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As a global leader in explosives manufacturing, storage, and distribution, EPC Groupe has prided itself on serving customers for over 130 years. We speak to Pascal Lacourie, CEO of EPC Asia Pacific, to learn more about the company’s history and plans for an explosive future in the region.


As one of the world’s figureheads in explosives manufacturing, storage, and distribution, EPC Groupe has a proud history of effective solutions, technological innovation, and high-quality customer service forged by dedication, hard work, and never-ending perseverance. 

Exploding onto the scene over 130 years ago, EPC Groupe established its first factory in Saint-Martin-de-Crau in the south of France before quickly expanding its operations across the globe, with production that spans all the way from Canada to Saudi Arabia and every continent in between. 

Today, the company focuses on manufacturing and supplying a range of commercial explosives and tailor-made services, with a customer base that includes a variety of leading names in mining, cement, aggregates, civil engineering, and tunnelling industries. 

Specifically, EPC Asia Pacific, headed by CEO Pascal Lacourie, has an established physical presence across the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Caledonia, Japan, Hong Kong, and Australia. 

Lacourie is passionate about the industry and the vast potential it holds, proving himself to be an accomplished leader known for inspiring teams, driving innovation, and delivering exceptional results. 

“I have been lucky to find inspiring people who have made me passionate about this industry, and it is certainly one of the few sectors where people choose to stay for the duration of their career,” he opens. 

With the company’s extensive history and unabashed mindset towards progress, it has proudly become a defining voice within the industry, helping to evolve the sector one step at a time. 

“It is truly an industry in full expansion and dedicated to a bright future, particularly with the growing demand for metals driven by the energy transition. The mines we operate in are at the forefront to meet this rising demand,” Lacourie divulges.


Having a company find continuous success for more than a century is no easy task. EPC Asia Pacific has not only found this unstoppable growth but has become a pioneer in the mining industry along the way. 

In the Asia Pacific region alone, the company produced 70,000 tonnes of explosives and four million detonators in 2023, alongside services that include rock-on-ground, blasting engineering, and digital solutions. 

The company requires precision, care, and the highest standards of quality and safety, whether it be carrying out controlled blasting for quarrying, mining, and infrastructure operations and tunnelling activities. 

Above all, EPC Asia Pacific’s spirit aligns with EPC Groupe’s values and has allowed the company to maintain its high levels of safety, expertise, control, and independence. 

“Our key expertise is to be able to control the energy within a rock mass to obtain the expected result. We ensure quality assurance and control through the digitalisation of our operations, using our internal integrated software platform, Vertex©,” expands Lacourie.   

In addition to this company-wide mindset and established culture, EPC Asia Pacific has differentiated itself from the competition over the years due to its agility, customer orientation, and understanding of needs. 

“Given the nature of the fields we operate in, we recognise the paramount importance of providing solutions that not only deliver outstanding performance but also prioritise safety, sustainability, and ethical standards. Our commitment to meeting these criteria ensures that our customers achieve the optimal efficiency they demand,” prides Lacourie. 

With close proximity to customers, coupled with value-added services, EPC Asia Pacific sets itself apart from the competition.  

“While others may provide generic solutions, we prioritise a service-oriented approach, offering reassurance to our customers through our commitment to delivering high performance, quality, and tangible results,” affirms Lacourie. 

“EPC Groupe has developed globally over the years while maintaining real proximity to its customers with teams and facilities to respond to their problems with tailor-made solutions”

Pascal Lacourie, CEO, EPC Asia Pacific


With a proven track record as a trailblazer in both mining products and services, EPC Groupe consistently demonstrates its capacity to adapt and innovate in an ever-evolving global landscape. 

The integration of drilling and blasting, advanced expertise in blast engineering and specialised works, continuous investment in R&D for products tailored to market needs, and proficient logistical solutions are all key assets empowering the company to deliver products and solutions that enhance overall performance for its clients.  

This success has not been captured alone, however, as strong, loyal relationships with partners and suppliers have enabled EPC Asia Pacific to expand and reach thousands of consumers. 

“Effective supply chain management and logistics play a pivotal role in both our upstream and downstream operations. With robust business continuity plans in place, we assure our customers of alternative solutions without disrupting their production processes,” explains Lacourie. 

Hand-in-hand with these crucial partner and supplier relationships is the company’s focus on constant advancement and innovation in order to ensure its customers always have the latest technology at their disposal. 

“We invest a lot of time and financial resources towards developing cutting-edge technologies and equipment to meet the ever-evolving requirements of the extraction industry,” expands Lacourie. 

This admirable consistency in the quality and progressive nature of EPC Asia Pacific’s products and services demonstrates the company’s dedication towards evolution and adaptation. 

With problem-solving in its DNA, all of EPC Asia Pacific’s technologies are developed in-house and provide a concrete solution in the form of products, equipment, or even expert software. 


Beginning as a dynamic production and commercialisation company at the end of the 19th century, EPC Groupe has evolved to become a worldwide business, providing clients with high-performance products and services specifically tailored to their needs, no matter how complex. 

“EPC Groupe has successfully expanded its global presence over the years while maintaining close proximity to customers, with teams and facilities able to swiftly address any challenges with customised solutions,” reflects Lacourie. 

This success could not have been achieved without the diligent and consistent effort of the employees who comprise the company, and EPC Asia Pacific fully recognises its crucial importance to the future of the business in the region and industry at large. 

“Our teams are made up of incredible talent full of expertise and specific skills. We encourage internal promotion whenever possible and are attentive in supporting our employees’ career aspirations,” details Lacourie. 

The individuals who work daily to help advance EPC Groupe have been at its heart for more than a century and are dedicated to the values of safety and respect. 

Of equal importance to the future are the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. 

Since its inception, EPC Groupe has placed respect at the heart of its actions and development strategies, continued to grow in harmony with local communities, and sought to protect nature. 

This vision is also embodied by EPC Asia Pacific, whose actions in the field go beyond normal regulatory expectations. 

“We are committed to a CSR approach, which involves integrating local resources and providing training opportunities to people in the communities, enabling them to grow within our organisation,” concludes Lacourie. 

As EPC Asia Pacific looks ahead to the future, it is prioritising continuing to do what the group has done best for over 130 years – providing the highest standards of professionalism and care to its valued customers as it expands further across the region and beyond.


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