What trends do you forecast for the year ahead within your sector?

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
The Final Word

We gave featured business leaders of issue 55 the final word in answering “What trends do you forecast for the year ahead within your sector?

Dr Aldin Velic, General Manager SEA, Oliver Healthcare Packaging

“Significant demand variability across various medical device sectors, growing demand in the pharmaceutical industry and uneven re-openings across mature markets around the world due to COVID-19 are creating unprecedent supply challenges in medical packaging.

“As countries deal with less severe waves of COVID-19 variants and vaccinate a larger percentage of their population; hospitals are increasing the number of elective procedures and in some cases are seeing such procedures exceed the demand seen before the pandemic. For the remainder of this year, the industry will need to focus on supplying medical device and pharmaceutical companies, recalibrating their inventory replenishment points and keeping up with major investments in vaccine manufacturing capacity while dealing with significant supply side challenges in various raw materials critical to the production of medical packaging.”

Louis Crema, Director, Crema Group

“Build-to-rent projects are the current trend in Australia. Large residential blocks are being bought, built, and retained as an investment. They offer more services to the client that lives there, such as concierge, swimming pools, gyms, all these wonderful things. They charge you a little bit more rent, but you’ve got all these things included in the one building.”

Farid Yunus, CEO, redONE

“Consolidation needs to happen in Malaysia, and I believe it will. There is too much hype around 5G and IoT, which will not provide a rapid or big boost to the overall industry. This is the main driver of our diversification into non-telco services and other countries.”  

Geoffrey Hazell, Managing Director, Hazell Bros

“Continuous growth, a sustainable industry, and positioning ourselves to take on new horizons. The construction industry, infrastructure and housing markets are growing sustainably.

Nick Carthew, Managing Director, AME Systems

“With what is happening in Ukraine, it’s likely that the Western world will further secure themselves, so I think there’s probably substantial opportunity for growth in the defence and aerospace markets.”

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