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Paramit Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Delivering Peace of Mind Writer: Matthew Staff Project Manager: Arron Rampling As an internationally renowned Corporation based in the US, Paramit has long been one of the key operators in a complex and highly advanced medical device and OEM market, but is leveraging its flexibility and entrepreneurial flair as a smaller entity in Malaysia to achieve similar successes. Based in Penang, the wider Group’s abilities to provide fully-integrated engineering, manufacturing and post-manufacturing services to the medical industry primarily has been replicated in the Asia-Pacific region, with the latter’s supplier remit covering the rest of the world with its unparalleled levels of quality and consistency. With more than 25 years experience in manufacturing FDA-compliant products via rigorous controls, testing, research and development, market analysis and technological innovation, the business is now entering an exciting new phase of its evolution in Malaysia; with a new facility on the horizon and a whole host of global customers eagerly anticipating an even more extensive and refined Paramit offering in the future. Such exciting prospects have most recently been compounded by the acquisition of Lathrop engineering; a move which will see product realisation from ground-up design to scale-total with a unique focus on medical and life science instruments. The result will see a better quality, more reliable product range across the board and heightened customer satisfaction in the process; all of which will lend itself toward the Company’s overall goal of achieving a ‘transferless process in one domain’. Reduced times to market, reduced NRE costs and more predictable results from the outset by

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Puma Energy Papua New Guinea

Answering Demand in a Fast-Growing MarketWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Eddie Clinton Demonstrating the resiliency of its business model during the oil price slump, global integrated midstream and downstream Company, Puma Energy Holdings is keen to reinvest its strong profits back into the business to fund the Group’s continued expansion across key locations worldwide; including Papua New Guinea (PNG), South Africa, Colombia, Peru and the UK.After making inroads into Papua New Guinea in mid-2014 through the acquisition of InterOil Corporation’s oil refinery, service stations and fuel terminals for US£525.6 million, Puma Energy is now able to tap into its extensive knowledge of fuel, storage, distribution and refining to identify new growth opportunities and integrate the country’s fuel offering into the wider Group operations. With the venture establishing Puma Energy as the largest entity in downstream petroleum distribution in Papua New Guinea, the Company is proud to now have more than 50 retail sites - both branded and independent - as well as 11 storage coastal terminals, 11 airports and a storage capacity of more than 480,000 metres cubed.Pierre Eladari, Puma Energy’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) commented: “We have been impressed by InterOil’s business, its strategic asset base, its customer portfolio and the quality of its management and people. There are many parallels between our global businesses and that of InterOil’s; in particular the importance of expertise in logistics, guaranteeing a reliable and secure supply of high quality fuels to our customers.”With the new operation complementing the existing Puma Energy global strategy of “disciplined investing in fast-growing markets where there is

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Elitegroup Computer Systems

Embracing the New Wave of Smart SolutionsWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Arron Rampling For more than two decades, Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS) has been committed to the development of cutting-edge technology to combat increasing competition and create innovative products with environmentally-conscious designs. Overcoming a great number of industry obstacles, the Company has experienced significant growth and development thanks to superior quality control that fosters trust and long-term cooperation with its customers.Founded in Taiwan in 1987, ECS has built a reputation spanning the manufacture and supply across several families of computer products including IOT, tablets, 2 in 1s, all-in-one (AIO), mini PCs, and motherboards.“In addition to our core products, we also provide customised computer programming, hardware and software design for a wide variety of customers as a value-added service that embraces the new wave of smart solutions,” says the Company.ECS has further embraced technology in its own internal processes, recently transforming its headquarters into a smart office that utilises the relevant IoT solutions. “With IoT, Smart Campus solution and mini PCs representing three fast-growing segments, we have invested significant resources to make various products to meet the market demand in these areas,” states the Company. “IoT is proving invaluable in most business and consumer applications, enabling the exchange of data to streamline existing methods of interaction, while also delivering energy savings, minimising water consumption, and other smart utility and environmental benefits.”Leading the wayForward-thinking businesses like ECS are discovering the promise of Smart Campus solutions to deliver a landscape of advanced technology solutions that can transform data into valuable, actionable insights. Collaborating

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Growing its Reputation on the World StageWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Arron Rampling By expanding and extending its aero-capabilities in line with the changing needs of the global aviation market, Malaysia’s leading depot level maintenance facility, Aircraft Inspection, Repair & Overhaul Depot Sdn Bhd (AIROD) has seen a marked increase in its reputation on the world stage; today serving more than 77 customers across more than 33 countries.As the first in-country depot level maintenance facility to support the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) since its formation in 1976 – comprising fixed-wing and rotary wing aircraft and associated engine, aero-components and avionics maintenance services – AIROD has implemented a policy for continuous improvement across the entire value chain, generating added-value through improved quality and safety control measures.“We have been focused on the Company’s ability to perform at the highest level on the world stage which has ultimately paid off since being appointed by Lockheed Martin as an Authorised Hercules Service Centre in 1986, along with a whole host of other achievements that have allowed us to expand internationally throughout our history,” comments Sazahan bin Mohamad Yassin, Head of Strategic Marketing at AIROD.“In 2015, we signed a US$25 million, five-year contract with the United States Navy to service 15 Lockheed Martin KC-130J Super Hercules aircraft currently being operated by the United States Marine Corps. The agreement represents not only a significant milestone partnership between US-Malaysia defence trade, but also showcases Malaysia’s continued rise to economic prominence in the ASEAN community.”Yassin adds: “Over the years we have improved and adapted our service offering

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APM Automotive Holdings Berhad : Driving Ambitions Further Afield

For 45 years, APM Automotive Holdings Berhad has thrived as a components manufacturer, making a splash in the regional automotive pool.

