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Meinhardt EPCM Corporate Stories

Meinhardt EPCM : Shaping Future Cityscapes

Meinhardt EPCM Group operates at the centre of the Southeast-Asian construction industry. We go behind the scenes with Mr. Vinesh Natali, Global Head and Director of the company to learn more.

By Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray

Meinhardt EPCM : Looking for the Next Horizon

Vinesh Natali OF Meinhardt EPCM talks about the building industry’s past, present, and future, the company always looking ahead.

By Marcus Kääpä Ryan Gray

Meinhardt EPCM : Shaping the Future

Meinhardt EPCM has enjoyed remarkable success in its first two years; replicating the wider Group’s reputation and network to achieve exponential, sustainable growth.

By Tom Cullum Editorial Team