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Managing Director at Interlink Communication, Nuttanai Annuntarumporn, says that the market for fibre cables changes every day; and with technology around the world developing at such a rapid pace, it is imperative that Interlink continue to be at the top of their game.


Interlink Telecom Company Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Interlink Communication Public Company Limited. Since its establishment in 2007, Interlink Telecom has many track records on building and operating fibre optic networks, for instance, TOT, CAT, PEA and MEA as well as receiving the approval for the award of the Domestic and International Telecom Network Provider Type III License. Interlink Telecom has fully committed to building a fibre optical network for both Domestic and International Transmission service to better serve the customers’ needs with the vision of best connectivity, best service and best price.

Today, Interlink Telecom owns and operates a nationwide core network and the fully fibre optical network in Thailand, holding onto state-of-the-art expertise in fibre optical cables in order to deploy both armoured fibre optic cables as well as transmission and switching technology with the latest IP network equipments. The business can be split into four component areas: cabling, sub-marine cables, fibre optic network and a fully-fledged R&D team to make both the company’s power consumption and product range better than ever before.

Moreover, customers are able to enjoy Interlink’s leading-edge services such as redundancy, ring topology access, corporate data transmission solutions, Private Leased Circuit Services, Internet Protocol Transit Services, MPLSbased IP-VPN Service with total quality control and management. This is achieved via advanced fibre optic technology, incorporating MPLS, SDH, DWDM services.


Interlink Telecom also provides nationwide services with 100% asset ownership as well as the operation and maintenance teams which can guarantee timely service delivery of international repairs to restore function and maintain customer satisfaction. “By owning our own assets, we can focus on investing in skilled labour and gain more knowledge in order to improve as a network. With the right knowhow, we can consolidate these assets and work to our full potential,” explains Nuttanai Annuntarumporn, Managing Director of Interlink Communication. 


Nuttanai says that the market for fibre cables changes every day; and with technology around the world developing at such a rapid pace, it is imperative they continue to be at the top of their game. “The market currently stands at a size of five billion baht, and with the promised success of our R&D, we predict to be able to grow the business by up to 25%,” says Nuttanai.

Boasting their own R&D team who apply industry best practices that marry together cross-country expertise and knowledge, Interlink adapts its methodologies to suit Thailand’s needs and enhance the business. “Our team develop a new product and work on adapting it for the Thai market. Our research has resulted in a cable that can adapt to both outside and inside use, and a subsea cable that we can lay all at once saving time and making us more efficient. We invent new ways to increase the PUE [Power Unit Efficiency] of our operations and devices,” he highlights.


Everything that Interlink do stems from cabling. By reducing the cost of said cabling, Interlink can minimise both the cost of investment in its projects and also the cost for the end user. “In order to differentiate ourselves from any other competitor in the market, we deployed a fibre optic network along the national railway. We saw the railway as a reliable option for the network expansion, which will include reach to neighbouring countries, therefore extending our reach beyond simply Thailand.” In doing so, Interlink Communication will create convenience for anyone travelling across the borders from Myanmar to Cambodia.

 What’s more is that tourists coming to Thailand value connectivity, and Nuttanai highlighted this need as an important part of today’s expectations: “When you visit another country, you expect the same level of connectivity as you would at home. Therefore, it is vital that we meet the needs of those visiting Thailand as well as those who reside here.” Furthermore, communication on public transport is a growing trend across the world; take the London Underground in the UK for example, where Wi-Fi and cloud surfing are now available publically.


Nuttanai’s advice to other businesses is to find an area that sets you apart in the telecoms market and run with it: “Competition in this area is huge, so you need to differentiate yourself from others by delivering your commodity at the right price. We do not just buy and sell, we provide the firmware and hardware directly. Our position means that no one else can offer fibre optic on Thai trains.” By partnering with Alcatel Lucent, Interlink has been able to offer a wider range of services such as voice, video and data. Moreover, Alcatel Lucent help Interlink provide more efficient low latency over a longer distance from Thailand to Hong Kong, Singapore, Laos and Myanmar.


Nuttanai is working on implementing a flat organisational structure within Interlink, which ensures the company attracts the right people and provides a happy and stable work environment: “Also, being a listed subsidiary company makes it easier to obtain employees with the right skill set for the jobs we have. As a result, we are able to employ our own staff rather than outsource any labour, and implement more control across each layer of our operations.” A flat structure will mean that people from the top down will be well aware o f company goings on, and have the information made available to them.

Alongside this, Interlink are also focussed on several CSR projects that help young people to receive a better education . “We have a strong focus on education and received great levels of support from the Thai stock exchange. The plan for this year is to double the number of CSR projects from the current number [6] to 12 projects a year,” says Nuttan ai. The company provide workshops and training in English language in order to make their mark locally.  


In the long term, Interlink Communication have two clear goals; one is to continue to better utilise the network they have built and secondly, further expand into the new neighbouring markets Cambodia and Myanmar. By partnering with the local people, Interlink hopes to make a wider impact in Thailand and beyond. Additionally, the company are investing in Hong Kong, which is known as one of the best places for technology developments, and Interlink hope to expand the business and network capacity in order to cope with more users. “We are focusing on doing business, but it is about win or lose solutions, so right now, what we are proposing in the industry is to provide a win-win solution. By partnering together, we can get the best network equipment in town and the best reliability. We do not want to do it alone, we want to grow and grow together,” Nuttanai concludes.

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