By Editorial Team Kierron Rose

AIMS Data Centre Sdn Bhd : Data Service Provider of the Year

AIMS continues to thrive as Malaysia’s leading carrier neutral data centre operator and managed services provider.

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F.H. Bertling Pte Ltd

Reacting to Regional DemandWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Callam Waller With many leaders of industry tightening their belts in the wake of the commodity slowdown, F.H. Bertling Pte Ltd’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Guenther Bielfeld cites the importance of remaining flexible and attentive to the finer details of any given logistics project as two vital components in the Company’s consolidation strategy.Building on more than 150 years of transport logistics expertise from the world-renowned Bertling Group, headquartered in Hamburg, the Company’s Asia-Pacific operations have focused on bolstering its core offering in project logistics while adjusting to the changing global economic climate.“Essentially, in terms of project logistics, we react to market trends and go to where the activity and customers are. From our Singapore base, this adjustment has primarily seen us shift our focus towards the emerging markets across Asia, the Far East and Africa, where we provide support throughout the entire logistics value chain,” says Bielfeld.Within the Company’s three main pillars of business – comprising project logistics; its own IT Company, Besitec; and Ship chartering, operations and technical management – is a set of services and solutions that each complement one another and come together to offer a total logistics solution delivered by a highly motivated and locally-sourced team of 160 in Asia-Pacific.“We strive to offer seamless services throughout the whole supply chain and testament to this, we obtained a license for MES (Major Export Scheme) to be able to electronically process import customs clearance and handle tax duty exemption for our customers in-house,” he adds.Presence on the groundDespite always having

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Zetta Jet

Aviation Luxury Like Never BeforeWriter: Emily JarvisProject Manager: Callam Waller Since launching on 8 August, 2015, luxury private airliner, Zetta Jet has adopted an aggressive expansion plan to continue growing its market share and deliver the ultimate private jet experience for discerning, elite travellers. Operating solely around clients’ schedules, the Company is able to draw-upon an established network of sales and support offices in six strategic global locations – namely Los Angeles, New York, London, San José, Harbin and Singapore – to deliver bespoke luxury experiences in business travel.“True to its international outlook, the Zetta Jet experience combines the dedicated Asian service philosophy with the flexibility and ‘can-do’ spirit of the US, adorned with the glamour of Europe’s enduring chic. At the core of Zetta Jet’s philosophy is the conviction that no desire is too extravagant and no request too difficult,” the Company commented at the time of launch.Within a month of establishing its head office in Singapore – often considered a hub for Southeast Asian business – the Company secured a lucrative annual business opportunity as the private airliner of choice for theSingapore Grand Prix, transporting star-studded individuals to Singapore for the prestigious night race, renowned among racing enthusiasts. Zetta Jet’s planes were fully-booked, with flights scheduled from cities across the globe including Dubai, Moscow, Beijing and London.The brainchild of seasoned aviation professionals’ Geoffery Cassidy (Managing Director), Matthew Walter (Director of Sales) and James Seagrim (Director of Operations), Zetta Jet brings together the very best in talent, facilities and technology to deliver a revolutionary private flight experience.An FAA-certified

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Samsung C&T Corporation

Singapore’s in Safe HandsWriter: Matthew StaffProject Manager: Tom Cullum Capitalising on nearly 80 years of global experience and one of the most renowned brand names in the world, Samsung C&T Corporation is building its impressive portfolio in the country year-on-year, as part of an ever-increasing Asia-Pacific stronghold within the industry.While Samsung Corporation was founded in 1938 as the parent company of Samsung Group, its Singapore operations made it one of the leading contractors in the city-state since 1990. The global entity has become even more extensive in recent years, and with a presence in more than 50 countries to this day, it has become a leading global name and an employer’s preferred choice in each operating nation.“Since its founding in 1977, Samsung C&T, a leading global master builder, has emerged as one of the world’s preeminent builders providing full services in engineering, procurement, and construction,” the Company states. “Harnessing the resources shared by Samsung Group affiliates, the Company has undertaken many large-scale, complex projects with the goal of fostering innovation in construction technology that ensures safe delivery of high-quality works within budget.“The Asia-Pacific region office covers various countries which include Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, Australia and Mongolia. Currently, Samsung C&T has 34 ongoing projects on hand with a total contract value of more than US$18 billion.” The Company’s first foray into Singapore in 1990 commenced with its maiden Atria Condominium project alongside leading developer, Hong Leong Group. Since then, numerous luxurious residential projects and civil works have been undertaken to confirm not only Samsung C&T’s

