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Latest Manufacturing Corporate Stories

UL Opens Centre of Excellence Printing Facility in Singapore

UL (Underwriters Laboratories), a global safety science organisation, is due to open a Global Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence in Singapore. Additive manufacturing (AM), also commonly known as 3D printing, is defined as the process of joining materials to make objects from three-dimensional model data, usually layer upon layer, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing methods. With an investment of S$8million, this facility will be the first-of-its-kind, offering for both the UL and AM industry.The new centre, supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), will focus on advanced training, material and process validation programmes, advisory services, and research to support both the local and global AM industry. This project is driven by UL's vision that AM will be the catalyst for global transformation in manufacturing. Through R&D collaborations with local research institutes and industry partners such as the Singapore Centre for 3D Printing and the Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre, UL aims to help create a vibrant AM industry in Singapore and the region.UL's Global Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence will address critical gaps in the industry through four key areas. First, it will provide an advanced training curriculum to speed up adoption and readiness of a strong AM workforce. Next, the centre’s validation programs will address AM material and process qualification.  Third, the centre’s advisory services will provide best practices on AM fast to production and AM part acceptance. Lastly, research will be conducted at the centre to inform standards development.“UL's Global Additive Manufacturing Centre of Excellence will play a catalytic role in helping our industrial companies strengthen their manufacturing competitiveness. This

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Rieter Spinning Technology Centre in China is Most Advanced in the World

Changzhou National Hi-Tech District is one of China's earliest established state-level development zones. The zone has been successively awarded the titles of "the Most Competitive Development Zone in East China" and "Advanced Development Zone in Jiangsu Province". In recent years, Changzhou National Hi-tech District has adopted and implemented an innovation-driven core strategy. On 28 April, the zone ushered in the opening of the Rieter Spinning Technology Centre, which is the most advanced one of this kind in the world. The centre was established by Switzerland-based Rieter Group. Rieter Group, headquartered in Winterthur, Switzerland, is the world's sole complete-flow spinning machinery manufacturer capable of handling product based on all four textile technologies. Rieter Changzhou was officially renamed Rieter (China) Textile Instruments Co., Ltd in 2012 and appointed as Rieter's China Headquarters. As a result of the positive investment environment, Rieter Group has continued adding to the investment since it first invested in Changzhou National Hi-tech District. To date, 93 million Euros have been invested and the staff has grown to more than 1000. Rieter (China) Textile Instruments Co., Ltd established Rieter Application and Research Centre for Spinning technology in Changzhou, in a move to build the group's most representative textile machinery application R&D and manufacturing facility. The facility covers four major functions: a spinning centre, a customer technical service centre, a textile laboratory and a textile display hall, the combination of which is committed to seeking automated, energy-saving solutions with high raw material utilisation rate, providing professional knowledge from the raw fibre to the completed textile product, offering clients solutions and consulting services tailored to their specific production equipment

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China’s changing attitudes to economic globalisation

The first ever China International Import Expo (CIIE) to be held in Shanghai later this year signifies a turn in the economic tide regarding the country’s approach towards international trade and wider globalisation.Set to take place between 5-10 November at the National Exhibition Center in Shanghai, welcoming more than 200 Fortune 500 firms and 2,800 global businesses, the Expo is expected to reflect the alterations being made to China’s trade strategy that has historically heavily relied upon exports.“Hosting CIIE is an effort by the Chinese government to create an open platform where nations and companies from around the world can introduce themselves to the vast Chinese market and explore opportunities for local cooperation,” said Sun Chenghai, Deputy Director General of CIIE Bureau, speaking in January ahead of the conference.The event countdown has well and truly begun having been announced in May 2017 by Chinese President Xi Jinping during the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. However, it has been the announcements made by the Chinese government in the months leading up to the conference that have provided a real flavour for what this could all mean on the global stage for years to come.Most interestingly, in April 2018 the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the country’s leading body for economic planning, outlined a five-year timeline for the automotive sector.See the latest edition of Asia Outlook magazine hereQ&A: Why entrepreneurs should look to Hong Kong Fuelling China's growthThis stated that the Chinese government would begin to relax its foreign ownership limits within the industry, lifting restrictions

