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APAC Outlook’s oil and gas section covers the latest developments in the sector, from exploration and production to refining and distribution.

Our corporate stories feature profiles of companies that are driving innovation in the oil & gas sector. Featured executives from leading oil and gas firms provide an inside look at the strategies and technologies that are shaping the sector.

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Oil & Gas Corporate Stories

Fuelchief : A Family-Fuelled Future

Fuelchief and its ultramodern, industry-leading SuperVault tank look set to define the future of fuel storage.

Global Responders Group : Answering the Call

Global Responders Group has emerged as a leading provider of integrated risk management solutions, its responsive, adaptive network of expertise able to satisfy any client’s Crisis Management and QHSE needs.

By Editorial Team

Solstad Offshore ASA : Why Quality Pays

Solstad Offshore ASA continues to serve customers new and old, its unwavering approach to vessel quality backed up by unrivalled in-house local support.

By Editorial Team David Knott

DTEC Petroleum Group : EPC With Purpose

DTEC Petroleum Group continues to serve the engineering and construction needs of major petroleum projects in Malaysia and elsewhere in the region and worldwide.

By Editorial Team David Knott

Belait Shipping : Helping Brunei Blossom

From philanthropy and charitable efforts to employee and enterprise empowerment, the local entrepreneurial success story that is Belait Shipping is helping to build a better future for the Darussalam.

By Editorial Team David Knott

Puma Energy Papua New Guinea : Energising Communities in PNG

Empowering SMEs, investing in individuals and infrastructure, and delivering a complete fuel solution to urban and rural communities alike, Puma Energy PNG continues to take great pride in being a local socioeconomic stalwart.

By Josh Rayfield Editorial Team

Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd : Petroleum Made Personal

Gas & Oil Pakistan Ltd is embodying Pakistan’s innovative spirit, advancing and expanding its O&G offering at rapid pace in order to better serve its beloved, growing network of local customers.

By Josh Rayfield Editorial Team

An Interview with Dr Felix Guerzoni of Shell Lubricants Asia Pacific

Dr Felix Guerzoni of Shell Lubricants Asia Pacific talks to us about economic growth, digitisation, and plugging the skills gap.

By Editorial Team

Rutledge Group : Safety First

Rutledge Group, through its three specialised divisions, continues to innovate and uplift the profile of HSE practices across industries such as oil and gas. 

By Editorial Team Tom Cullum

CR Asia Group : A Multi-Disciplined Maintenance Mastermind

Driven by a mission to become the partner of choice in delivering comprehensive maintenance solutions, CR Asia Group is uplifting industries, communities and people alike across the continent with its customer-centric contracting.

By Editorial Team David Knott