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Daimler Targets ASEAN Market Growth

Daimler has a long history in the Southeast Asia region with the Company’s renowned Mercedes-Benz brand having been present in the region since the 1950s. Similarly, the Fuso brand that has been owned by Daimler since 2004 has also been active in the region since the 1960s, and in the late 1990s, the first regional centre was established in Singapore to oversee Asia, as part of Daimler Group’s corporate strategy of enlarging its global footprint.Now, with the increasing potential of the segment and the growth of the market, this logical move is set to have a dedicated structure focusing on commercial vehicles.  For Daimler, this means the establishment of a regional centre for commercial vehicles and a complete regional function that manages both that segment and passenger cars.The Singaporean regional centre is a huge milestone for the global automotive heavyweight whose presence in the area spans 18 countries, and Asia Outlook caught up with the Company’s Director of Daimler Regional Centre Commercial Vehicles in Southeast Asia, Kay-Wolf Ahlden to discuss the Company’s strategy on the continent, and the steps being taken to strengthen its position over there.Kay-Wolf Ahlden (KA): Since we entered the region, our focus has been on increasing presence and capturing growth potential. We know from experience that we best meet the needs of the markets/customers when we are present at the local/regional level rather than from a far-away “headquarters”. Having a comprehensive presence in the region makes us more nimble in responding to market shifts and demands and underscores our commitment to the

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CleanEnviro Summit Singapore

CleanEnviro Summit Singapore is the global platform for government leaders, policy makers, regulators and industry captains to connect, examine and discover practical solutions to address environmental challenges for tomorrow’s cities.CleanEnviro Summit Singapore 2016 will facilitate the sharing of insights on the latest environmental market trends through a myriad of activities including the Clean Environment Convention and high level plenaries, business forums and Clean Environment Regulators Roundtable. The City Solutions Singapore Expo and Innovation Pitch will showcase the latest innovations in waste management, cleaning, environmental technology and recycling solutions.EVENT DETAILSWHEN: 10-14 JulyWHERE: Marina Bay Sands, SingaporeWEBSITE:

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The Best Chance of Delivery for Life-Giving Shipments

Emerging markets continue to play a vital role in the growth of the pharmaceutical market, and Asia remains a key growth engine for both the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries. With huge populations and improved economies, these markets are key targets for clinical trials and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Increasing numbers of global drug companies include Asia in their late phase global trials with the goal of commercially launching their products in these markets at the same time as the developed markets.In China, there are a number of global pharma companies partnering with local companies to develop new drugs which includes research in tumour immunology, immunotherapy and stem cell research. The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts that Asia’s prevalence of cancer mortalities may increase by 45 percent from 112 per 100,000 in 2005, to 163 per 100,000 people by 2030. To that end, the Chinese FDA is working to establish an accelerated path for reviews much like the US FDA expedited review programmes for breakthrough therapies. This is driving significant investments in Asia’s pharma industry. For example, in December, 2015, Samsung BioLogics broke ground at a third manufacturing plant in Songdo, Korea with an investment of 850 billion yuan. When this plant is completed in 2018, Samsung expects to become the world’s largest biologics contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) in the world with the capability to operate 365 days a year, non-stop.As Asia continues their growth in pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, it comes with the challenges imposed by required improvements in infrastructure, supply chain management and logistics management. Many of these

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Asia’s Most Established Forum on CSR, Thought Leadership and Practice

Now in its 15th year, the AFCSR is Asia’s most established forum on CSR, thought leadership and practice.On 20-21 September, 2016, the AFCSR will convene for the first time in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar to focus on corporate social innovation (CSI) as a strategic approach to addressing social challenges to uplift communities, transform countries and create a better future.The key questions:·         How can inclusive innovation help solve the challenges of poverty, disparity and climate change?·         How can business and government promote inclusive innovation and achieve inclusive growth?·         How can CSR and CSI help build a company’s brand and strengthen competitive advantage?Why attend?1.      Join the conversation on the latest thinking on corporate social responsibility with delegates from across the world2.      Learn from inspiring leaders and thinkers on how inclusive innovation is relevant to your organisation's and the world's future3.      See for yourself the opportunities unfolding in one of Asia's most exciting emerging countries, MyanmarConfirmed speakers include: Diosdado “Dado” Banatao, award-winning Silicon Valley entrepreneur, enterprise builder and philanthropist; Aisa Mijeno, innovator, engineer and award-winning social entrepreneur, Founder of SALt; Chandran Nair, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Global Institute for Tomorrow, Hong Kong;  David Grayson CBE, Director, Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, UK; Bradley Googins, Professor Emeritus, Caroll School of Business, Boston College, USA; and Nina Teng, Vice President Public Affairs, Grab, Singapore.The AFCSR is an annual regional conference co-convened by the Asian Institute of Management, Ramon V. del Rosario, Sr. Centre for Corporate Responsibility and Asia Inc Forum together with Intel as the Strategic Partner; SPA Group as

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