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Editorial TeamTom Cullum
Editorial Team Tom Cullum - Regional Director

Seiko Architectural Wall Systems continues to strengthen its reputation for excellence on the continent in the Construction sector.


Seiko Architectural Wall Systems was first established in 1978, formed initially as Seiko Glass Pte Ltd with the primary function of supplying and installing glass in conjunction with the construction industry.

It wasn’t until May, 1984 that the Company name was changed to Seiko Glass & Aluminium Co Pte Ltd, expanding its portfolio to include aluminium as another supply and installation product.

“Just under 20 years later we changed our name for the third and final time to Seiko Architectural Wall Systems Pte Ltd on 21 February, 2002,” explains the Company on its website. “We felt that this new branding would fully reflect our new status as an external façade system specialist.

“At present our shareholders are made up of a 51 percent share by the Cheong family in Singapore, 28 percent by Leung Yuen Yee in Singapore and 21 percent by Far Union Development Limited.”

The Company also has a selection of subsidiaries to its name, including the fully-owned Seikotech Architectural Components Sdn Bhd, located in Malaysia. The subsidiary company was established in 1996 as the main manufacturing location for operations.

The Company adds: “Another of our fully-owned subsidiaries is Seiko Architectural Wall Systems Consulting (Shanghai) Co Ltd., which was established in 2011 in the form of an additional design and engineering resource centre.

“We also have a 60 percent owned subsidiary company named SG Façade Systems Pte Ltd (Singapore)., which was also established in 2011 in order to undertake specialist projects.

“And lastly our final fully-owned subsidiary is Seikotech Management Pte Ltd, which was the most recently established in 2016 with the purpose of securing and managing supplies to projects outside Malaysia.”


Over the years Seiko has demonstrated a commitment to its customers, continuing to dedicate itself to complying with the Workplace Health & Safety Act, creating and fostering a safe and pleasant work environment, while also contributing to the profitability of the Company’s growth.

“We place a substantial focus on a number of carefully selected priorities,” continues the Company. “These include ensuring quality in everything we do, meeting with customer quality requirements and expectations which is achieved by keeping to delivery schedules.

“Alongside quality, we also place a heavy focus on occupational health and safety within our organisation, preventing accidents and injuries and ill-health.”


In its present day form the Company is excelling in the provision of quality building façade components, as well as products to the construction industry in Singapore among other countries.

“The facades that we work with include curtain wall, window wall, aluminium doors, fins, granite, expanded mesh, cladding, sun shades, shop fronts, balustrades, trellis, skylights and canopies,” affirms the Company on its website. “In addition to its primary services, we also offer services to building owners/developers, architects, consultants and contractors.”

As an engaged specialist façade contractor, the Company provides services that involve fabrication, painting, assembly and glazing, project management and site installation. It now also provides exceptional service as a façade fabricator, including the supply of materials, fabrication, painting, assembly and glazing.


Over the years the Company has undertaken a vast array of exciting projects within the region, including St Thomas Walk at River Valley Road which was completed in July, 2017. The contract reached an impressive value of $15 million, and still has scope for work on design, fabrication and installation.

“The building project owner is Bukit Sembawang View Pte Ltd, and the main architect was DP Architects Pte Ltd and implemented the utilisation of curtainwalls, trellis’, glass railings and stainless-steel hand railings,” concludes the Company. “Alongside that development we also worked on Jalan Besar/Lavender Street at the same time, again including design, fabrication and installation services.

“We look forward to the continuation available through projects such as those previously mentioned and are extremely excited by the developments on the horizon for our Company.”

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By Tom Cullum Regional Director