HVACR Vietnam 2018 Returns to Introduce Green Building & Energy Efficiency

Editorial Team
Editorial Team
HVACR Vietnam 2018 Returns to Introduce Green Building & Energy Efficiency

HVACR Vietnam, the only focused and most established international industrial exhibition in the country, is excited to be hosting its latest edition in Hanoi, after 11 previous editions in Ho Chi Minh City.

The trusted exhibition for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, air filtration & purification, and refrigeration technology and systems, is the ideal platform for international manufacturers and suppliers to launch new products, reach out to buyers, appoint agents and distributors, build brand awareness, and establish business networks in Vietnam’s booming economy.

Local and international exhibitors

This year, apart from strong participation from local exhibitors, the event will also welcome international exhibitors from countries like China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and the USA.

Additionally, there will be international pavilions from China, South Korea, and Taiwan at this year’s HVACR Vietnam; the Korea Building Energy Management System Association (KBEMSA) and the Taiwan Metal Industry Association (TMIA) are two international groups that will be present.

A spokesperson leading the China Pavilion said: “We have more than 40 companies presenting a wide range of HVACR products in the pavilion, and most of them are coming to HVACR Vietnam for the first time. Naturally, they are very excited about the business potential in Hanoi and the rest of Vietnam, given the vibrant and steadily growing building and construction scene in the country. All of us are looking for quality and serious local buyers in Vietnam, and we are looking forward to meeting local companies for new business growth and collaboration in the Vietnam market.”

Exceptional global interest in the annual exhibition has mirrored rocketing local and international demand.

Demand to soar in near future

According to Navigant Research, global revenue for energy efficient commercial HVAC systems is expected to increase from $22.8 billion in 2015 to $47.5 billion in 2024.

Vietnam alone, which is shifting from a rural-agrarian society to an urban- industrial and services-based economy, is seeing a significant increase in urbanisation, which is expected to increase to 45 per cent by 2020. With it, Vietnam’s cold chain industry is set to expand considerably in the next few years, as demand for chilled and frozen food surges across the country, reported The Cool Star and Vietnam Investment Review in 2017.

Additionally, the Vietnamese’s voracious demand for cool air has made the country a priority market for many air conditioner manufacturers, the Vietnam Investment Review reported in June, 2017.

Gearing up to go green

Alongside the encouraging growth trend, the industry is also buzzing with excitement over a paradigm shift towards energy efficiency and sustainable products and measures.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Construction has developed a plan to reduce energy consumption per square metre of development by 10 to 15 percent compared to 2010 figures, and to have 30 percent of public buildings and 20 percent of private buildings to achieve green status, according to the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC).

The Viet Nam Real Estate Association also in May, 2017 signed a memorandum of understanding with property developers to build green buildings in the 2017-2022 period, according to a June, 2017 article by Viet Nam News.

Advantages of green buildings

These green appliances and technologies are implemented to lower energy expenditure, improve indoor air quality, enhance home and office comfort, reduce air and moisture infiltration, and increase the durability of the property as a long-term investment.

In a recent article published by Vietnamnet, experts in green building shared that the cost of a green building is only two-five per-cent higher than that of a normal building. Furthermore, the benefits of green buildings are plenty: lower infrastructure costs, short payback period, low maintenance costs, a healthy environment, and increased productivity.

Introducing energy efficiency technologies

As such, HVACR Vietnam is proud to introduce a strong green theme in this year’s exhibition, featuring collaborations with industry experts, as well as a series of complimentary professional seminars on green HVACR technologies and systems.

Mr Park Byung-Hun, Secretary General of the Korea Building Energy Management System Association (KBEMSA) which has set up a pavilion at this year’s exhibition, said: “Our association was established to contribute to the development of high efficiency and green buildings through the development of ‘building energy management technology’, which integrates construction technology, ICT technology and energy management technology, as well as systematic management of building energy facilities.

“HVACR Vietnam 2018 is especially important to us, given the rising global attention on energy efficiency, and the emphasis of this year’s exhibition on showcasing the related technologies.”

