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Latest Oil & Gas Corporate Stories

Wilson Taylor

International Specialists in Cathodic Protection   Managing Director Bernard Koh says that Wilson Taylor will continue to develop and acquire new technologies in order to better serve its worldwide customer base  Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Arron Rampling    Formed in 1997, Wilson Taylor Asia Pacific Pte Ltd (WTA P) is a leading cathodic protection company based in Singapore, covering all aspects of corrosion control, cathodic protection systems and engineering services, as well as a supplier of corrosion protection services relating to coatings, pipeline integrity and reinforced concrete structures. WTA P Group has subsidiary companies based in Hong Kong known as Wilson Taylor Far East Limited (WTFE) and a representative office in Jakarta.Boasting both a management and engineering team with many years of experience in cathodic protection, WTA P operates an ISO 9001:2008 certified foundry in Singapore and additional sites located in Johor, Malaysia, in Qingdao, and near Shanghai in China. These facilities are conveniently located near to the shipyards in order to produce sacrificial anodes for the marine, industrial and offshore markets. The regions covered by the Wilson Taylor Group include China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam and stocks of sacrificial anodes are carried at a number of the above locations. In addition to sacrificial anodes, the company also sells and services impressed current cathodic protection and anti-fouling systems which are offered throughout the region. “Our industrial cathodic protection covers engineering design consultancy, feasibility studies, comprehensive site surveys, specification and drawing services, turnkey design, supply, supervision, installation and commissioning,

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Pemac Pte Ltd

Singapore's One-Stop API Workshop Sumardi Bin Sidi, General Manager of MTQ Pemac says that there are no secrets to the company's success; it is simply down to working hard and attending to all types of customer needs Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Arron Rampling Q: Mr Sidi, please tell me about MTQ PEMAC in your own words PEMAC is a one-stop API workshop for all your oil and gas needs. Our name stands for Precision Engineering Machining and Consultancy and is part of the MTQ Group of companies. We manufacture oil and gas products to API specifications, specialising in full-scale, global pressure control equipment and we offer an extensive suite of after market services, including authorised workshop repairs and a well stocked inventory of over 100 types of pressure control equipment. Our team possesses over 30 years of industry knowledge, experience and network to handle all your requests and efficiently secure the right equipment at the most cost effective price. Plus, our key executives hold more than 150 years worth of accumulated experiences in the oil and gas industry. PEMAC's unique selling point is its quick turnaround and ability to do all types of jobs, no matter the size. We understand our clients need for ease of purchase and efficiency. Hence at PEMAC, we off er a broad spectrum of products and services from our 31,000 square feet factory, fulfilling multiple orders with various different parties, not to mention the hassle of co-ordination. We open our doors to orders of all sizes. While we are well

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Herma Group

Fuelling the Philippines Petrotrade remain the only company in the Philippines to offer 24/7 bunkering Services Writer Matt Bone Project Manager Arron Rampling With shipping and sea-freight business in the Pacific Ocean increasing year on year, the need for a greater array of high quality services has risen. One company in the Philippines has stepped up and offered a new approach to marine and bunkering services in Asia: on-demand, 24/7 bunkering services. The Herma Group was formed more than twenty years ago by Herminio S. Esguerra who started a petroleum hauling business with one rented barge - The Herma I. the Herma Corporation, then with only ten employees, started operations in 1985. The company provided hauling services, ferrying refined petroleum products from a refinery in Bataan to wherever it was needed. With demand for the Herma group services growing year on year, a new facility was added to the roster. Petrotrade Philippines inc began offering round the clock on-demand bunkering services to any point in the archipelago and have remained the only company in the Philippines to currently offer such a service. Identifying the need Benedict Ibuyan, Managing Director of Petrotrade Philippines Inc (PPI), explains that the company was formed when the need for a dedicated provider of bunkering facilities was identified in the Asia petro-services market: "the bunkering services industry in the Philippines in the 1980's were owned and operated by oil companies in the region, who offered bunkering as a side business as opposed to a main revenue stream. the biggest problem was that

