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The creation of Well-Safe Solutions Pty Ltd signifies the expansion of specialist well decommissioning services to Australia and Southeast Asia. We find out more about this exciting new endeavour with General Manager, Massimo Delia.


With the growth of its subsurface and well engineering capabilities and the acquisition, refurbishment, and mobilisation of three well decommissioning assets, Well-Safe Solutions (WSS) has gone from strength to strength in Europe. 

Now, the decommissioning industry’s first Tier 1 contractor and energy transition specialist focused on well decommissioning is eyeing international growth in several key markets worldwide.  

WSS has expanded into Asia Pacific, with Massimo Delia, the MBA-qualified General Manager of Well-Safe Solutions Pty Ltd, having joined the business in July 2023. 

An industry stalwart, Delia brings nearly 25 years of international and multidisciplinary experience in a variety of pipelay/subsea, umbilical, riser, and flowline (SURF) and well abandonment projects from both a commercial and execution stance.  

His appointment comes as interest in well decommissioning has solidified. It also reflects WSS’ ambitious growth strategy, a key aspect of which is its commitment to international expansion, as the company strengthens its position as a decommissioning market leader. 


“With the vertical growth of the decommissioning market in Australia, and in order to futureproof my career in a sustainable way, I became interested in well decommissioning’’  opens Delia, who is keen to play his part in an exciting new chapter for WSS and has joined at a crucial time in its strategic development.   

Founded off the back of a large pipeline of well decommissioning opportunities in the country, Well-Safe Solutions Pty Ltd’s Australian office is the first overseas location opened by WSS, whose headquarters is located across the other side of the world in Aberdeen, Scotland. 

“The Perth office was opened in August last year, and Well-Safe Solutions Pty Ltd was registered there at the same time,” outlines Delia. 

“We now have an Operations Manager and a Senior Well Abandonment Engineer working alongside me, with one consultancy agreement for a Subsurface Specialist. We are also recruiting for more staff positions.” 

In March, WSS also appointed its first ever Chief Financial Officer as the company continues to deliver its strategic growth plans throughout Asia Pacific and Europe.


In its initial assessment of Australia’s offshore oil and gas decommissioning liability, the Centre of Decommissioning Australia (CODA) has identified more than USD$50 billion of work ahead, circa half of which comprises well decommissioning and pipeline removal. 

This includes the abandonment of over 1,000 offshore wells, in addition to a significant onshore decommissioning market. 

“The buoyant well decommissioning industry in Asia Pacific is driven by the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA), one of the most stringent and dedicated regulators on the planet. NOPSEMA has the power to make sure all operators in Australia adhere to their decommissioning guidelines and honour their decommissioning liabilities,” details Delia. 

To partner with regional operators and stakeholders throughout Australia and Asia Pacific, Well-Safe Solutions Pty Ltd leverages the capabilities and established track record of WSS.   

Indeed, 842 wells worldwide already feature WSS’ engineering expertise, with 72 so far either decommissioned or set to be so by the business in the North Sea alone as it capitalises on opportunities presented by the energy transition. 

Backed by this vast experience, Well-Safe Solutions Pty Ltd is therefore ideally placed to deliver on its mission to provide safe, efficient, and collaborative well decommissioning operations globally.

Well-Safe Protector, Port of Cromarty Firth, Invergordon, Highland, Scotland, UK


“We have wide visibility across our clients in Asia Pacific. Currently, we are working with the main Australian operators on engineering studies, as well as one of the major national oil companies (NOCs) in Southeast Asia,” Delia discloses. 

“There is still so much for WSS to achieve through our international commercial strategy, and we are positioned for growth into several new markets. Southeast Asia as a region is largely uncharted territory, with huge opportunities when it comes to well decommissioning. 

Well-Safe Solutions Pty Ltd’s high-level strategy is to grow its roots in Australia, where it plans to own and operate a rig by 2026, and use the country as a springboard into Southeast Asia. 

“We will make our first steps in the region with our well abandonment engineering studies and assess the timings of possible further investments from there,” outlines Delia. 

“Finding the right local partners is certainly the way to go when you enter a new area, especially in Southeast Asia where it is mandated.” 

For the rest of 2024 and beyond, the first key priority for Delia and his team is to grow trust in the brand in Asia Pacific through its bespoke engineering studies. 

The company also aims to be involved in tenders for large well decommissioning campaigns in Australia and Southeast Asia as it continues to raise awareness of its offering throughout the region. 

For example, in late May, Well-Safe Solutions Pty Ltd was one of the lead sponsors of the Australian Energy Producers (AEP) conference in Perth. 

In June, the company will also be sponsoring DrillSafe, a forum for sharing health, safety, and environment (HSE) best practices for the Australian onshore and offshore drilling and completion industry. 

“We’re also going to exhibit at the Asia Pacific Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition (APOGCE) in October in Perth and I am looking forward to meeting many prospective clients from Australia and Southeast Asia there. We also have presented on a few separate occasions so far, including the Decommissioning Offshore Infrastructure Conference, DrillWell, DrillSafe, and Asian Oil and Gas (AOG),” Delia closes.

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