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Mining Pro provides tailored services that add value to its clients’ mine site operations. Executive Director, Grant Wechsel, unearths the elements that enable the company’s success.


As the capital of Queensland (QLD), Brisbane proudly boasts the title of being the largest mining city in Australia’s second-biggest state.  

It is also home to the headquarters of Mining Pro, who provides mining production and maintenance personnel, operational supervision, and management to execute mining projects from a single production fleet to a whole-of-mine solution. 

Grant Wechsel, Executive Director of Mining Pro, is also the Founder and Executive Chairman of parent company, MWG Mining. With a passion for mining that spans over two decades, he brings vast expertise to the industry. 

The MWG Mining group was formed by Wechsel with the support of former Australian Rugby League captain Darren Lockyer as a long-term business partner. Fellow Executive Director, Grant Arnold, later joined the Mining Pro business in 2021.   

Mining Pro likewise benefits from Wechsel’s wealth of global experience in the industry and years of providing services to the world’s largest mining companies. He now has broader experience in junior mining, exploration, and capital finance markets, which has given him a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the mining industry. 

“Four years ago, I returned to Australia after living in Singapore and saw an opportunity in the market to provide a specific range of mining services run professionally by experienced industry executives,” reveals Wechsel.   

Despite only being established in 2020, Mining Pro is a rapidly growing mining services company that has proven itself on various projects across QLD, New South Wales (NSW), and Western Australia (WA). 

The company operates throughout the country and partners with key mining clients in the coal and iron ore industry. With over 700 full-time employees, it is committed to providing diversified mining services to its clients that add value and improve the overall operation.


Wechsel introduces Mining Pro as a concept built on a true partnership with clients, allowing its capability to continue to expand. 

“We are involved at every stage of the mining lifecycle, whether it’s an owner’s team or a set scope of work on the mine site,” he clarifies. 

Mining Pro specialises in providing a range of services, including site services and maintenance, as well as operating production fleets or entire mine sites. The company is primarily focused on serving the coal industry on the east coast of Australia, but it is also expanding its services to the WA iron ore industry. 

Iron ore mining in WA is increasing, with the bulk of production coming from the Pilbara region. However, mines are also located in the Mid West, Kimberly, and Wheatbelt regions. 

To capitalise on the opportunity, Mining Pro ensures it has the best team on board with significant experience. 

“Operationally, we are led by specialist directors and senior management who have long careers in the areas in which they work, including mining production, services, contracting, employee relations, and health and safety,” Wechsel outlines. 

The success of Mining Pro is buoyed by the fact that coal mining is expected to be the fastest-growing industry by 2030. 

“As we have grown at such a quick rate, I am currently focused on delivering unique operating solutions for clients and investment partners across various commodities with a strong focus on coal. 

“We partner with the mine owner or incoming investors to operate the asset as safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible, with flexibility and choice in the model we agree on,” divulges Wechsel. 

Indeed, strategic alliances help to facilitate operational excellence and sustainability, which are ever-present issues within the mining industry.

“We partner with the mine owner or incoming investors to operate the asset as safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively as possible, with flexibility and choice in the model we agree on”

Grant Weschel, Executive Director, Mining Pro


The mining industry is as critical as ever to Australia. It is the backbone of the economy, and bulk mining commodities such as coal and iron ore play a crucial role in socioeconomic development. 

“It is an exciting industry to be involved in, and I am happy to support it however I can. I host an annual coal industry event in Brisbane each year, presented by Mining Pro. The idea behind the event is a simple one – to get the whole sector together and openly discuss current trends and topics in the coal industry,” Wechsel enthuses. 

As a privately owned and founded company, it was easier for Mining Pro to step up to the plate and host the event on behalf of the industry without any restrictions from shareholders, funders, or third parties.   

The company is also an active member of the Queensland Resources Council (QRC) and supports several regional mining events and initiatives throughout Australia. 

To the general public, however, coal has negative connotations and hasn’t been promoted broadly enough across QLD. 