Complimentary power-packed professional seminars

Throughout the three-day exhibition, a series of complimentary HVACR and green building seminars and technical talks will be held, hosted by HVACR Vietnam organisers as well as its partners the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC), and Vietnam Energy Efficiency Network (EEN-Vietnam).

EEN-Vietnam is a platform on partnership development and practical knowledge exchange between universities, engineers, energy users, energy consultancies as well as energy efficiency suppliers for the Vietnamese market, to deal with challenges on sustainability energy, and adapt energy efficiency use objectives.

Changing the landscape of Vietnam and the world

VGBC, an international non-profit organisation, was established in 2007 to raise awareness and lead the way for the development of green buildings in the country.

Mr Dang Thanh Long, Executive Director of VGBC said: “Green buildings and facilities are the immediate future of our world, and there is so much potential for the development of this area in Vietnam. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with HVACR Vietnam 2018 organisers, and we believe with the exhibition’s vast reach and solid credibility, we will be able to reach out to many decision-makers, and change the landscape of Vietnam.”


The HVACR seminars as well as the green building seminars will cover topics like:

HVACR Seminars:

  1. Assessments of Alternative Cooling Technologies, by Professor Steven Brown, International Institute of Refrigeration
  2. Energy-efficient  Solution  to  Buildings  with  All-year  Round  Cooling Demand, by Dr Li Xianting, International Institute of Refrigeration
  3. How Intelligent Control Valve (Energy Valve) Can Help in Saving Energy, by Mr Alvin Chan, BELIMO Automation AG, Switzerland

Green Building Seminars:

  1. Dedicated  Outdoor  Air  Systems  (DOAS)  for  Green  Buildings,  by  Mr Umang Sharma, Director & CEO of Bry-Air Malaysia
  2. Designing a building façade with parametric dynamic simulations, by Mr Pedro Marques, Manager R&D Consulting of Boydens Engineering
  3. Technology  Challenges  and  Opportunities  in  Energy  Efficiency  for Buildings and Communities by IES VE (Singapore)

All participants who pre-registered for the seminars will receive a certificate of attendance. Interested parties can register on the official show website.

Professor J. Steven Brown, an expert from the US and member of the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR), who will also be speaking on two other topics, said: “It is my pleasure to speak at HVACR Vietnam, and I hope this will be a crucial turning point for Vietnam and the industry worldwide to consider choosing alternate technologies when appropriate as a part of the overall strategy to slow the process of global climate change.”

Chinese expert, Dr Li Xianting, also from IIR and who will be speaking on three topics, added: “It is very encouraging that the Vietnam Government has shown support for green building in the country; now with HVACR Vietnam’s commitment to share related knowledge with the industry decision-makers, the time for change has come.”


As a value-add to their esteemed exhibitors and buyers, the organisers of HVACR Vietnam 2018 will be launching a B2B online meeting system, where both parties will be able to make appointments online before the show, and then conduct the one-to-one business meetings during the three-day show.

The exhibitors and buyers will be able to find potential clients, locate investment opportunities, forge lucrative partnerships, broaden their business network, as well as share and exchange knowledge.

This complimentary service is available to buyers from Hanoi and other Vietnamese cities; the organisers now invite interested buyers to register for this service at https://www.hvacrseries.com/vietnam/, where they will then receive a curated list of participants based on their interests, and a human concierge will be available to help maximise the attendance value.

* The organisers respect your privacy, and all personal contact information will be kept confidential.

Welcoming all To HVACR Vietnam (18-20 April, 2018; National Exhibition Construction Centre (NECC), Hanoi, Vietnam; www.hvacrseries.com/vietnam) – Mr Jack Wei, General Manager of Informa Global Exhibitions (Asia), said: “We strive to inject fresh and exciting elements to each edition of HVACR Vietnam each year, so both our exhibitors and visitors walk away empowered with new ideas, contacts, and resources. This year, we are honoured to welcome old friends and new ones to our new exhibition venue in Hanoi, as well as work with VGBC in being the bridge to lead the HVACR industry to the new global trend of green building and energy efficiency.

“I wish everyone a very rewarding and stimulating experience at our 12th edition of HVACR Vietnam, and my team and I are at your disposal to assist with anything you may require.”

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