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MHWirth Singapore Pte Ltd

Your preferred Partner for Drilling Solutions MHWirth goes beyond the conventional drilling solution to provide its customers with the safer, more efficient and reliable alternative. MHWirth delivers world-class solutions, lifecycle services and advanced drilling systems for onshore and offshore drilling units, worldwide Writer Emily Jarvis Project Manager Arron Rampling In September 2014, Aker solutions Drilling technologies was introduced as an independent company operating under the MHWirth corporate brand, following the demerger from Aker solutions. Aker solutions have officially split into two companies, the new Aker solutions, comprising the Engineering, subsea, umbilical's and MMO business areas and, Akastor, an oil-service investment company encompassing the former Drilling technologies, Process systems, Aker Oilfield Services and Surface products. "All portfolio businesses owned by Akastor are operating as stand-alone companies and have launched their new names and brands, including MHWirth, the largest subsidiary of Akastor and a worldwide provider of drilling equipment and systems for the oil and gas industry," explains Johannes Eikland, managing Director for MHWirth Singapore. Oil & Gas Experts Founded more than a century ago, MHWirth has a long-standing legacy in the oil and gas industry and has a history of being at the forefront of developing innovative technologies for the offshore drilling market. "The Derrick Drilling Machine (DDM) is a great example of MHWirth's drive towards cutting edge technology, launched as the worlds' first top drive back in the early 80s, offering our customers and the oil and gas industry with a product providing remarkable cost savings during operations. The launch of our DDM is also an

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Compact Discs Remain Dominant Source for Music in Japan

Around the world, the music business has shifted toward downloads and streaming. But in Japan, the compact disc is still king. On a drizzly Sunday afternoon recently, Tower Records' nine-level flagship store here was packed with customers like Kimiaki Koinuma. A 23-year-old engineer in a Dee Dee Ramone T-shirt, Mr. Koinuma said that, unlike most men his age around the world, he spends little time with digital services and prefers his music on disc. "I buy around three CDs a month," he said, showing off a haul of six new albums, including the Rolling Stones' classic "Exile on Main St." and an assortment of the latest Japanese pop hits. Japan may be one of the world's perennial early adopters of new technologies, but its continuing attachment to the CD puts it sharply at odds with the rest of the global music industry. While CD sales are falling worldwide, including in Japan, they still account for about 85 percent of sales here, compared with as little as 20 percent in some countries, like Sweden, where online streaming is dominant. "Japan is utterly, totally unique," said Lucian Grainge, the chairman of the Universal Music Group, the world's largest music conglomerate. That uniqueness has the rest of the music business worried. Despite its robust CD market, sales in Japan — the world's second-largest music market, after the United States — have been sliding for a decade, and last year they dropped 17 percent, dragging worldwide results down 3.9 percent. Digital sales — rising in every other top market —

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Opus Offshore

Rig for success Opus Offshore Pte Ltd are building a new class of drilling rig that is already winning tenders worldwide Writers Matt Bone Project Manager Arron Rampling Opus Offshore was formed in early 2011 as a result of Vern Westerhout and David Smallwood's desire to build modern mid-water drill ships to service the substantial market in mid-deep water. A strategic alliance was formed with Shanghai Shipyard to jointly develop the design, finalise costing and agree construction schedules. Opus Offshore provided the equipment specifications. In September of 2011, contracts were signed for the construction of two vessels along with options for two more. The company is headquartered in Singapore and has a large project office within the Shanghai Shipyard complex. Both offices employ a multinational staff, all with many years of experience in the off shore drilling construction and operations business. Eastern Build, Western design Peter Burnett, Operations Manager of Opus Offshore, has seen the company grow substantially since its beginning in 2011. "The company is built on a solid foundation of vastly experienced managers who have worked in the industry for many years, but because we are currently building our vessels in China, there is a degree of wariness from the international drilling community about standards of manufacturing and processes being applied during production. For us, this is just a hurdle that we can quickly overcome and we will prove just how reliable these vessels will be." The Tiger Class vessels currently under construction will have a high specification 8 point mooring system and not

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China Calls for More Skilled Workers, Less Graduates

