Issue 44

Vision Eye Institute : Staying 20/20 in 2020

Vision Eye Institute is at the leading edge of ophthalmology, helping to maintain people’s eyesight with its team of expert clinicians, innovative technologies and sizeable footprint across the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Tereos FKS Indonesia : Reversing the Import Tide

Tereos FKS Indonesia is determined to reverse the trend of reliance on food imports, the joint venture now supplying more than a quarter of the nation’s demand for corn starch.

By Editorial Team

Solstad Offshore ASA : Why Quality Pays

Solstad Offshore ASA continues to serve customers new and old, its unwavering approach to vessel quality backed up by unrivalled in-house local support.

By Editorial Team David Knott

MERX GROUP : Unlocking Ultimate Potential

The Merx Group continues to deliver projects for clients across Asia, from aviation hangars and office builds to hospitality landmarks.

By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

Mediguide International : Improving Outcomes

MediGuide is removing the geographical limitations of healthcare, its global network of partners and employees helping to bring on-demand diagnoses to patients in 152 countries around the world.

Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture : The Vietnamese Hallmark of Quality

Jonathan Charles Fine Furniture has built a reputation for blending modernity with craftsmanship from its highly specialised facility in Vietnam, the passion of its people a defining factor in its ongoing success story.

G&P Professionals : Inspiring Modern Infrastructure

G&P Professionals is an emblem of modern engineering in Malaysia, the organisation helping to deliver a variety of critical projects to the country owing to its advanced and ever-expanding expertise.

By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

dwp|design worldwide partnership : The Digital Design Era

dwp|design worldwide partnership is better placed than ever before to deliver sustainable, innovative and beautiful designs thanks to sustained investment in people and technology.

By Editorial Team Ryan Gray

CPC Engineering : In It for the Long Haul

CPC Engineering is committed more than ever to its long-term relationships with clients, the company continuing to deliver on projects in Asia, Africa and at home in Australia.

CKL Group of Companies : Driven by Diversification

CKL Group of Companies is a story of self-sustained transformation. Once a humble tyre retailer, it is now renowned as a market leader across numerous industry verticals.

Cellcard : Innovation at a Time of Crisis

Cellcard, Cambodia’s longest standing and only Cambodian-owned mobile network operator, has become a shining light for the region in responding to Covid-19 and acting fast to support the medical community at the frontline.

Honeywell Aerospace : MRO in the Asia-Pacific

Although the outbreak of COVID-19 has brought a halt to some air travel in the short-term, aerospace activity is set to grow exponentially in the longer term and create demand for MRO services.

By Paul Nef

Experia Events : Singapore Airshow

Leck Chet Lam, Managing Director of Experia Events, explains the importance of the biannual Singapore Airshow to Asia’s aerospace industry.

By Editorial Team

How will COVID-19 Impact Foreign Investment in Thailand?

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc in economies worldwide. We explore how Thailand, a country that relies on FDI inflows for a number of megaprojects, will cope.

By Editorial Team

Why Businesses Need to Get Corporate Social Responsibility Right

Indian entrepreneur Natasha Mudhar discusses why corporate social responsibility is a crucial part of a brand’s image and what it takes to build an effective CSR strategy.

By Editorial Team