.   

With a core focus on creating sustainable solutions, Envipure is dedicated to environmental excellence, client satisfaction, safety, and compliance.


Envipure was acquired by Nordic Group in 2019, a strategic collaboration that brought both companies into a new era of growth and innovation in the semiconductor and environmental engineering space, marked by a heightened focus on sustainability and an expanded portfolio of services. 

“Being acquired by Nordic Group has been instrumental in catalysing the elevation and expansion of our services and customer base,” Lee divulges.  

The acquisition has allowed Envipure to enhance sustainable revenue growth by amplifying emphasis on boosting maintenance and facilities engineering services (FES) sales.  

What differentiates Envipure from the market competition is its holistic approach to environmental solutions.  

Unlike competitors that specialise in a single field, Envipure offers an integrated suite of treatment solutions and services for both air and water in industrial plants.  

“By providing an integrated solution, we streamline the interface for plant owners, eliminating the need to coordinate with multiple vendors. This results in cost savings and contributes to enhancing overall environmental performance,” details Lee. 

In addition, Nordic Group’s support has empowered the company to extend its market penetration to high-demand sectors with significant growth potential such as the petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor industries. 

“Diversification of our sector focus mitigates the risks associated with over-reliance on a single-sector market fluctuation, ensuring a more robust and resilient business model,” Lee clarifies.

“At Envipure, we are deeply committed to environmental stewardship, continuous innovation, and regulatory compliance. These principles are embedded in our daily actions and decisions”

Jeanette Lee, CEO, Envipure


Envipure is dedicated to environmental stewardship, public health, and renewable energy generation.  

It strives to create sustainable solutions that address environmental challenges, promote public health, and actively contribute to pollution control through innovative engineering solutions.  

“These commitments are reflected in our daily actions, from selecting sustainable materials and technologies to optimising processes and incorporating innovative solutions. 

“We believe that our dedication to these principles will positively impact the environment and the communities we serve,” enthuses Lee. 

Envipure understands that innovation is crucial for addressing evolving environmental challenges. Therefore, it dedicates significant resources to ongoing research and development, to ensure that its projects incorporate the latest advancements in environmental engineering.  

“This commitment to innovation allows us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that minimise environmental impact and support our clients’ sustainability goals,” she comments.


In line with its commitment to social responsibility, Envipure actively boosts local economies by generating job opportunities and fostering economic prospects in the communities where it operates. 

“Diversity and inclusivity hold a significant place in our values,” declares Lee.  

The company actively cultivates a welcoming workplace, offering equal job opportunities and supporting employee resource groups to champion employee diversity. 

“Moreover, ethical integrity is a top priority across all aspects of our business,” she stresses.  

Envipure upholds stringent ethical standards by adhering to applicable laws and regulations. It treats employees and stakeholders with respect by conducting business in a transparent and ethical manner. 

Additionally, Envipure prioritises the well-being of its team, clients, stakeholders, and surrounding communities through strict health, safety, and environment (HSE) measures. 

From maintaining stringent safety protocols to proactive risk mitigation and emergency response planning, the health and safety of employees and stakeholders is of paramount importance to Envipure. 

The company also works to sustain corporate compliance by adhering to regulatory standards and industry best practices. Every decision it makes is informed by a thorough understanding of current and anticipated regulatory requirements. 

“Dedication to compliance means that we can anticipate and adapt to future regulatory changes, safeguard our clients’ interests, and protect the environment,” Lee emphasises.  


Envipure is progressively fulfilling its outstanding projects.  

In a recent noteworthy project, Envipure successfully completed the installation of two treatment plants within a food facility factory in Singapore, encompassing odour abatement and wastewater treatment systems. 

“These projects stand out due to our innovative approach to digitalisation, incorporating internet of things (IoT) with real-time data analytics and visualisation capabilities,” highlights Lee. 

Another significant project involves supplying semiconductor plants in Malaysia, providing engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC) for the provision of ultra-pure water essential for production needs, and a wastewater treatment system to reduce water waste, along with the scrubbers and regenerative thermal oxidiser for the air pollution control system. 

“Our dedication to technological innovation, environmental responsibility, and client-focused solutions is showcased by these projects,” summarises Lee.  

Looking forward, the company is broadening its sector coverage to include the petrochemical and healthcare industries.  

This new growth direction represents a significant scale-up in the treatment of air and water pollutants, which requires the company to greatly ramp up its capabilities. 

In terms of future planning, Envipure aims to stay relevant and at the forefront of the ever-evolving market.   

The company plans to embed new digital technologies into its systems to improve efficiency and effectiveness for the end user.  

“This is an ongoing effort that requires my team and I to be prudent and agile in order to remain relevant,” outlines Lee.  

Envipure is also planning to continue to expand its operations globally in the coming years.  

“This includes exploring new opportunities in developing countries and emerging markets,” she concludes.


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