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Market Spike Exceeds CapacityAccesstech barely has time to catch its breath as significant market demand accelerates company growth and introduces the business to new areas of advanced engineering Writer: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Tom CullumAccesstech has once again capitalised on the ever-changing market conditions in the advanced engineering space, to propel itself to new heights in 2015.Evolving as a “rapidly expanding group of companies” across engineering, construction, telecommunications and manufacturing investments, the company’s flexible approach to operations has been moulded by the ebbs and flows, and the varying lucrative periods that each sector goes through within the region.In 2013, this trend revolved around the development of state-of-the-art data centres; a domain in which Accesstech set itself apart in the market through its commitment to innovation and the extensive supplier network.While these key philosophies remained in 2014, the company then underwent a slowdown in business due to the less fruitful market conditions. However, Chief Executive Officer, Roy Low was happy during this period to consolidate the previous, comprehensive revenue achieved in prior years, unaware of the upturn on the horizon.“Last year, we decided the market conditions were not good so we were happy to maintain the revenue that we achieved the previous year,” he confirms. “Then, towards the end of the year, there was a big surge in computing activities and data centre construction, causing a spike.”GenomicsDespite labour challenges in Singapore – the country in which Accesstech has grown ever since its inception in 1998 – the company has grown more than 30 percent on the previous year already, and

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ChemChina to Buy Pirelli in 7.1 billion Euro Deal

State-owned ChemChina is set to buy Italian tyre maker Pirelli in a deal worth 7.1 billion euros. The deal with the world’s fifth-largest tyre producer will place one of the symbols of Italy’s manufacturing industry in Chinese hands. 

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Rolls-Royce Asia Pacific

Better Power for a Changing WorldRolls-Royce’s influence in the Asia Pacific region continues to grow year-on-year as its Singapore Seletar Campus lays the foundations for a productive futureWriter:  Matthew StaffProject Manager:  Tom CullumRolls-Royce is one of the most infamous global names in manufacturing, but never slows in its strive to innovate and improve; a philosophy currently being epitomised by its Asia Pacific division.Staying true to its vision of providing “better power for a changing world”, Asia certainly adheres to this ethos with emerging markets sitting parallel  to some of the most lucrative and forward-thinking countries in the world.As a consequence, Rolls-Royce Asia Pacific currently comprises a third of the Group’s global turnover through its services in aerospace engineering, assembling Trent engines, manufacturing fan blades for engines, and ship building.The power systems organisation’s strive for efficiency and operational excellence has been a familiar feature of the Rolls-Royce offering for more than 100 years, and its latest facility additions are set to ensure further tech advancements across the Asian continent.Seletar Assembly & Test UnitThe Group’s recently unveiled Seletar Assembly & Test Unit (SATU) is not only the most modern Rolls-Royce assembly and test facility for large commercial Trent aero engines, but is also the first of its kind in Asia.Situated within its wider Seletar Campus, the Unit has been designed to allow simultaneous assembly and testing of the engines under one roof and it will act as a sister site to its production and test facility in the UK, creating additional capacity and a closer proximity to customers

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World Class Manufacturing with a Local Emphasis     AAPICO Hitech has a strong vantage point from the top of Thailand’s manufacturing tree, and is subsequently preparing for the latest stage of its development through a commitment to lean and sustainable operationsWriter Matthew StaffProject Manager Tom CullumAAPICO Hitech is maintaining an aggressive expansion strategy which has served it well over the past two decades, to ensure the company’s ongoing development amid a more competitive global market.Founded in 1996 and listed on the Thai Stock Exchange in 2002, the manufacturing organisation has grown consistently over the years as a result of acquisitions and organic growth in lucrative industries, resulting in a Group which currently consists of 34 subsidiary and associate companies; 25 of which remain in the business’s native Thailand.Now, with its international influence and its principles engrained, AAPICO Hitech is keen to capitalise further on the globally significant partnerships in place in the automotive sector and the sustainable initiatives that President and CEO, Yeap Swee Chuan, prides the company on.Surviving in a Competitive WorldThe Malaysian-born businessman has overseen the entire rise of the conglomerate since the embryonic venture, Able Autopart Industries Co. Ltd. (AAPICO) made its mark in the late 1980s as a Ford Assembler and Distributor in Thailand. Since then, the company has diversified and expanded to become one of the most renowned players in the automotive industry, attaining contracts for names every bit as synonymous with automotive prominence as Ford.Joint ventures with the likes of Continental and Sumino for elite customers including GM, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi,

