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With a robust global network, Kerry Logistics Oceania Pty Ltd is revolutionising the supply chain industry. We speak to Cameron Green, Managing Director for Oceania, about how the company is successfully expanding into new markets.


Kerry Logistics Oceania Pty Ltd (Kerry Logistics), an Asia-based global 3PL company with a highly diversified business portfolio, has made a name for itself within the supply chain industry by leveraging its strong and robust international network to provide the Oceania region with a gateway to the rest of the world.  

As Oceania specialists with a deep understanding of customers’ unique requirements across Australia and New Zealand, Kerry Logistics offers services that range from air and ocean freight to land freight, industrial project logistics, and e-commerce solutions. 

Cameron Green, Managing Director for Oceania, has spent over three decades in the logistics and supply chain industry, working in various capacities, including operations, commercial, and strategic planning, before joining Kerry Logistics in 2014. 

“It’s not every day that you come across a company that first and foremost has their customers’ success in mind, and that goal resonates within all layers of the organisation,” opens Green. 

Inspired by the company’s leadership and innovative approach to logistics solutions, Green has taken this opportunity to continue the legacy and goals for the region. 

With a highly diverse client base across a wide spectrum of industries throughout the region, Kerry Logistics’ core business is established on decades of experience. It encompasses integrated logistics, contracted logistics, international freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, refrigerated transport, and temperature-controlled warehousing, all allowing for the company to provide a variety of end-to-end solutions for any and all customers. 

“Since Kerry Logistics became a listed company in 2013, we have had incredible growth amongst competitors,” expands Green. 

“We are proudly sitting now in the top 10 global freight forwarders and global ocean freight forwarders and amongst the top players for the transpacific route,” he continues.   

Kerry Logistics showcases its  unparalleled constitution and industry leadership through its focus on technology and being the logistics operator of choice. 

By supplementing its own assets with leased assets, the company operates under its own control, allowing autonomy over quality assurance and ultimately helping it become a one-stop shop for supply chains worldwide. 

Through its dedication to innovative and customised logistics solutions, the company is committed to helping its business partners find success.


With the supply chain industry currently facing unprecedented challenges due to global disruptions, it is more critical than ever for companies to guarantee service quality and reliability throughout this uncharted territory. 

Despite services and price points of several routes still adjusting after the turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and supply and demand remaining volatile while undergoing serious transformation, Kerry Logistics is taking this as an opportunity to excel. 

“These challenges present an occasion for innovation and optimisation, as well as the ability to showcase to customers our value as a reliable partner with their best interests in mind,” insights Green. 

“The volatility of the market and the industry in general calls for caution, but it also brings forth opportunity. Currently, we are actively expanding our network in emerging markets and investing in technology to provide more efficient and sustainable solutions.” 

Facing these challenges head-on, Kerry Logistics is focusing on sustainability efforts, streamlining its processes, and rearranging its worldwide resources to offer high-quality service wherever needed. 

With robust and well-thought-out expansion plans, the company is aiming to solidify its position as a global leader in logistics. 

“After our merger with SF Express, the largest integrated logistics service provider and cargo airline in mainland China, we are more prepared than ever before to exceed expectations with reliability, technology, and high service levels,” enthuses Green. 

SF Express operates the largest dedicated cargo airline in Asia, with a fleet of more than 89 cargo-only aircraft. Having recently opened Asia’s first dedicated professional cargo airport and now serving more than 85 destinations across Asia, Europe, and the US, Kerry Logistics is looking forward to the future potential of operating a scheduled service into the Oceania market under its very own ‘Kerry SF’ banner.


The future of the environment and responsible sustainability efforts are at the forefront of many business initiatives across today’s supply chain industry.   

This is no different for Kerry Logistics and its mindset for a sustainable future. 

Having recently won the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) Benchmark Award (silver) and the Outstanding Sustainability and Dividend Growth Award for the second year running at the ESG Achievement Awards, the company is taking this crucial movement seriously and with an innovative and inclusive mindset. 

“We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint through various initiatives, including optimising route planning and using eco-friendly vehicles. As a listed company, we also make public all our advances, initiatives, and milestones and make them available on our online ESG report,” explains Green. 

With the majority of the company’s operations being paperless, and integration with systems and customers at the forefront of its initiatives, Kerry Logistics is reaching milestones when it comes to sustainable advancements. 

“We partner and give preference to carriers who are executing lower or zero carbon emission programmes and monitor their developments, which we in turn share with our customers,” he notes. 

In addition to these efforts for a greener future, Kerry Logistics prides itself on accumulating and nurturing its workforce to guarantee consistent high quality and an innovative culture across all fields. 

“We place a strong emphasis on workforce development to ensure our team is well-equipped to meet future challenges by providing internal and external training and continuing trainee development programmes. This allows us to expose younger members to the industry and garner their unbiased perspectives on what to improve and integrate,” informs Green. 

Priding itself on being a lean company, Kerry Logistics ensures that it has the right people in the right positions, allowing the organisation to take decisive actions whenever needed, ultimately contributing to its vast growth. 

“We offer internal opportunities for professional development, and our continuous growth means there is no shortage of opportunities to advance our career from within,” comments Green. 

With these ideologies integrated into the company’s DNA, progression and collective development are not only encouraged throughout the business, but are evident in all aspects of day-to-day work.


With innovation and the desire to continually showcase the company’s time-tested reliability and customer-centric mindset, Kerry Logistics is setting a high standard in the supply chain industry. 

As a 3PL company, Kerry Logistics is able to manage and coordinate the entire logistics process for its clients, offering one-stop-shop solutions for any customer with a combination of owned and subcontracted assets. 

“Regardless of ownership, we act as a logistics company – having full control over the process from end to end and having our team take accountable actions to ensure results, ultimately allowing us to be highly flexible and scalable,” expands Green. 

The company sustains effortless accessibility for its clients with platforms such as KerrierVISION, a proprietary logistics management platform that has three different layers of track and trace available depending on the amount of information the customer would like available to them. 

Additionally, the organisation has recently launched KerryConnect, a newsletter with curated content on the latest freight and logistics news from Oceania and around the globe. 

“Our releases cover the latest industry updates as well as insights into our Oceania business and the Kerry Logistics network, business tips, and key data to allow our customers to stay informed and make the best decisions in the current market,” provides Green. 

With all of the unparalleled advantages that Kerry Logistics offers, customers feel confident in the services and amenities offered. 

The organisation’s lean and flexible structure successfully combines local expertise with the company’s comprehensive footprint and infrastructure across the world. 

Boasting a global presence across 59 countries and territories, the company has established a solid foothold in half of the world’s emerging markets and only continues to grow further.  

“We aim to become the go-to brand and a standard of service quality in the Oceania market. We are working tirelessly on further improving our process, making reliability and accountability for local decision-making the basis to offer a highly personalised service and create a unique and satisfying customer experience,” concludes Green.


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