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APAC Outlook’s food and beverage section covers the latest trends and innovations in the industry, from plant-based foods to sustainable packaging.

Our corporate stories showcase the fascinating history of food and beverage production and consumption in the APAC region, highlighting the impact of traditional methods and the transition to more sustainable practices.

Featured executives from companies leading the way in food and beverage innovation, giving readers a behind-the-scenes look at the challenges and opportunities in this critical industry, and unique insights into the future of food and beverage in APAC.

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Food & Beverage Corporate Stories

McDonald’s Thailand : They’re Loving It

APAC Outlook talks to Hester Chew, Chairman of Executive Committee and CEO of McThai, the sole McDonald’s franchisee in Thailand.

By Editorial Team

China launches EU wine probe

China has launched anti-dumping and anti-subsidy investigations into wines imported from the European Union (EU).

By Editorial Team

McDonald’s sales hit by weakness in Asia, Europe

Fast food giant McDonald’s says that “global comparable sales” slipped again in April, citing challenging economic conditions.

By Editorial Team

The end of ‘marmaggedon’ – Kiwis welcome back Marmite

Sanitarium, the company which produces the savoury spread, suffered significant damage to its only marmite factory during the Christchurch earthquake in 2011. Stocks diminished and the media dubbed the shortage ‘marmageddon’.

By Editorial Team

Famous Brands enters India with Debonairs Pizza

JSE-listed Famous Brands has announced its expansion into India, with a pilot Debonairs Pizza restaurant set to open in Mumbai in July 2013.

By Editorial Team