“The absence of knowledge is due to a lack of understanding, as the state’s premium metallurgical coal is the best in the world and a key component of the global demand for steel,” Wechsel points out. 

This is evidenced by QLD accounting for around 90 percent of Australia’s metallurgical coal production from 2021 to 2022. The demand for the commodity is set to continue into 2024 and beyond as it is an essential ingredient for steel production, one of the most widely used building materials on the planet. 

The mining industry’s contribution to QLD is impactful, supporting one in six jobs in the state’s economy. Furthermore, QRC works in close collaboration with member companies to ensure a positive outcome for all.


To ensure Mining Pro’s future, the company is continually pursuing new ventures, and naturally, more projects require a larger workforce. 

“In addition to Mining Pro’s organic growth over the last three years, we are also considering a number of acquisitions to further bolster our key service offering for our clients. 

“The acquisitions are focused on equipment hire, maintenance, and other mining service offerings that complement our current scope of work and further round out our capabilities to manage the whole-of-mine site operations for our clients,” imparts Wechsel. 

Mining Pro is proud to have fostered an environment where strong performance and direct communication with its employees provide the best outcome for clients. 

“Our approach to recruiting and retaining employees is focused on creating a culture of development and engagement,” explains Wechsel.   

The company is committed to developing careers in teams managed by experienced leaders, from whom they receive regular guidance and support. 

Drawing upon its solid reputation and well-established presence in the industry, Mining Pro consistently attracts top-tier individuals who are seeking long-term careers in a workplace where they feel supported, motivated, and valued.  

“Our commitment lies in providing long-term permanent employment opportunities and providing operational training and development programmes to assist in advancing our employees’ mining careers,” he expands.  

Many people find the prospect of being part of a dynamic force shaping the future of mining appealing, and Mining Pro certainly values long-term employment and workforce investment.  

“Our employees work with management to ensure they are treated as valued team members. We have worked to create a safe, productive environment for our employees,” states Wechsel.  

“A key component of our performance culture has been implementing appropriate incentive schemes for our teams that focus on people and production performance metrics to ensure that our employees are recognised and rewarded for their contribution to our company’s on-site performance,” Wechsel announces.

“In addition to Mining Pro’s organic growth over the last three years, we are also considering a number of acquisitions to further bolster our service offering for our clients”

Grant Weschel, Executive Director, Mining Pro


Mining Pro holds key supplier relationships across Australia which supports the company and its teams to operate on-site.  

From logistics, medical, and human resources (HR) service providers to key equipment and vehicle suppliers, Mining Pro engages with a range of companies, from small, local providers to large-scale international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). 

“We have a majority Indigenous-owned supplier that also provides mine-spec vehicles and other services to the rest of the MWG Mining group,” shares Wechsel. 

Mining is the lifeblood of many of the communities in which the company operates, as well as the wider Australian landscape. 

“The industry offers real jobs with good salaries and conditions, but it also has a range of other economic benefits at a federal, state, and local level. 

“Furthermore, the company contributes to local communities by sponsoring mining industry and Indigenous engagement initiatives annually. We also attend a range of local events and collaborate with our clients on sponsored events.” 

Whether for an existing operating mine or a new greenfield operation coming into production, Mining Pro partners with mine owners to deliver on the day-to-day operations of the mine site. 

“Working specifically with coal mining companies to manage operations on-site, our leadership and site teams execute operational mining plans that allow our client partners to focus on running safe, productive, and profitable mines,” Wechsel prides.  

Mining Pro’s work scope at current projects includes supervised production crews with supporting project management teams, whole-of-mine site services to manage production, maintenance, logistics, and much more. 

The company is currently working with a number of key mining clients, including Coronado Global Resources, Stanmore Resources, and Peabody Energy. 

“Our priorities for 2024 are to continue to grow our teams and expand the quality services we are providing to the mining industry. We have already been ramping up several new projects and expect to add over 300 more permanent jobs throughout the year across our businesses. 

“If we continue to provide safe and productive services to our clients, I have no doubt it will be a successful year,” Wechsel concludes.


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