The Final Word

What is your greatest motivator at work?

Peter Hook
General Manager, Bosch Australia Manufacturing Solutions
“Collaborating with local organisations to support and strengthen the manufacturing industry. We are uniquely positioned to bring in global expertise and to make a significant difference. Providing best in class capabilities motivates me.”

Tosh Bourke
General Manager - Commercial, Legrand Australia  
“We have a very committed workforce who are focused on delivering high quality products and services to our customers, and many of these employees have been with the company for a very long time. 
We create a very positive impact on people, families and communities across Australia, New Zealand and beyond, and this remains a strong motivator for me.”

Marc Avery
General Manager of New Business and Strategy, Richard Crookes Constructions
“I feel that we’re in a city-shaping business. We come to work every day, and some of the things that we do will change the shape of our city, which is phenomenal. It’s hugely motivating and it means you have interesting and big conversations on a daily basis.”