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Gates Engineering & Services

“Progress never stands still. And neither do we”   Gates has enjoyed an international business presence spanning over 100 years and today, remains the leading manufacturer of fluid engineering components Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Arron Rampling    Gates Corporation is a global, diversified industrial company that provides precision products, services, and systems for power transmission and fluid transfer applications that power progress and foster long-term customer and employee relationships.Gates advances the science of motion performance in ways that reduce total cost of ownership with an almost endless range of industrial and automotive solutions. As a result of an exemplary compliance to HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) policies, the company is a trusted partner in major end markets including: energy/ exploration/extraction, automotive, infrastructure, agriculture, process and speciality and transportation.  The Science of Motion Performance Gates hoses enable the movement of a wide range of fluids - from crude oil to chemicals to the finest wines. Gates belt systems transfer power to a wide variety of industrial equipment, from rock crushers to cement mixers and air conditioners to alternators. Gates hydraulic systems transmit power to all types of machines, from mining and construction equipment to agricultural equipment used to harvest and process the crops needed to feed the world. In short, if it moves you, there’s a good chance Gates has a part in it.  Global Footprint Gates Corporation sells products directly through a network of 150,000 valued partners worldwide. The company has enjoyed an international business presence for over 100 years and today is supported by over 14,000 employees,

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Jaya Tiasa

Branching out Jaya Tiasa are one of Malaysia's fastest growing oil palm players Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Tom Cullum Jaya Tiasa Holdings Berhad is a company listed on the Main Board of Bursa Securities Berhad, with a market capitalisation exceeding RM2.5 billion. The Group started off as a downstream wood processing company in Tanjong Ensurai, Sarawak in 1983. By 1994, Jaya Tiasa had constructed another four processing mills and proceeded to open them. Dato' Wong Sie Young, CEO of Jaya Tiasa, outlines how the Group have grown over the last 12 years: "Our timber processing operations have grown significantly over the years. In 2002, we diversified into the oil palm business. Our first Crude Palm Oil (CPO) mill commenced operation in 2009. Today, we are one of Sarawak's leading oil palm players with an estimated plantable area of about 70,900 hectares, as well as being one of Malaysia's foremost fully integrated timber producers, with access to over 1.76 million acres of timber concessions and an annual turnover of more than RM1 billion." As of May 2014, the Group have a workforce of about 4,500 employees who have a diverse mixture of backgrounds, experiences and expertise across its operations. To meet future challenges, remain competitive and ensure continued growth of their business, Jaya Tiasa strive to be an attractive employer with the ability to recruit, develop and retain the best people. "We develop our employees through training and education, respect individual integrity and human rights, offer fair pay and advancement opportunities and maintain a safe and

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Singapore Aero Engine Services

Servicing the best Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited are Asia's market leader in aviation engine service and repair Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Tom Cullum Singapore Aero Engine Services Private Limited (SAESL) is a Trent Centre of Excellence, specialising in the repair and overhaul of the flourishing Rolls- Royce Trent aero engine family. The company first began operations in 2001 in Singapore, and have since serviced and repaired over 2000 engines to date, from a variety of customers including Air Transat, Singapore Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. SAESL combines the knowledge of parent company Rolls-Royce, the quintessential engine maker, with the experience of Singapore airlines Engineering Company (SIAEC). Simon Morris, general manager of SAESL, believes that having the experience, industry knowledge and the stature of both parent companies, gives the company a solid platform to make the company the dominant force in engine servicing: "the knowledge and expertise from both Rolls Royce and SIAEC gives us flexibility to manage our engine load. we continue to grow our qualified and experienced field service support team, providing 24/7 assistance to all our customers. Additionally, we offer advanced component repair capabilities and are the recognised Rolls-Royce Centre of Excellence for compressor blade repair amongst other high technology repair processes." Handled with Care Dealing with some of the world's biggest and most recognisable airlines is no easy feat and SAESL ensure that they are ready and equipped to deal with several different engines types. The current series of engines that the company can work on are overhaul work for Trent

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