Issue 14

McThai : Global Brand with Local Reach

McThai is rolling out an unrivalled localisation strategy to enhance market saturation.

By Editorial Team

Angkor Hospital For Children : Treatment, Education, Prevention

Angkor Hospital for Children exists as a centre for excellence in paediatric healthcare that provides much needed quality medical care to Cambodians in need.

By Eddie Clinton Editorial Team

Reliant : Delivering Beyond Customer Expectations

The seven operating companies of Reliant have helped manifest a one-stop shop for its increasing, international portfolio of customers as it continues to take the Asian oil & gas industry by storm.

By Editorial Team

HWA Seng Builder : World-Class Standards

With a long-term goal to become more involved in some of Singapore’s major infrastructure projects, Hwa Seng Builder strives to emerge as a leader in civil engineering.

By Editorial Team

Ranchan Group : Bringing International Thinking to Malaysia

Ranchan Group delivers cutting-edge technology to the ports of Southeast Asia and the Middle East while forging ahead with a globalisation strategy for ports around the world.

By Editorial Team

Accesstech : Market Spike Exceeds Capacity

Accesstech barely has time to catch its breath as significant market demand accelerates company growth and introduces the business to new areas of advanced engineering.

By Tom Cullum Editorial Team

Aims Data Centre Sdn Bhd : The Centre of Malaysian Technology

As a market-leading subsidiary of TIME dotcom Berhad, AIMS Data Centre Sdn Bhd (AIMS) is optimising its investment power.

By Editorial Team Donovan Smith

Emerson Network Power : Powering the Future of Data Centres

APAC Outlook Magazine talks to Hitesh Prajapati of Emerson Network Power about the future of data centres across the region.

By Editorial Team

Asia’s Space Race : The First Frontier

As China, Japan, India and South Korea enhance their space exploration offering, the rest of the world needs to take note of this rising nation.

By Editorial Team

Lee Kuan Yew : Singapore’s Founding Father

Lee Kuan Yew is widely accepted as the founding father of the independent Singapore we know today, leading the city-state from 1959 to 1990 as Prime Minister, Senior Minister and, later, Minister Mentor before leaving in 2011.

By Editorial Team

Small Cells Asia : Ericsson Shares Top-Vendor Insights

Ericsson will share both global and local technical and business model insights at Small Cells Asia, April 20-21, Singapore.

By Editorial Team

AIMS Reinforces its Position as a Data Centre Hub

AIMS Cyberjaya Sdn Bhd (AIMS) has been appointed by Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC) through an open tender to lead and deliver the ‘Inter-Data Centre (DC) Network initiative’.

By Editorial Team