China's university graduates – on average around 7 million each year – are struggling to find jobs. In a call for more skilled workers, the country now has a new approach to fixing its problems in the education system. By training young people in skills-based vocational institutions rather than having them attend high schools and universities, the country hope to tackle the specific skills shortages head on. "The rise of the Chinese economy is accompanied with quality improvements of Chinese products and services," said Premier Li Keqiang, speaking at a national vocational education confab in Beijing on June 23. "Imagine the scale and level of Chinese products and services if most of the 900-million-strong labour force can be trained to master medium- and high-level skills." China's State Council aims to increase the number of students in vocational educational institutions from 29.34 million at present, to 38.3 million by 202. The total that year will be made up of 23.5 million studying at vocational high schools and 14.8 million in vocational colleges. Some 600 universities could be converted into vocational colleges, adding to the 1,300 China already has, which graduated around 6 million students last year. While China already has the world's largest number of vocational institutes (13,600 schools and colleges), they are underfunded, need upgraded facilities, and suffer faculty shortages, according to Ge Daokui, the director responsible for vocational studies at the education ministry. National education authorities intend to start fixing the problems by requiring that local governments ensure adequate education funds are budgeted for vocational

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Crude Oil Prices Lower in Asia, Manufacturing Hits 5-Month High

The Asian trade oil prices has slipped following healthy gains in London and New York, but losses were limited as investors were cheered by signs of recovery in China's manufacturing sector, Business Inquirer reports. The Western Texas Intermediate (WTI) – for delivery in July – eased seven cents to $104 in afternoon trade, after jumping $1.74 which was close to a one-month high yesterday. Brent North Sea crude oil for July was down three cents at $110.51. The contract gained 86 cents in London, touching a level last seen in early March. Banking giant HSBC said preliminary data from its Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) showed activity in China's factories shrinking at a much slower pace in May than the previous month, improving from 49.7 to 48.1. Whilst this figure is below the 50-mark, which normally signals a contraction, it is the second straight month of improvement and is a telling sign that the world's number two economy is picking up. "Chinese PMI came in a lot better than expected, especially since the past few Chinese data have been really week," says Desmond Chua, market analyst at CMC Markets in Singapore.

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China ‘Credit Crunch’ sees Investors Purchase Gold En Masse

Gold traded on the Shanghai Gold Exchange has reached a three-month high as uncertainty grows over China's ability to sustain the rapid rates of economic growth seen over the past decade. Concerns over China's high level of debt in the "unfolding credit crunch" is having an unforeseen and dramatic impact on gold prices, as investors urgently stock up on the precious metal. This is being seen as a form of financial insurance against high levels of debt. "Gold lost 30pc and silver nearly 40pc last year," cites Adrian Ash, head of research at gold trading platform BullionVault.com. He adds: "The world economy will struggle to deliver the entire good news price in by that crash. But China's unfolding credit-crunch looks central right now." Gold prices have unexpectedly shot up more than 10pc to surpass $1300 an ounce for the first time since November 2013, against the prevailing forecasts for weaker demand made by many industry experts at the beginning of 2014.

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Swiber Holdings

The flow of success Asia Outlook profiles Swiber Holdings Limited, a Singapore-based integrated construction and support services provider to the off shore oil and gas industry. Writer Ian Armitage Project Manager Sheridan Halls Singapore-based Swiber Holdings enjoyed quite the start to the current fiscal year, announcing that profi ts for the period ended June 30, 2013 rose 11.8 percent to $37.4 million from $33.5 million in the same period last year. Revenue also jumped 30.1 percent to $551.8 million up from $424.0 million in HY2012. "The fi rst half of this year has seen Swiber making strides in several ways. Notably, Swiber won several quality projects," says Mr Francis Wong, Group Chief Executive Officer and President of Swiber. "Our recently issued $150 million 6.5 percent fixed rate certificates under a newly established sukuk programme was met with warm investor response; a strong endorsement of our good financial standing. This will provide us with headroom for further expansion and growth. These achievements demonstrate Swiber's strong fundamentals and innovative streak, which will continue to be Swiber's competitive edge at project tenders at regional and international arenas." Recent contract wins include $330 million won by Swiber Group, while a joint venture company bagged a $105 million. The contracts are expected to be completed by 2015. Swiber reported in February that its first off shore contract wins for 2013, which involve the transportation and installation of pipeline and off shore structures in Southeast Asia, were valued at $153 million. "The off shore segment remains exciting and this round of sizeable

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