Issue 36

K92 Mining : Striking Gold in PNG

K92 Mining has started to monetise the Kainantu Gold Project and identified major opportunities to expand production.

By Donovan Smith Editorial Team

Water PNG and Eda Ranu : Quenching PNG’s Thirst

Water PNG and Eda Ranu are sustainably safeguarding Papua New Guinea’s water supplies, driven by ambition and succeeding through practicality.

By Editorial Team

M&H Manufacturing : Thailand’s Pharmaceutical Father

M&H Manufacturing has been building a legacy in Thailand and the wider region for nearly 60 years, elevating the pharma industry to international standards. 

By Callam Waller Editorial Team

UMG Myanmar : Innovative by Nature

Inspired by industry 4.0, UMG Group faces exciting times in Myanmar as it seeks to remodel its operations in a relentless pursuit of excellence.

By Editorial Team

DuluxGroup PNG : Passion for PNG

Having maintained its manufacturing presence through tough times and expanded beyond its traditional paints portfolio, DuluxGroup continues to empower the people of  Papua New Guinea.

By Editorial Team

Seapac Philippines : Redefining the Possible

How Seapac has been pushing boundaries in the Filipino building sector since Chairman James Chant set up shop in 1998.

By Tom Cullum Editorial Team

dwp|design worldwide partnership

dwp|design worldwide partnership continues to face new challenges and produce award-winning work as it seeks to expand into new markets.

By Editorial Team

ACL : Transforming Governance with Data Automation

Technology is rapidly changing how audit, risk and compliance is managed, thanks to ACL, a leading enterprise governance SaaS provider.

By Eddie Clinton Editorial Team

Siemens Philippines : Energising an Archipelago

Spearheading betterment with a proactive approach, Siemens Philippines is galvanising a multitude of industries with its technological expertise.

By Editorial Team

Cellcard : Connecting Cambodia

Ian Watson, CEO of Cellcard, reveals how the Company is facilitating grass roots digitisation across the country.

By Donovan Smith Editorial Team

Veolia Water Technologies : Safeguarding Asia’s Most Precious Resource

Veolia Water Technologies provides unique water, wastewater, and reclaim solutions, from process design to complete turnkey installation and operation services for municipal and industrial customers.

By Editorial Team

Shell on the Lubrication Revolution

We speak to Felix Guerzoni, Product Application Specialist at Shell, about development opportunities provided by the Shanghai Technology Centre.

By Editorial Team