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  • ADCO Constructions has become one of the top private companies in Australia with a blue-chip client list and an award-winning portfolio of almost 4,000 successfully completed projects and finished buildings.
  • One example of ADCO’s health construction proficiency includes the collaboration with Queensland Health to construct the Adolescent Extended Treatment Facility (AETF) at the Prince Charles Hospital.

ADCO Constructions has grown to become a multi-billion-dollar construction business guided by an unwavering commitment to quality, safety and people.


Now a true force in Australian construction, guided by a ruthlessly effective combination of family values, trust and putting people first, the ADCO Constructions (ADCO) story began back in 1972 and has since witnessed the company transform into a prominent player in the nation’s highly competitive building sector. 

These sturdy foundations and a steadfast dedication to fulfilling its values have helped ADCO to build a solid base, enabling it to become one of the top private companies in Australia with a blue-chip client list and an award-winning portfolio of almost 4,000 successfully completed projects and finished buildings. These impressive structures range from a variety of early work packages to expansive, multi-million-dollar projects. 

ADCO now boasts a national presence after building its company footprint with offices throughout Australia.  

As an established industry leader with an operational shadow now touching every corner of its domestic market, the strength of the company’s award-winning expertise, capabilites and staff is reflected by exceptionally high levels of repeat business projects and long-established client relationships across many key private and institutional corporations, on top of all levels of government. 

On an annual basis, ADCO delivers its projects via early contractor involvement, design, and construction, managing contractor, and traditional construction methods of procurement, across the entirety of Australia. 


ADCO aspires to be regarded as the builder of choice for its wide-ranging portfolio of clients, consultants, trade partners, and people. 

However, becoming the builder of choice doesn’t just happen overnight, and comes with a variety of hurdles to clear. To successfully navigate this process, ADCO encourages a diverse array of qualities and core beliefs, such as responsibility, teamwork and using a dynamic mindset.  

Another key requirement of the ADCO process is being able to consistently deliver on any promises that the company commits to and bringing great energy to every stage of each project, in order to eventually achieve its shared goals. 

Elsewhere, being the builder of choice means completing projects on time, on budget and to the highest standards possible for the company. This has more recently been coined ‘the ADCO Way’, and is now embedded in the DNA of the business.  


One of the most critical elements to consider when appointing a construction partner is financial security. In this way, ADCO provides financial guarantees for its clients as well as their financiers.  

The company details how, “we maintain a policy of profit reinvestment and working capital management to ensure our balance sheet remains commensurate with the size of our business.” 

At present, ADCO proudly claims to exceed the financial requirements for licensing in each state and territory, for private and government projects. The company has achieved this by building strong cash and liquid asset reserves and a blue-chip client base, which translates seamlessly into a consistent cash flow and increased profitability for the business on all fronts. 


It is ADCO’s ongoing commitment to always ask ‘is it safe, or is there a safer choice?’ 

The ‘Safer by Choice’ mantra is a philosophy through which ADCO targets a genuine company-wide attitude towards ensuring the ultimate level of safety across all operations and projects.  

Running deep into the very core of the foundations of the ADCO business, this commitment to safety goes further than simply dealing with statistics and instead actively promotes personal responsibility and careful decision-making by all members of its team, at all times. 

This strategy is underpinned by three vital pillars of commitment: the action of taking responsibility, supporting each other and trying to keep a focus on the positives, and finally, that ‘Safer by Choice’ recognises everyone involved in the design and delivery of a project is a decision-maker, and therefore everyone can improve safety, for themselves and others, by making good choices. 

Establishing a successful and efficient safety culture is a long-term commitment from all ADCO employees, which has been and will continue to be guided, fostered and preserved by the leadership team. Every rung of the business’ hierarchy has a collective responsibility to enact safer practices. 


Similar to ADCO’s ongoing mission to deliver an enhanced culture of safety, the company simultaneously aims to help build a healthier Australia.  

ADCO’s first contract back in 1972 was a brownfield hospital project and more than half a century later it continues to spearhead the market in the provision of high-quality healthcare infrastructure.  

The vast level of experience now showcased in ADCO’s portfolio of completed health projects encompasses major ward extensions, greenfield hospitals, specialist, sub-acute and acute services, ICUs, oncology, emergency departments, rehabilitation, and mental health facilities, with over 1,850 hospital beds added and a total of 185 overall projects delivered. 

One such example of ADCO’s technical proficiency regarding health construction projects includes the collaboration with Queensland Health to construct the Adolescent Extended Treatment Facility (AETF) at the Prince Charles Hospital.  

Renamed Jacaranda Place, the upgraded facility now boasts a 12-bed residential unit, a 20-place day programme and a selection of integrated vocational and training programmes. 

ADCO configured and incorporated these features meticulously into a modern design to deliver the optimal healing environment for Jacaranda Place’s residents and visitors.  

It is this legacy of aiding the health industry that best summarises ADCO’s dedication to enhancing Australia’s construction business and benefiting its people. 

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