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Oceania Aviation has been providing industry-leading ground handling and aviation services since 1996. We discover Australia’s trusted provider for many leading domestic and international airlines, serving over 60,000 flights each year.


As Australia’s leading ground handling services provider, Oceania Aviation is at the forefront of providing safe, innovative, and efficient aviation services for a multitude of well-known airlines. 

Combining specialist equipment, a dedicated team, and a wealth of industry experience, Oceania Aviation delivers unparalleled service at every level. 

Australian-owned, the company first commenced operations in June 1996 and has since grown exponentially.  

Its rapid growth can be attributed to the dedication, drive, and commitment of more than 650 stalwart employees, who span 24 locations across Australia and Asia Pacific. 

Oceania Aviation takes extreme care to ensure each member of its team is highly trained, to provide a safe and efficient service with unmatched reliability.   

The company’s state-of-the-art aviation technology is unmatched by competitors, whilst its systematic approach to ground handling delivers exceptional, quality service, every time. 


Oceania Aviation takes great care to implement efficiency and innovation within each service it offers, across a broad range of domestic and international airlines. 

From check-in and cabin presentation services to ground and freight handling, Oceania Aviation’s team of highly-skilled professionals are dedicated to ensuring safety and success in everything they do.  

The company is not only a supplier but works closely with its clients to understand their individual requirements, utilising technology and business improvement practices to continuously provide better service. 

Oceania Aviation additionally handles VIP charter services across its 22 airport locations, catering for government dignitaries, celebrities, and monarchs from all over the world.  

 Priding itself on delivering a bespoke experience in a safe and discrete way to ensure the privacy of guests travelling on charter flights, the company’s full-service charter management includes ground transport services, VIP passenger processing through international departures, and any other special requirements.


In the dynamic world of aviation, strategic partnerships can widen a company’s outreach and bolster its reputation, allowing it to soar to new heights.    

In early November this year, Oceania Aviation announced its recent collaboration with Batik Air at Adelaide Airport, a partnership that promises a wave of innovation and excellence. 

Batik Air is part of Lion Group and the re-branded Malindo airline. Renowned for its commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction, the organisation has quickly become a prominent player in the aviation industry.  

With a fleet of modern aircraft and a team of highly trained professionals, this airline has earned a reputation for excellence in passenger and cargo services. 

Oceania Aviation was thrilled to announce the partnership with Batik Air in its inaugural flight on 10th November 2023 from Adelaide Airport. The flight departed and landed as scheduled without a hitch, marking the beginning of a remarkable relationship. 

The partnership between the two companies will undoubtedly benefit customers and stakeholders, since both companies are committed to reducing carbon emissions and adopting sustainable practices.  

Oceania Aviation and Batik Air’s relationship is built on a solid foundation of shared values, including a commitment to safety, sustainability, and continuous improvement.


Since the inception of the aviation industry, diesel-driven equipment has been at the forefront of servicing aircraft and airports around the world.  

Oceania Aviation seeks to change this, through its revolutionary new trials for sustainable aviation support services.  

The company’s dedication to greener energy supplies has come to the fore in recent months, exemplified by its commitment to prioritising electric over diesel power for its ground services equipment (GSE).   

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has invested a great deal of time into producing a road map for the industry to take steps to achieve net zero by 2050. 

Oceania Aviation is proud to be part of the environmental revolution and securing green solutions for its vast GSE fleet across Australia and Asia Pacific. 

The company is heavily involved with the development, analysis, and comparison of new electric GSE, which includes electric baggage tugs and electric belt loaders.  

Oceania Aviation remains in discussion with key stakeholders, customers, airport authorities, regulators, and other government departments to ensure all parties are concurrent with new requirements on infrastructure, regulations, safety, and operations.  

As it continues to grow, the company’s investment in environmentally-friendly equipment reflects its genuine commitment to a greener future.


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