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Dekenai Constructions Limited : Paving the way for Papua New Guinea

A proudly national company, Dekenai Constructions Limited is the defining name in civil engineering within Papua New Guinea. With an unparalleled countrywide footprint, Managing Director Matthew Fallon sheds light on operations.

Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

JLE Holdings Ltd : Seizing Opportunity

Executives from JLE discuss the importance of operating with an agile approach in the industry on the back of 2020’s challenges and disruptions. 

Joshua Mann By Joshua Mann

Thejo Engineering Limited : Dual Purpose Engineering

We speak to V. A. George, Managing Director of Thejo Engineering Limited, about the company’s unique place and provisions in the Indian engineering and mining space.

Marcus Kääpä Joshua Mann By Marcus Kääpä Joshua Mann

Process Plants International : From Concept to Completion

Glenn Haste, co-founder and Company Principal at Process Plants International, discusses his customer first approach to operations.

Joshua Mann By Joshua Mann

Chip Mong INSEE Cement Corporation : Cementing the Kingdom

Chip Mong INSEE Cement Corporation are the versatile Cambodian cement producer making a sustainable difference, as affirmed by CEO, Nicolas George.

Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

Ok Tedi Mining : The Heart of Papua New Guinea

We take an in-depth look into the Ok Tedi mine, its operations within Papua New Guinea and speak with executives to delve deeper into the organisation.

Joshua Mann By Joshua Mann

Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery

Indian Industry Leaders  A key player within the Indian machinery manufacturing industry, we spoke to Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery about the sector in the wake of COVID-19, and what it takes to stay ahead     Writer: Marcus Kääpä  |  Project Manager: Joshua Mann      India is synonymous with large-scale industry.    The vibrant country provides substantial and various resources across the world, from refined petroleum, cars, machinery parts and metals, to chemicals, cotton and rice. Within the manufacturing sector, construction equipment production is one of India’s key provisions.    Despite the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for construction equipment has been gradually recovering over the past six months. The industry witnessed a 20 percent year-over-year (YoY) volume growth in the second quarter of 2020, followed by double digit growth in October and November of the same year.    And presently, with the implementation of COVID-19 vaccines across India, business and customer confidence has improved in all sectors allowing for a faster overall revival of the industry.   “In the present, the outlook for the construction equipment industry remains positive on the back of robust infrastructure investment by the Indian government,” begins Sandeep Singh, Managing Director  of Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Private Limited.   “Highway construction and awards for the period of April to December of FY21 have increased by 12 percent and 110 percent respectively. In December of 2020 alone, 1560 kilometres of highways were constructed; an increase of approximately 60 percent YoY.    These are exciting times, and it

Mining Portfolio

Outlook Publishing showcases four global mining businesses which provide essential materials across the world and opportunities to their communities.