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Black Diamond Well Services

No Second Chance to Make a Good First ImpressionWriter:Phoebe CalverProject Manager:Josh Hyland In today’s challenging market Black Diamond Well Services (BDWS) stands apart from its market competitors, boasting a senior team which possesses more than 150 years of oil & gas industry experience.With vast amounts of experience in a wide variety of operational areas, the Company is able to channel this knowledge into propelling the Company forwards; all involved committed to producing the highest level of quality, safety and operational performance.“Our senior team are one of the main differentiators placing us ahead of the competition,” explains Steve Perry, General Manager of Black Diamond Well Services. “The directors are also actively involved with client engagement, technical solutions and product development.”With strong support from the top down, Black Diamond is able to focus on engaging with its clients, listening to the problems that they are encountering and subsequently working with them to create solutions. The common goal in this situation is to use the solutions created and combine that with the technical ability of the Company to implement a positive value-added end result.“Of course we can and do provide standard core services to both operating and fellow service companies, but the difference comes in partnering for bespoke solutions,” continues Perry.Within the Company a catchphrase known by all is ‘there is no second chance to make a good first impression’; a motto adopted throughout the growth of Black Diamond and one that has been highly important for all members of staff to remember in order to establish high standards, particularly

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Posh Terasea

Operational Excellence in a Complex IndustryWriter:Phoebe CalverProject Manager:Josh Hyland POSH Terasea is a joint venture between PACC OFFSHORE SERVICES HOLDINGS LTD (POSH) and Terasea Pte Ltd, the Company has the benefit of support and strong backing by established parent companies, which is a part of the Kuok Group of Companies, Ezion Holdings and Seabridge Marine. Initially known as EPIC Division  under POSH, with over 60 years of traditional core strength in ocean towing and salvages services, survived years of upheaval and changes to the business structure to form what it is today serving the offshore oil & gas industry.“Our core Company strength remains in ocean towage, with our operational fleet of nine high powered anchor handling tug units,” explains Eric Ng, President of POSH Terasea. “Our expertise lies in our capability and flexibility to provide seamless turnkey operations to our clients in the transportation and installations sector.”Partnered with its core service offering, POSH Terasea also works as a specialist marine service contractor with a primary focus on towage and marine transportation serving the oil & gas industry.“Since our very first FPSO tow in 1990, we saw the changing trends and decided to work with them to expand our services to include transportation, positioning and heading control, and deck management operations,” continues Ng. “All of which we predicted to be of enhanced value to clients and eliminate the headache of needing to employ multiple contractors to complete both the delivery and installation of the project.”The market in which POSH Terasea operates has witnessed an increase in demand and

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Sunseap Singapore

New Direction for Solar EnergyWriter:Matthew StaffProject Manager:Matt Cole-Wilkin For the past five years, Sunseap Group of Companies has applied its ‘new direction’ to a solar energy market already thriving from the organisation’s unrivalled capacities and innovation.The 2011 change of business model represented the most significant moment of Sunseap’s 37-year history, as co-founders Lawrence Wu and Frank Phuan addressed the need and demand for affordable and sustainable energy before adopting its Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).The latter recalls: “Sunseap started as a solar panels manufacturer and supplier in 1979 and the Company maintained this business model mostly up till 2011, when Mr Lawrence Wu and I realised the need and demand for affordable and sustainable energy. Through the solution - the Solar PPA Model - we fully finance, build and operate solar systems atop our clients’ buildings to supply them to solar energy.“Since then we have shifted our business downstream to provide solar energy as a service to our clients via zero-cost models like the Solar PPA. In recent years, we have expanded our business into energy retailing. We have also employed research & development (R&D) efforts in related technologies.”Shifting from an upstream to downstream focus, its rapid and recent evolution across areas including energy storage solutions and floating photovoltaic (PV) systems addresses intermittency challenges and the need for more innovative deployment systems as well.“Currently in the market and in Singapore, Sunseap is the only Company with enough generation capacity to distribute clean energy via the national grid. With the liberation of the electricity market in Singapore due

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Linaco Group

He Who Builds Will Himself Be Built Writer:Phoebe Calver Project Manager:Eddie Clinton The Linaco Group of Companies has progressively grown into a respected supplier of coconut products, Chinese herbal recipes, pre-mixed spices, flavours, fragrances and caramelised sugar; having established itself as one of the most dynamic producers of coconut related products in the world. Exporting to more than 40 countries, including Europe, the Middle East, Hong Kong, China and Australia, and remaining focused on its core values of dealing in high quality products only; the Company is now known as a reputable supplier with consistency in quality and dependability in its product supply and timely after-sales service.“Our strength in being able to deliver such quality service lies in the people we employ, which we consider as our single most important core asset in the business,” explains Joe Ling, Chief Executive Officer at the Linaco Group. “We provide our staff with a positive and healthy working environment, where they are continuously trained and nurtured to achieve the Company’s united aspirations, as well as their own.”Dynamic suppliersEstablished in 1992, Linaco was able to launch its first packet of coconut milk powder in 1994 under the Rasaku brand; choosing the name Rasaku specifically as it evokes the feelings of “love and warmth in our mothers’ home-cooked recipes”.“In 1997, we acquired Claypot, a pre-packaged herbal soup mix which significantly extended our footprint within the food and beverage industry,” continues Ling. “Linaco further improved its traditional packing with TetraPak aseptic carton formats in 2004, and we were the first Company to install a TetraPak machine.

