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As electrical infrastructure in Australia continues to evolve, Chris Ware, General Manager of Mayfield Industries, shares how his company contributes to the growth, development, and success of the industry.


The electrical industry in Australia is undergoing a transformative phase driven by the transition to a low-carbon economy.  

This evolution is characterised by the widespread adoption of renewable energy, the continuous development of cutting-edge technologies, and a growing consumer demand for increased choice and control.  

Within this dynamic landscape, the sector faces a range of challenges and opportunities. These include maintaining the reliability and security of energy supplies, integrating energy storage, fortifying grid resilience and flexibility, and reducing overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. 

Operating in this evolving space proves to be both challenging and rewarding for Mayfield Industries (Mayfield), an Australian company that specialises in electrical infrastructure, such as low-voltage (LV) and medium-voltage (MV) switchboards, switchrooms, motor control centres, transformers, protection systems and kiosk substations. 

“As a company, we actively engage with industry shifts, applying our collective skills and knowledge to navigate challenges and capitalise on emerging opportunities,” opens Mayfield’s General Manager, Chris Ware.   

“We collaborate closely with diverse stakeholders to create value for our clients, ensuring that our products and solutions align with the changing demands of the market,” he continues.  

In recent years, the oil and gas industry has experienced a period of deceleration, however signs of recovery are evident as clients within this sector increasingly invest in projects geared towards reducing their carbon footprint.  

Mayfield is strategically positioned to seize the opportunities arising from the shift towards a decentralised power generation market; its suite of products is well-suited to meet the diverse requirements of power generation and distribution. 


Since its inception in 1936, Mayfield has expanded its capabilities and national footprint, becoming a leader in engineering, design, manufacturing, and servicing. 

It provides critical electrical infrastructure for various industries, such as mining, power generation, renewable energy, oil and gas, water, and wastewater.  

The company strongly focuses on project management, value engineering, agile modification, dependable delivery, detailed documentation, and 24/7 maintenance services. 

A comprehensive product range enables Mayfield to accommodate a diverse range of specifications and operational requirements, reflecting its commitment to delivering tailored and innovative solutions. 

“Over the years, we’ve not only cultivated our own intellectual property but also secured various manufacturing license agreements. As a result, our product line is characterised by its ability to offer custom solutions, such as Modular Demountable (Moducell) and Modular Fully Withdrawable (Okken) configurations,” informs Ware.  

“To stay abreast of market demands, we continually subject our products to type testing, ensuring they remain at the forefront of industry requirements,” he continues.  

Crucially, Mayfield’s consistent employee base of 160 across facilities in Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane underscores its dedication to fostering a skilled and stable workforce.  

This approach to staffing enables the company to maintain high levels of locally available expertise and service quality, ensuring the continued satisfaction of its clients nationwide.  


In 2019, Mayfield made the strategic decision to centralise its production of Moducell, relocating it from Malaysia to Australia.  

The switch to local manufacturing was pivotal in mitigating challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, such as offshore production limitations and disruption to delivery lead times.  

The company’s manufacturing facility in Edinburgh, Adelaide, where the majority of local production takes place, boasts a comprehensive production plant and remains dedicated to ongoing product improvement.  

“A notable example of our commitment to innovation is our ability to provide a type-tested arc fault containment for our Moducell switchboards on the line side of the incomer. This distinctive feature sets us apart, positioning us as a leader in delivering advanced and reliable solutions,” Ware divulges.  

Additionally, safety is at the forefront of Mayfield’s design philosophy, which is embedded throughout the entire lifecycle of its products.  

“From conception to production and beyond, we prioritise the well-being of users and ensure that our products not only meet but exceed safety standards,” shares Ware. 

This holistic approach underscores the company’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that prioritise the safety and satisfaction of its clients.

“Based on a belief that our products and services can be catalysts for positive change, we aspire to leave a positive mark on the environment, society, and economy”

Chris Ware, General Manager, Mayfield Industries


Mayfield is an active and important contributor to Australia’s mining sector, which is currently experiencing a surge in demand and investment. 

Within the industry, it provides a range of solutions for mining operations across Australia.  

The company’s projects within the sector encompass power distribution systems, motor control centres, transportable switchrooms, data centres, and substation kiosks.  

“Mining remains a cornerstone of our business and is our most robust sector. At Mayfield, we’ve cultivated robust relationships with Tier 1 miners, positioning ourselves as a trusted supplier in this industry.”  

Due to its commitment to excellence and technical expertise, Mayfield finds itself as a preferred partner for many clients. 

“Our dedication to delivering high-quality solutions has allowed us to consistently meet the unique demands of Tier 1 clients,” elaborates Ware.  

Broadly speaking, Mayfield’s product variety and versatility means it can be considered a key supplier to a vast range of sectors.   

Its key sector contributions include mining, renewables, utilities, infrastructure, and power generation and distribution.  


Mayfield has made strides in the renewable energy sector, particularly in solar, wind, and battery energy storage systems (BESS).  

“The convergence of solar, wind, and BESS technologies represents a promising avenue for clean and reliable power generation,” explains Ware.   

Mayfield has successfully supplied products to numerous significant BESS projects nationwide, making impactful contributions to ventures such as the Victorian Big Battery, Sydney West, Torrens Island, and more recently, Western Downs and Collie.  

These endeavours underscore the company’s dedication to playing a pivotal role in advancing the clean energy landscape in Australia. 

Mayfield’s ongoing collaboration with Tier 1 EPCs exemplifies its commitment to advancing clean energy solutions. The collaboration leverages expertise and industry experience to bring innovative and sustainable products to the forefront.  

Mayfield prioritises industry collaboration as a cornerstone of its strategy in order to remain at the head of a rapidly evolving energy market.  

“Looking ahead, we are actively engaged in developing a range of new products designed to catalyse further growth within the renewable energy sector,” Ware states.   

“We anticipate that these locally manufactured and supported products will not only reinforce our presence in the renewable sector but also stimulate job creation, foster economic growth, and fortify our competitive edge in the market.  

“This strategic move aligns with our vision to benefit not only our shareholders but also our stakeholders and society at large,” he adds.


As Mayfield anticipates the upcoming year, its central focus revolves around a set of key priorities aimed at enhancing operational excellence and fostering continuous improvement.  

“A paramount goal of ours is to elevate and institutionalise awareness and process efficiencies, a mission we intend to accomplish through the implementation of 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardise, sustain) and LEAN methodologies,” outlines Ware.  

The integration of 5S principles instils a culture of organisation, cleanliness, and standardised work processes within the company.  

Simultaneously, Mayfield’s LEAN principles emphasises waste elimination, streamlined workflows, and the continuous pursuit of perfection.  

“This methodology aligns with our overarching goal of achieving operational excellence and delivering maximum value to our clients,” emphasises Ware. 

Employee engagement and training initiatives are integral components of Mayfield’s strategy to empower its workforce with the skills and knowledge necessary to drive positive change. 

The company’s key priorities for the coming year are rooted in the fundamental belief that ongoing improvement is essential for sustainable success.  

“Through the adoption of 5S and LEAN methodologies, coupled with a dedication to employee development, we aspire not only to meet our targets but exceed them, thereby ensuring the long-term resilience and success of Mayfield,” Ware concludes.


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