Joshua Mann

Joshua Mann is a Regional Director for Outlook Publishing, international media and publishing company. Joshua is currently responsible for showcasing leaders, c-suite executives and company success stories from the Mining & Resources sector across Africa.
Regional Director
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Ooredoo Maldives : The Hot Tropic of Telecoms

Telecommunications and digital services are how we stay in touch, and Ooredoo Maldives is connecting the islands with its high-speed services and IT infrastructure.  

By Rachel Carr Joshua Mann

MEO Group : Marine Sustainability

Delivering operational excellence, we discover MEO Group’s safe, sustainable, and digitalised marine services and offshore vessel solutions with CEO, Darren Ang.

By Jack Salter Joshua Mann

Watercare : From Sky to Sea

Auckland is a rapidly expanding city by the water. Key to a growing population, Dr Jon Lamonte - CEO of Watercare - discusses the challenges of balancing water supply and wastewater treatment with the company’s sustainable aims for a greener New Zealand.

By Marcus Kääpä Joshua Mann

Ghella Abergeldie JV : Tunnelling The Way Forward For Auckland 

The Ghella Abergeldie Joint Venture represents a trailblazing union to deliver New Zealand’s largest wastewater infrastructure project. We go behind the scenes with Project Director, Francesco Saibene.

By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

NKW Group : Industry, Environment, Community

We shine a light on the NKW Group, it’s range of industry services available in the market, and developments for the future.

Dekenai Constructions Limited : Paving the Way for PNG

A proudly national company, Dekenai Constructions Limited is the defining name in civil engineering within Papua New Guinea. With an unparalleled countrywide footprint, Managing Director Matthew Fallon sheds light on operations.

By Phoebe Harper Joshua Mann

JLE Holdings Ltd : Seizing Opportunity

Executives from JLE Holdings discuss the importance of operating with an agile approach in the industry on the back of 2020’s challenges and disruptions.

By Editorial Team Joshua Mann

Thejo Engineering Limited : Dual Purpose Engineering

We speak to V. A. George, Managing Director of Thejo Engineering Limited, about the company’s unique place and provisions in the Indian engineering and mining space.

By Marcus Kääpä Joshua Mann