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LITAC Consulting

The Leading Light Writer:Matthew StaffProject Manager:Tom CullumLITAC Consultant continues to adapt and evolve in order to keep up with, and even ahead of, a lighting industry which is experiencing arguably the most rapid overhaul in the architecture world.Established in Indonesia in 1995, the Company’s humble beginnings comprised just a four-strong workforce to begin with, but already an abundance of lighting and acoustic experience and expertise.Managing Director (MD), Paul Gunawan recalls: “Back then, both disciplines were still very scarce and mostly done by architects. Throughout the years though, we have managed to collaborate with numerous architects, interior designers and clients in providing services that have proved to be very advantageous for a number of different projects.“In the present day, LITAC is currently staffed with 34 people, having commissioned more than 500 projects of different requirements; across sectors including commercial, hospitality, offices, residences, places of worship, and museums.”The privately owned business’s current composition is a 70 percent lighting design focus as its primary division, but with acoustic consultancy an ever-growing market, LITAC’s ability to diversify and adapt has become increasingly important in recent years.“We have found that acoustic consultancy demand has become of similar importance to lighting design, especially across high quality establishments,” Gunawan affirms. “We are therefore planning to expand our acoustic consultancy division.“Over the past decade, lighting has possibly been the component that has experienced the most rapid change in the architecture world,” he continues. “Driven by environmental and energy issues, lighting has evolved to be much more than just delivering light and shaping space.“It now includes

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The Last Mile to Realising Cross-Border Ecommerce Fulfilment Potential

Themed “Go Global, Deliver Local”, Last Mile Fulfilment Asia aims to drive and strengthen a borderless fulfilment process, where in-market industry players fortify their businesses locally whilst expanding their foothold in the region through perfecting the last mile beyond borders.Amidst a backdrop of economic uncertainties today, Southeast Asia ecommerce markets have continued to grow by 16 times and will reach $88 billion by 2025. The two-day conference and exhibition, organised by SingEx Exhibitions, will deep-dive into the need to tap into the potential growth of ecommerce, and optimise cross-border fulfilment and delivery processes.The multi-track conference component of the trade show will focus on evolutionary topics such as turning fulfilment challenges into opportunities, and designing cross-border fulfilment solutions across Asia. In recognising that the last mile of the fulfilment process costs almost 28 percent of total cost of moving goods, achieving cost efficiency through innovative logistics solutions will be key to amplifying an ecommerce market that is already expanding at a rapid pace in the region.According to Frost & Sullivan, the global B2B ecommerce market alone will reach US$6.7 trillion by 2020. This year’s conference will feature a new track, “The Future of ecommerce is B2B ecommerce”, in which industry speakers from renowned retail, ecommerce and logistics leaders will share keynotes; highlighting the potential wins of adapting a successful B2C model into the B2B segment to conduct ecommerce business in a similar fashion.Separately, the exhibition component of Last Mile Fulfilment Asia will offer a convenient business matching platform for innovative companies to meet potential business partners, and

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India Trade & Treasury Conference 2017

Join more than 200 top-tier names in the trade and treasury community for a day of lively debate, networking and discussion.For Indian companies involved in exporting their goods globally; for international corporates looking to enter the Indian market; for financial institutions providing funding options; for insurers and lawyers involved in covering these operations; for any institution involved in international trade finance, this established annual event is a prime opportunity to meet face-to-face with market peers – a place to share expertise and experiences first-hand at the only event of its kind in India.Topics covered include:·         Putting the spotlight on India: Policy update, trade outlook and future developments·         Understanding the mechanisms, structures and risk management strategies to succeed in the Indian market·         Opportunities and challenges for digitisation and technology transformation: blockchain, trade receivables discounting, eUCP·         Infrastructure financing and supply chain management for short and long-term projects·         Creating strategies to mitigate trade credit and insurance risk for the Indian market and the role of stakeholders·         International corporate perspectives on setting up businesses in India WHEN: 22 FebruaryWHERE: Taj Lands End, Mumbai, IndiaWEBSITE: http://www.gtreview.com/events/asia/india-trade-treasury-conference-2017/

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